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The Malay ABCD big tent

DAP, Anwar and Maharistas are in a Mexican standoff thanks to PAS and Umno.

PAS … and now Umno (refer tweet above), are willing to support Mahathir in the event of any ‘No Confidence’ challenge by Anwar and DAP in parliament against the PM.

Have the Dapsters finally gotten woke?

Well, what this proviso really means is that all the Malay parties are willing to band together in what can be called the ABCD Move (Asal Bukan Cina DAP).

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What the Malay majority voted for in Cameron Highlands and Semenyih, and what they will continue to vote for in the upcoming Rantau and Jasin by-elections is ABCD Principle.

ABCD is the force of nature swelling the Malay tsunami. The political developments now taking place stem from the Malay pushback against “bangsa DAP”.

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10 thoughts on “The Malay ABCD big tent

  1. What you have written is what you wish to happen, with the idea of unrest among Malays and Chinese…..Let me teach you a core value of Islam, intentions (Niat) is major factor in living the Islam way… your case, your intention is bad….should be fought at all cost…..

    1. That unrest will happen once the dominant race feel they were the neglected kaum while the elite kaum keep on their arrogant and kiasu attitude, hak orang lain pun dia mintak.

      Take a seat back n think. I was a PH supporter and voter for the last 2 PRUs. Now, I am campaigning for my colleagues n family to vote for Barisan.

      1. temujin….hak apa yg org mintak……cuba bagi detail….gerenti ko takder detail nyer…….ko sembang babi terbang boleh la…

      2. If you feel like you are being neglected in Malaysia, you should try living in another country where you will be treated just the same as everyone else. That would be hell for you.

  2. As long as Malays on top
    As long as Islam on top
    They do not give a s.. about others

  3. Dear Helen

    Do you remember multiple reminder you send to the Chinese on how their behavior will effected how the Malay will response to Chinese if all the Chinese put their support to DAP? I really see that the scenario you predicted one by one coming true

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