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I TOLD YOU SO, suckers!

Dapsters = the biggest suckers

I’ve always been unwaveringly confident that I’d get to enjoy my “I told you so” moment but even I had not anticipated it to come so soon. After all, it’s been – what¿ – only nine months-and-three weeks since the euphoric Dapsters were jubilantly gloating over their GE14 Ubah.

Well, well, and what do we have today? Latest updates:


Party No.2 Azmin Ali just announced his pursuit of a bumiputera/Malay First agenda. No apologies to the 95 percent Chinese who placed their false hope for equality in Harapan.

ABOVE: Red Shirts belonging to Mahathir’s party


If Umno is perennially bashed by DAP for being “racist”, why then crickets (deafening silence) on Mahathir’s race-based party that is similarly open to Malays only? Isn’t Harapan racist too following the same Dapster illogic?

In the video below, Mahathir is telling his audience that NEP (in its nth incarnation) will go on and on and on and on … as long as Malays feel they still need affirmative action.


After being at the receiving end of non-stop verbal abuse by the 95 percent Chinese, here’s the Umno acting president Mohamad Hasan (video below) a few days ago asking rhetorically:

“Apakah dalam negara ini – dalam kerajaan baru Malaysia Baru yang dikatakan semua baru yang membuka pintu kepada semua kebebasan – bercakap untuk menyeru kepada kebaikan, bercakap menyeru untuk orang Melayu bersatu padu, orang Islam kembali semula ke pangkal jalan […Arabic phrase…] supaya kita bersatu berpegang kepada tali Allah, itu merupakan satu perkauman?”

In other words, Mat Hasan is implying that if the Chinese are allowed to bersatupadu (95 percent), why then can’t Malays do the same? Unless of course DAP are hypocrites who practise double standards.

BELOW: Hadi Awang’s prayer has been answered


Following the successful cooperation in the Semenyih by-election, PAS and Umno are setting up a joint secretariat to formalize their engagement.

”We have one common objective” … yeah, please teach the DAP buggers a lesson.

PAN (Amanah)

Will DAP’s ally go along with the perpaduan ummah agenda? Why not? They owe Mahathir big time.

There are only 11 Amanah MPs but guess how many full ministerships this smallest Harapan party were given by Mahathir?

    1. Mat Sabu — Defence Minister
    2. Salahuddin Ayub — Agriculture Minister
    3. Dzulkefly Ahmad — Health Minister
    4. Khalid Samad — Federal Territories Minister
    5. Mujahid Yusof Rawa — Religious Affairs Minister

PAN has 11 MPs, five of whom are ministers. DAP has 42 MPs, only six of whom are ministers (Guan Eng, Anthony Loke, Gobind, Kula, Bee Yin & Teresa).

PAN has six deputy ministers:

  1. Hatta Ramli
  2. Anuar Tahir
  3. Hanipa Maidin
  4. Ahmad Termizi
  5. Mahfuz Omar
  6. Kamarul Bahrin

DAP has seven deputy ministers:

  1. Hannah Yeoh
  2. Teo Nie Ching
  3. Steven Sim
  4. Ong Kian Ming
  5. Chong Chieng Jen
  6. Liew Chin Tong
  7. Tengku Zulpuri

Dearest Beloved Tun


(a) Total MPs

    • DAP: 42
    • PAN: 11

(b)  Ministers

    • DAP: 6
    • PAN: 5

(c) Deputy ministers

    • DAP: 7
    • PAN: 6

Like I said, Dapsters = shortchanged suckers. Really screwed kaw-kaw by their Beloved Tun.

Padan muka.

No manifesto, no UEC recognition, no local council elections, no nuffin’ for Dapster suckers. At this rate, Harapan may not even last a full term.

But I guarantee you with 100 percent certainty, you’re gonna be getting a next federal government that will be wholly bumiputera-Muslim. Enjoy.



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23 thoughts on “I TOLD YOU SO, suckers!

  1. with chinese people in malaysia plenty of “old spinster”
    and ever shrinking percentage of people what do you expecting. bet plenty of your family relatives members and friends living oversea

  2. Kudos sis. You are right. You have prediction powers way back in 2014.

    PETALING JAYA: Umno and PAS may use a common logo in the next general election, in light of their successful cooperation in the recent Cameron Highlands and Semenyih by-elections, reports Sinar Harian.
    The Malay-language daily, quoting PAS secretary-general Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan, reported that the matter would be discussed at a joint Umno-PAS consultation committee meeting on Tuesday (Mar 5).


    1. Helen ang, so what’s wrong with the next federal government would be a wholly bumiputera Muslim government? It has been proven that the Malays are well ahead of the chinks, politically. Here you go sucker…the Malays do read between the lines. Slander, lies, propaganda are not tolerated after seeing what PH has done for the last 9 months. C’mon, are you oblivious to the fact that this is a Malay majority country, of course the majority will decide that uec has no place in this country. Go learn BM like other minority races of the western countries and put up with democracy where the majority Malays rule. You, amongst all the chinks being condescending towards the Malays, never have any respect towards the Malays, do not deserve a place in any part of this country. Go sit in a corner and sulk, better still buy a one way ticket to Hong Kong or Taiwan. The Malays never ever have a need for the obnoxious pendatang or chinks. The Malays have been this for centuries…now let me have the pleasure of telling you…touche…haha

      1. Ini orang salah masuk rumah la pula. Hjg pangkal pon taw. Hmmm..
        Klau ye pon, tak perlu la insult org.
        Aku mlyu pon malu dgn sikap mcm ni. Nk berhujah biarlah sekadar pandangan.
        Sori to u Helen.

        1. I am sure you are not Melayu. Enough with the old “aku pon Melayu” bullshit to discredit any thoughts on the Malays by the Malays. Taktik basi taw ? (did you see what I did there ? .. lain kali belajar B.Melayu betul betu).

          Anyways, what are your thoughts on the non-stop insult to Islam and Prophet Muhammad s.a.w ? Care to insult ? .. like most of your DAP chinese gooks ? ?

          1. Lantak kau lah.
            Aku dh follow blog Helen Ang ni dh lama dah.Aku tae dia side sebelah mana.
            Ko yg baru masuk tiba2 nk hentam Helen. Lepas tu tukar pula nickname baru.
            Satu je aku nk pesan.
            Kalau org bukan islam benci pd islam kerana perkataan kita, maka ko tanggungla esok kat akhirat.
            Soal hina nabi, aku sbgai org islam mestilah marah tp aku rasional. Marah aku pd org yg menghina nabi kita tp bukan pd org yg takdak kaitan yg takvkluar apa2 statement pon hina nabi mcm Helen.
            Mcm aku ckp. Klau org bukan islam benci islam kerana perkataan kita, esok kau jawabla kt akhirat.
            Sbb tu nabi suruh berakhlak dan marah pd tempatnya.

      2. well said. Now, ask all Malays to work for malays only so the ” chinks ” are so bad.
        and also, dont cry discrimanation when job adverstisements state clearly mandarin is must.
        Ada bola to take the challenge ke?😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Frankly sis; I dont hate the Chinese just hate the Chinese that had been programmed by some politician to hate the Malays. If the Chinese were less kiasus and had a bit of kesyukuran inside them, Malaysia will the best country to live with harmonious living among the races with respect and care.

  4. I remember a time before PRU14, most who supports umno gloated that BN/UMNO will rule forever. That statement was made to eat dirt. My observation is PASUMNO teamup is good for short term goals, but not for long term goals, because both are political parties, and they are using race/religion as their agenda. And i also see that PAS would just have to be happy with reigning Trengganu and Kelantan only.

    1. (a) The PAS+Umno team-up have shared objectives and an outcome that makes PAS happy also makes Umno happy, and vice versa.

      DAP & Pribumi have opposite aims. What makes DAP happy, e.g. UEC recognition, makes Pribumi unhappy. What makes Pribumi happy, e.g. extending NEP, makes DAP unhappy. These two parties are in a zero sum game.

      (b) As we’ve seen from Cameron Highlands and Sementih, the PAS-Umno votes are transferable.

      OTOH, Dapsters and Protuns are refusing to support each other’s candidate.

      (c) Race and religion are long-term agenda. We don’t change our race and religion (except DAP evangelical converts).

      Toppling Najib is a short-term goal and already accomplished. Twenty years into the future, PAS & Umno will still be sharing Race & Religion. What fundamental values will DAP & Pribumi be sharing in 20 months’ time?

      1. a) Based on reasoning, the UEC and NEP is not the main agendas that PH is carrying for now – which is quite obvious. WE don’t hear PH having a rift over this topics.

        b)Yes, pasumno votes are transferable, but to what extend, As i have said, PAS just have to be contended with reigning Kelantan/Trengganu only.

        c) Feel free to run on race/religion agendas, it is your right. It’s not my cup of tea, it’s so outdated. I believe PH is working towards uplifting the nation into a 1st world status, that is good enough for me. One obvious record, PH has eradicated leakages from the previous gov. Now we just have to wait for the coffer to be filled again and build the nation. Can you see the difference between your warped intentions and my visions?

        1. (a) UEC was the most consequential manifesto promise for the Chinese community. If DAP is no longer pursuing this agenda, then the party is betraying its base. As for ‘NEP’, that’s the topic of the Mahathir video I linked above. “Malay agenda” is what Pribumi and Azmin are signalling to their base while Harapan supporters like you are living in a separate bubble.

          (b) On the contrary, Kedah and Perak can swing anytime. Don’t forget that post GE14, Kedah’s 36-seat DUN was split 18-18 between Harapan and opposition. Perak has 59 DUN seats. Harapan has 29 Aduns, so the split there is 29-30. Note: I’m speaking of result tally immediately after polling; off the top of my head, I can’t recall if there are any Umno-to-Pribumi leapfrogs involving these two states, possibly Umno Aduns became “independent” and “Harapan-friendly” in Kedah.

          (c) Race and religion agenda have carried through millennia. Why should they be outdated in 2019? As for “leakages”, I believe the MACC is investigating the Penang Undersea Tunnel. Guess who? 🤣

          1. a) As much as you want DAP and Pribumi to harp on those issue, they won’t, based on reasoning. IN reality, UEC graduates have no prob in getting a job. And NEP is still here as it has always been.

            b) And i am saying it again, PAS has to be contended with Trengganu and Kelantan only, cos UMNO might want Kedah/Perak.

            c) Aiya, you believe RPK’s crap? RPK posted that Zarul made a MACC report saying he paid 100k to LGE. And Zarul brushed off RPK’s lies. Zarul who made the hard copy report is denying it?? How does that make sense?
            Zenith: Dakwaan Raja Petra rekaan semata-mata

          2. Dream on ang. Uec is racist, that only serves the greedy minority. Uec is an important manifesto konon, what about other unfulfilled and major menipusto…? Korang chinks ni memang tamak.

            You have full control of the private sector, you can have 8.00 cgpa (haha) for entry requirements for your racist students.

            1. UEC is not a racist policy, you can also go for UEC, no quota or whatsoever. Do Chinese or Indian student have the same treatment with MARA? Based on the above, who is advocating racist policy?

      1. Was your prediction that your idol Najib would continue to be Malaysia PM after GE 14?

        1. He would be if he had adopted current Umno-PAS strategy of engineering straight fights. To be honest, he miscalculated the effect of split votes.

          Tapi ada juga hikmah di sebalik musibah. Now at least some of the 95% Chinese voters can hopefully see how DAP is worse than the “running dog” they used to mock the MCA as.

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