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Harapan and the Art of But


Tahniah buat YB-YB Parti Penjilat yang berjaya sampai ke kemuncak Gunung Bodek.

Chinese voted Harapan hoping for Equality. Instead they got Equivocation.

“Err no, not really but …”

“Why yes, for sure but …”

Like the illustration below, what the Dapsters think they see is not what they get.

“Why should we stop an intellectual who wants to speak about good things?” — Mujahid Yusof Rawa, Harapan de facto Minister of Religious Affairs, speaking on the Zakir Naik freedom-of-speech controversy (source: Malaysiakini, 25 Feb 2019)

“But if he or anyone else approaches on a matter that creates hatred, then that’s another issue.”

Oh but then again …



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