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Syed Saddiq — what a softie!

And he calls himself the Sporty Minister.

SS complained to police about Papagomo’s act of putting an arm around his neck, demanding the authorities take action.

See pix below of the “assault”: The Umno Youth exco is wearing the BN-blue shirt, sunshades and big wristwatch; Saddiq in white.

Now Papagomo’s in court for hurting Syed Saddiq who has such soft tissues.

“Saya dimaklumkan bahawa YB Menteri Syed Saddiq mengalami kecederaan ‘soft injury’ pada tisu badannya dan atas sebab kecederaan itu saya dituduh,” Papagomo is reported by Utusan as posting in his Facebook.

Welcome to New Malaysia.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Syed Saddiq — what a softie!

  1. Papahomo has been known to be notorious, there is a video of him bashing someone up….btw, the above is a picture of a particular moment, which can’t tell where papa’s hand escalated to…..OR papa is just dumb and fell into syed’s trap?

    1. You’re right about Papagomo’s past.

      There are videos of the Gomo-SS encounter but none show beyond what’s captured in the still which I featured above. Do you have any leads showing ‘violence’ against SS that I’ve not come across?

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