11 thoughts on “2019: DAP‘s Year of the Running Dog

  1. What’s happened to DAP, the self-proclaimed saviours of the Chinese race, and all Malaysians? Their bark was so loud during their days in the cages but ever since being let out and now ruling the grounds, they’ve all gone silent. Neutered. Spayed. Did 95% Chinese vote for silence? Can we remind them that 95% of Chinese are still waiting for the promised land they’ve been promised? Hannah Yeoh was once the doyen of (perceptual) credibility but is today cleaning the drains of lies left behind by her and her cohorts. Loke, Guan Eng, his father, that Science minister, Kok, are all hushed and one suspects they aren’t able to handle leadership, the office, and the responsibilities that come with it. Time to put them back inside the doghouse. That’s where they were always meant to be. Bark, bark.

    1. The silliest thing is that the Chinese voted to kill MCA. Insult MCA from all angels.
      Now no MCA. DAP a poochy chihuahua.
      DAP tried killing PAS and start PAN. Try killing UMNO. PAS becomes stronger.
      Well UMNO marries PAS and goodbye MIC, MCA.

      Good job. Now who has been screwed.

    2. DAP never proclaimed to be Chinese saviour. When Ah Eng was asked about being a Chinese finance minister for a very long time, he told journalists that he’s a Malaysian, not Chinese as if being a Chinese is a liability in Malaysia. In Penang, under DAP, Ah Eng boasted that Islamic projects were getting the highest fund allocation compared to previous Gerakan administration. Ironically, one commenter here remarked that Malays were being neglected, which made me chuckled. DAP goes all out to placate the Malays.

      1. LousyEngineer,
        The malays already knew how LGE misleads.
        For example, although a budget of RM10 mil is higher than RM8 mil, 8% of total budget is lesser than 10% of total budget isn’t it?
        Why should the malays applaud increased amount in Islamic budget if in proportion the budget is lower?
        Of course the 2019 Budget is the biggest ever, budget of a healthy nation should grow every year. What LGE didnt highlight is 2019 budget growth is lower than 2018 budget growth.

  2. DAP made MCA, one of BN’s hand, obselete, finito….mission accomplished….do we hear any chinese group rallying for UEC recognition now? if no, then UEC is doing good, well recognised….

  3. Selamat Hari Pakatan Rakyat ke-11 untuk semua kawan-kawan di Pulau Pinang dan Selangor.

    Hari ini genaplah 11 tahun Pulau Pinang dan Selangor di perintah oleh bukan BN.

    And Happy Women’s Day too.

  4. I suggested many times for them to join the BN after failures to attain POWER in 1997, 2008 and 2014. In POWER, your good friend proposed a nursery for YBs in the august halls of the Dewan Rakyat.

  5. Totally disagree with his statement but I find it laughable that the UMNO/PAS politicians and supporters are being triggered by this. They come up with racist and seditious statements on a weekly basis. We are constantly told that DAP are anti Islam, last week we were told that the AG shouldn’t be a non Malay. Pot…kettle.

    1. Helen, can you move the above comment to the other article about LGE/DAP and Mkini.


      1. Err, no. There’s no dashboard mechanism to do so as I’m aware.

        You can copypaste and re-submit.

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