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Malays warm to regime change ousting Harapan

Kerajaan yang dibina atas fitnah tak akan bertahan lama – Tok Mat

I so very agree with acting Umno president Mohamad Hasan in his assessment of Harapan (video below of him speaking on the stump in Semenyih).

My post title on “regime change” is predicated on Umno winning the Semenyih by-election today. In all the previous by-elections since GE14, the incumbent party has successfully defended the seat —

  • Sungai Kandis (PKR)
  • Balakong (DAP)
  • Seri Setia (PKR)
  • Port Dickson (PKR)
  • Cameron Highlands (Umno)

Pribumi is the incumbent in Semenyih. If Umno manages to wrest the seat, then there will have been a (localized) change of power.

A lot is riding on today’s Semenyih by-election.

The puak fitnah begitu pandai bohong, tipu and putar-belit but licik enough to couch their devilish words in fake tones of love, hope and change.

They’ve been assailing PAS left, right and centre, attacking the reputation of its party leaders. PAS in turn has appealed to God.

PAS is on the side of Umno in Semenyih. In a few hours, the votes will have been counted and we shall see if the Malay tide has indeed turned against Harapan.

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