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Hooray, the Harapan honeymoon is over!

Answering Hannah Yeoh’s call above, Dapsters finally changed the government on 9 May 2018. And what do they get in return? A promise of flying cars.

Now’s time to reverse the regime change.

The opposition is taking back our country, step by step starting with Semenyih.

Harapan will lose the coming Rantau byelection, and the next and the next.

Yet the Chinese remain steadfastly in denial, like Malaysiakini pundit Phar Kim Beng who claimed “Semenyih will go to Harapan hands down later this evening” — see tweet below. As it turns out, he is wrong and the polls are right.

There are just too many delusional, demented and deranged Chinese supporters of Harapan living in their own zombieland.

Wake up and smell the Malay unity you unleashed through your Dapsterism. This is only just the beginning.

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4 thoughts on “Hooray, the Harapan honeymoon is over!

  1. Congratulations BN!!!Hoping for more victories for BN n Pas. PH has unleashed the unity factor for BN n Pas.Major embarrasment for PBBM esp PM4… they lost big…from almost 9k majority PRU14.PBBM is a goner once Tun M meets his Creator. No way the other PH parties will want to keep them. Even #malu apa bossku is becoming tun m n anwar’s nightmare🤣

  2. Yeah..
    So mny chinese living in denial. Living in their own fantasy land. Dont want to accept the majority of race that forming the politic strength in this country.
    Putting 95% chinese egg in one basket really awake Malay to form strong unity. Very long time Umno and Pas become enemy, but because of delusional chinese want Malaysian malaysia, Malay start to wake up.
    I sincerely thank you to the 95% chinese for waking up us, Malay. I have been waiting for long time for Pas and Umno tu unite. Never ever think thatvthis twovbig party will ve together. But, u all 95% chinese made it happened.
    Thank you.

  3. The promises fly the day after Pakatan Harapan loses Semenyih on 2 March 2019.

    “Semenyih defeat a wake-up call for Pakatan, says Azmin”

    “Guan Eng says Pakatan accepts Semenyih failure”

    “Message received, Pakatan MP says after Semenyih loss”

    ‘Win or lose,’ health minister says Semenyih to get medical upgrades

    “Back to drawing board after Semenyih loss, says Syed Saddiq”

    “After Semenyih, time to speed up Malay-Bumi agenda, says Azmin”

    “Semenyih defeat no reason for panic, says PPBM leader”

    “Lee Boon Chye: Bersatu’s election machinery could not compete in Semenyih”

    “DPM admits weaknesses in new govt, but says not easy to repair damage left behind by BN”

    “Selangor MB says Semenyih development to go on despite Pakatan loss”

    “The Semenyih by-election was a close fight and I did not deny we need to review and reconsider several policies and decisions for the wellbeing of the people,” he (Selangor Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari) said.

    Hey! Hang on Mr. Selangor Menteri Besar (Chief Minister)! What development are you talking about, since the article was not clear about this point?

    Also, was’t too much development and horrendous traffic congestion amongst the reasons Pakatan lost Semenyih ???

    “No more development please, say Semenyih voters”

    “Traffic woes at the core of how Semenyih will vote”

    Or are you hoping that as more privileged middle class and upper middle class people who tend to vote Pakatan Harapan move into Semenyih from outside and occupy all these high density and luxury residential properties, they will outnumber long time Semenyih residents who have so far voted Barisan Nasional, and tip the scales in favour of Pakatan Harapan in future elections. hence more development against current Semenyih residents’ wishes?

    After all, Semenyih has been a marginal seat in recent elections, so it does not need many new voters to tip the scales back to Pakatan Harapan.


    “Semenyih by-election: Bersih lodges police reports over election offences”

    Hmmm!!! So does this mean that Zakaria Hanafi who was elected will be disqualified, both Zakaria and Pakatan Harapan’s Aiman Zainali penalised and another byelection in Semenyih called ???

    I’m sure the people of Semenyih will “love” more byelections.

    1. Go ahead.. make more byelection. Better cancel CH and Semenyih byelection result too. The more you play this game, the more rakyat especially Malay will distant themselves from PH.

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