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Kit Siang, Guan Eng lost their bark … ROTFL

Will Mahathir be swallowing the ex-Umno Sabah MPs into his Pribumi, I had wondered yesterday. The answer is ‘Yes’, according to a reveal by Berita Harian. 

Mahathir is unstoppable; DAP is rolling over like a lap dog for its stomach to be tickled and awaiting “crumbs from the master’s table”.

Pribumi now more Umno than ori

Five Umno-origin MPs have just submitted their Pribumi Sabah membership application forms, said the Malay daily – story linked in tweet above.

As it stands now, Pribumi has 22 MPs. Of this total, 10 were Umno leaders who won their GE14 seats on non-Harapan party ticket (with the exception of one via PKR) – see details in my post ‘Malay-Muslim hegemonic rule — Game, Set & Match’.

With this latest Sabah development, once the ex-Umno YBs have been processed, Pribumi’s MP headcount will be 27:

  • original Pribumi: 12
  • Umno frogs: 15

With the incipient acceptance into Pribumi of the ‘Umno Sabah Five’, Pribumi’s 27 MPs will be more Umno flavoured than Harapan original recipe.

Umno ‘monsters’ Bersih-ed to be Pribumi angels

Two years ago before the regime change, DAP called Umno Penang MP Shabudin Yahya a “monster” (see tweet above). Today Shabudin – who retains his parliament seat – has been welcomed into Pribumi.

Previously, Shabudin was a “monster” whom DAP urged to be expelled from BN. But after his leapfrog this week to Pribumi, the very same MP becomes Good Hope.

Before GE14, Dapsters echoed Mahathir in mocking Umno supporters as “makan dedak” and calling the Malay party leaders “sampah”. Today ex-Umno followers and ex-Umno YBs are Pribumi froggies and Harapan Bangsa Malaysia.

The Kool-Aid that Dapsters drink sure is some potent Holy Water in its ability to cleanse (‘Bersih’).

BELOW: From the Pribumi identikit line-up, you can’t even pick out which ones are ex-Umno

95% Chinese de facto voted for Ketuanan Melayu continuance

The heavily indoctrinated DAP base believed their evangelical leaders’ assurance that once in power, DAP could control Mahathir. It’s obvious to everybody by now how deluded they were.

DAP has the most number of Aduns among all the Harapan component parties and many of its young YBs are Dapsy. Yet the DAP youth still kowtow to Syed Saddiq who is made Pemuda Harapan chief by Mahathir.

In the Badawi cabinet of 2004, there were six Chinese ministers and twelve Chinese deputy ministers. In the Mahathir cabinet of 2018, there are only five Chinese ministers and eight Chinese deputy ministers.

So all that biaDAP, Dapigs, RBA behaviour (note: There is no equivalent in name-calling MCA as biadab, MCApigs or MCA-RBA) is for what? Let me ask the 95% Chinese: What have you gained now that you did not have in 2004?

And other than Ramkarpal Singh, where are your DAP leaders’ voices?


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