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Malaysiakini deodorizing the DAP’s fart

Two DAP leaders dropped big stink bombs and Malaysiakini, most helpfully, played their clean-up crew.

Last week, Guan Eng farted a stinker that warranted almost 60 police reports lodged against him.

Yes, it was a loud firecracker of a fart – and not a “faux pax” as excused by Malaysiakini – when Guan Eng declared the Umno-PAS union as tantamount to a “declaration of war” against non Malays. You can see the portal’s original headline (left) below.

Before the shit (deluge of police reports) hit the fan, Malaysiakini had changed its headline – see second screenshot – to fumigate the stench. That Malaysiakini did Guan Eng a favour to mitigate his offensive smell can be seen from its UBAH-ed and softened headline.

It is not the job of Malaysiakini to do damage control for DAP. Nor is it the function of its copyeditor to whitewash the DAP’s patent animus for Umno and PAS by rewriting the outlet’s already published copy upon instruction from Guan Eng‘s press aide.

Here it looks like Malaysiakini acted more as DAP’s corporate communications agent than as an independent news provider.

Postmodern MSM carrying water for Harapan

Hot on the heels of his party boss’ debacle came YB Chew Chong Sin yesterday. The DAP Mengkibol Adun‘s personal and genuine opinion on race and religion – “DAP rep warns of Umno-PAS’ narrative” – is parleyed in Malaysiakini‘s first draft headline at 6.12pm (screen captured below).

The amended headline at 11.29pm – see juxtaposed screengrab – is Malaysiakini’s revised version to reframe its story angle. It now says the DAP man has retracted his thoughts on the Christchurch incident.

Imagine! DAP can somehow drag Umno and PAS into the story when it’s a mass shooting that happened thousands of miles away in remote New Zealand.

After receiving a ton of negative pushback for his views, Chong Sin backpedalled claiming it was all a “misunderstanding”. And Malaysiakini obligingly played along with his cop-out.

In other words, Malaysiakini aided and abetted the DAP damage control exercise. Yet again.

Disgusted by complicity of partisan political press

So Malaysiakini has twice revised its ‘printed’ copy at DAP’s behest. This really stinks.

Just like Harapan ditching their manifesto promises, Malaysiakini is similarly shredding its journalistic standards quicker than you can say “capati”.

Certainly “retractions” should be given airtime. This can be done in a follow-up article or alternatively attached as a mea culpa note, if you must, to the original article. But you don’t rewrite what’s already been published just because the speaker changes his mind within hours.

The purpose of printing a ‘correction’ is to rectify a mistake. There were no mistakes pertaining to the first Malaysiakini reports on Guan Eng and Chong Sin. What happened was merely that both the YBs realised they hadn’t been politically correct and desperately wanted to avert the inevitable public backlash.

BELOW: Malaysiakini chucks inconvenient DAP truths down the Memory Hole

How the self-righteous SJWs have mightily fallen 

It’s fair for a publisher/media to issue an erratum if its reporter makes a factual error, e.g. saying Mahathir was born on 20 Dec 1925 when Tun’s actual day of birth was 10 July 1925.

(For details on Mahathir’s two birth dates – one true, one false – read Astro’s databank. Apparently Tun’s father lied about it in order to fast-track / eventually save his young son a school calendar year.)

It is however bad journalism for Malaysiakini to help flush DAP’s shit down the proverbial memory hole as a matter of taking political sides.

Revising the reporters’ copy so that Guan Eng and Chong Sin don’t come out smelling of fart is akin to scrubbing the DAP’s shitty footprints.

What Guan Eng and Chong Sin initially said were straight from the heart – definitely an accurate reflection of the DAP ‘hate’ ethos. Their soul-baring, free-flowing words should have been preserved, unaltered, in the two Malaysiakini articles instead of being ‘disappeared’, i.e. sanitized through rephrasing, or in publishing jargon – corrigenda (Latin, plural for “to correct”).

A little earlier, I had pointed out that Malaysiakini risked becoming the mouthpiece of Penang Institute, which is the DAP think-tank.

What I’ve highlighted above about Malaysiakini‘s most recent public relations for Guan Eng is an example of the portal bending its knee even more egregiously to the ruling power.

Public trust in the press has plummeted around the world, with an increasing number of the previously captive audience believing that the legacy media is dishing out fake news. Very soon, readers will view Malaysiakini and DAP in much the same light that Utusan was always seen as connected to Umno.



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7 thoughts on “Malaysiakini deodorizing the DAP’s fart

  1. I never trust Malaysiakini as an independent journalist. All in mlysiakini is a bullshit journalist who try to incite hatred among rakyat, favoring PH especially DAP.
    Its well clear, their article headline and the content is rubbish most of the time.
    Bias, double standard and kaki spin and adu domba. There is no professionalisme among their writers.
    Stupid to whoever think mlysiakini is free from any political preference.

  2. The only thing I read in Malaysiakini is S.Thayaparan (Cmdr RTD). The fact that the DAP apparatchiks despise him and the Mahathir era cretins are slithering out of the wood works to vilify him is evidence that that the so called news and views that matter are just not acceptable to most of the low life’s who comment on Mkini.

    I also think there is a vocal Evangelical presence on the Mkini comment section – in the English propaganda section – which is fine except that it tends to lead to stupid digressions.

    Anyway, Malaysiakini is now Harapan State Media – HSM – which should be obvious to anyone except perhaps, the No Hopers who are the Harapan base.

  3. ‘Here it looks like Malaysiakini acted more as DAP’s corporate communications agent than as an independent news provider.’

    And they still have the audacity to call themselves an independent news portal, when their media bias (and vested foreign funding) is there for all to see.

    They’re just as hypocritical as DAP when they demonize mainstream media and bark at opposition politicians while hiding behind cyber law immunity. Wiping DAP’s ass comes naturally, then.

    Even their Comments section reads like a Facebook page cesspool of racism, bigotry and hypocrisy.

    If Mkini were in print form, it’d be sold in rolls. Toilet rolls.

    Independent media? Independent, my ass. Wipe that!

  4. I just want to draw folks attention to this article by S. Thayaparan (Cmdr RTD)

    Chew reprimanded for what other DAP leaders have said

    Forget about the name change controversy no doubt fucked up by the Mkini editorail staff when it came to the content of the piece.

    Look at this para here – “When people say this was an attack on humanity, it blurs the line between the agenda of the perpetrator and the beliefs of his targets. It fuels a narrative that slips into easy political and social bromides, while diminishing the danger of the ideology that was the basis of his crimes. It was not an attack against humanity; it was an attack against Muslims.”

    Harapan deplorables immediately created a straw man and lied claiming that Thaya was saying that he believed Muslims were not part of humanity.

    The same deplorables who in every fucking news story about this Muslim massacre linked it to the “hypocrisy” of UMNO/PAS.

    First off any rational person reading this para would understand that the Commander believes saying this was “an attack against humanity” as opposed to naming the crime, an attack against Muslims, diminishes the motives of the attacker and trivializes the dead – which included children – .

    It conveniently lumps everything into a generic easy feel good narrative , which does not really address the agenda of people like this attacker.

    Indeed Thaya goes on to point to the mendacity of the DAP and the race and religion baiting comments of the DAP, when it came to this cmassacre but what does he get from the Harapan deplorables ?

    Lies that he does not think Muslims are a part of humanity. Lies that he is anti Islam. No mention of his contention that the a DAP operative was using this tragedy to further a political agenda.

    No mention of Thaya’s claim that Hrapan’s racial and religious dialectic and policy is similar to UMNO/PAS.

    No mention of the fact that certain polices issues carried out by Harapan should not be blamed on UMNO/PAS.

    These are the people who want to Save Malaysia ?

    1. A relentless smear campaign such as you describe is ultimately damaging and the “anti Islam” slander is, most unfortunately, beginning to stick on the commander.

      There is good reason I call the Hope evangelistas “sneaky bastards”.

      They want to make Thaya toxic and thus delimit his reach and platform. This is only S-O-P used against critics of the DAP.

    2. thaya writes is not easy to understand, most of the time i dun know what is he talking abt. n fortunately he is not a chinese, in fact is from an ethnicity that r most discriminated against, hence readers r more kind not to call him anti malay n anti islam.

  5. However I’m surprise to see Aminuddin Yahaya as one of MalaysiaKini BM edition’s columnists, how come? Aminuddin Yahaya, is ISMA’s president, one of DAP’s antagonists.

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