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Malay-Muslim hegemonic rule — Game, Set & Match

Pribumi now has almost as many ex-Umno as own ori MPs!

With the most recent absorption of seven former Umno MPs into Mahathir’s party, this latest frogging move takes the Pribumi headcount in parliament to 22.

Pribumi only had 12 MPs in the immediate aftermath of the GE14 polling day, as per The Star chart below.

This means 10 of Pribumi’s current 22 MPs did not contest the last election originally as a bunga raya representative.

Source: The Star

Before the Magnificent Seven from Umno took their ‘leap of faith’ this week, three ex-Umno leaders had hopped over to Pribumi last year. They are:

  • Muslimin Yahya * (Sungai Besar)
  • Noor Azmi Ghazali (Bagan Serai)
  • Mustapa Mohamed (Jeli)

* Muslimin Yahya, dubbed a “last-minute Umno defector” (below) won his parliament seat on the PKR ticket – as recorded in The Star GE14 Selangor results sheet.

To recap, only 12 of Pribumi MPs won their seats because Malay voters overtly supported bunga raya.

Otherwise, Mahathir’s party stole those MPs whose voters had given their mandate to Umno on 9 May 2018.

Among the one dozen Pribumi MPs who contested GE14 originally under their own party banner, half of them (listed below) possess Umno pedigree:

  1. Mahathir
  2. Mukhriz Mahathir
  3. Muhyiddin Yassin
  4. Rina Harun
  5. Ahmad Faizal Azumu
  6. Shahruddin Salleh

Overall, almost three-quarters of the current Pribumi MPs (post-frogging) have Umno DNA.

BELOW: The party symbol of Pribumi is the hibiscus, (inset) Wanita Pribumi chief Rina Harun

A total of 16 MPs have defected from Umno. Ex-Umno MPs that have not leapfrogged into Pribumi are:

  • Rosman Isli (Labuan) → Warisan
  • Syed Abu Hussin Hafiz (Bukit Gantang) → Independent

Will the five ex-Sabah Umno MPs be joining Pribumi?

BELOW: Mahathir has spoken! Pribumi is marching into Sabah

Umno Sabah MPs who have defected and turned independent are:

  1. Anifah Aman (Kimanis)
  2. Abdul Rahim Bakri (Kudat)
  3. Azizah Mohd Dun (Beaufort)
  4. Ronald Kiandee (Beluran)
  5. Zakaria Mohd Edris (Libaran)

Latest status

  Umno, left with 38 MPs, is smaller than DAP which has 42 MPs.

•  Muslim parties PAS + PAN have together 29 MPs.

•  The new Gabungan Parti Sarawak has 19 MPs.

•  PKR with 50 MPs is the biggest and most multiracial party whereas DAP has only one Malay MP.

•  Very soon Pribumi the mono-racial party will have more Malay MPs than PKR.

And the Chinese thought they could use Mahathir to ‘Malay screw Malay’

The Chinese have put their fixed deposit of 42 eggs all in the DAP basket.

Meanwhile, the rest of the voting blocs based on race, religion and region are in a state of flux.

One persistent rumour that’s been circulating is that a move will be made soon to shake up the status quo, resulting in a realignment of the regime along Malay-Muslim lines.

DAP, the Chinese community’s party of choice, is increasingly isolated due to widespread perception of it being anti Malay and anti Islam.

Mahathir has been free to act without check-and-balance,

e.g. he simply ignored complaints about collecting Umno frogs, about taking Pribumi into Sabah, about the misstated academic credentials of his Pribumi deputy foreign minister and Pribumi Johor menteri besar; about filling top government jobs with his own people, and a host of other complaints yelped by the castrated chihuahuas.

Will the PM continue to do whatever he likes on the question of Malay hegemony too?

After all, DAP has been neutered, so what can it do? The “running dog” party of the 95 percent Chinese can’t even bark nowadays.


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