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MCA will sink or swim with Umno

As a two-term (GE13 & GE14) voter of the BN, I applaud and appreciate this brave decision by the MCA leadership.

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‘D’ stands for Dajal

MCA people must really possess the patience of a saint to be able put up with the daily vitriol spat at them by Dapsters.

Among the most acidic cesspool of online venom is the Malaysiakini message board. Below are some of the portal’s reader comments from yesterday.

All the Malaysiakini subscriber quotes below are taken from responses to its article ‘MCA chooses to stay in BN to keep it multiracial’. The screen names of the Malaysiakinians are rendered in italics bold.

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Dave88 (above) described the MCA as: “A party filled with ‘Running Dogs’ with no new master to turn to. Have to depend on the old master for survival even though fed with leftover bread crumps [sic]. Bloody disgrace to the Chinese who supported them”.

amah wrote: “What a faithful dog. A running dog.”

MN (below) wrote: “Aiyoh MCA How come you are acting more and more like a dog? Woof, woof!!”

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It takes fortitude and humility for the far-thinking MCA to choose to remain in BN.

But the more selfless MCA have always been better human beings – by far – than the self-centred DAP.

And as we already know, DAP is frequently called “Dapig” and “biaDAP” by the non Chinese. Now there are even Twitter proposals for “puak DAP” to be shot.

Umno’s Razlan Rafii tweeted the five explosive words below:

Plethora of ugly four-letter words directed at MCA

A Malaysiakini subscriber going by the moniker patathewoonie snarked at the MCA, “these are pariah Chinese!“ while his fellow Malaysiakinian using the pseudonym touche called MCA “worse than a pariah dog”.

MCA has been subjected to this typical torrent of abuse by DAP supporters for years, intensifying especially since Pakatan first gained some measure of power in 2008.

Other insulting descriptions posted on the Malaysiakini platform yesterday include ‘MCA is just like a dog on a leash”, “Umno’s lapdog”, “lap dogs”, “stray dog”, homeless dogs, “like a dog with the tail between their leg”, waiting for “crumbs”.

BELOW: Poor MCA, feeding on crumbs

Malaysiakini readers also mocked MCA as a “eunuch party”, “pondan”, “no balls”, “ball-less”, “sucking bola”, “lick Umno as$”, “political whore”.

A subscriber hiding behind the anonymity of his auto-generated user name Anonymous_1530422112 snided, “Running dogs!! Both you MIC and MCA” while Anonymous 3254e11f wrote, [MCA is] “Running dog!!!!” that’s “full of bullshit!!!”

Regular reader VP Biden similarly called MCA “running dogs … kuli Umno”. One Malaysiakini subscriber who commented as Mission accomplished – below – consigned MCA as “forever a running dog!“ and a “bloody disgrace to the Chinese community“.

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MCA will get the last laugh, I promise

I only had to wait 9½ months post GE14 before savouring my “I told you so” moment as it was becoming obvious how the majority of Chinese voters were thoroughly suckered by the DAP.

Yet the DAP hardcore – like those diehards above who swamp Malaysiakini – are still under the delusion that it is MCA which has “no guts”, “no backbone” and is quite a “useless party“ failing to defend Chinese rights.

This time however I’m confident that in fewer than nine months (counting from today), the Dapsters’ favourite “running dog” epithet will be thrown back at DAP itself with full justification.

Enjoy the ride with Pribumi while you can.


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41 thoughts on “MCA will sink or swim with Umno

  1. MCA should have left BN. Now they are back to being the decorative ornament, helping out with the disillusioned multi racial tag.

  2. My question is what alternatives and solutions does MCA have to offer the Chinese right now, how strong is their membership base and how much finances does the party still have.

    A Chinese neighbour and strong DAP supporter told me that UMNO won in Semenyih partly because a lot of Chinese there are upset with Pakatan for not fulfilling their promise on recognition of the UEC and I would add many Chinese business people who are suffering due to high prices, slow business and so forth under a Pakatan government, so they did not vote.

    I’m pretty sure that many Christians who voted Pakatan are disappointed that little progress has been achieved in getting to the bottom of the abduction of Pastor Koh, the disappearance of Pastor Hilmy and others, whilst many Chinese will be upset over the lack of progress in explaining the death of Teoh Beng Hock in a way which would satisfy them.

    With the way Malaysia’s body politic is split along ethnic and religious lines with majority of Malays and Muslims aligned with UMNO and PAS and the majority of non-Malay and non-Muslims aligned with Pakatan, I believe it will be difficult for MCA to regain the confidence of the Chinese electorate unless UMNO and PAS win a future GE and then some Chinese, especially business people may drift back to MCA.

    1. Pakatan actually introduced a 5% real gain property tax on properties that are sold 5 years later, something BN didn’t do previously. They were also mulling to implement capital gain tax and inheritance tax. Guess which community would be impacted the most by these tax policies ?

      1. ” Guess which community would be impacted the most by these tax policies ?”

        Yes, I can guess which one will be impacted most by the property gains tax.

    2. Helen Ang, I got confused reading your latest articles bashing DAP until I stumbled onto this one. You were supporting DAP if I remember it correctly but now it looks like there’s a shift towards MCA when PAS and UMNO now become a large Malay Muslim based coalition. To me DAP or a Chinese in Malaysia will.always think and act like a Chinese whatever DAP claim to be..the grassroots (read: Chinese) was always used as excuses when DAP divorced PAS thrice since 1999. Isn’t UEC is racial agenda? Just read comment by politiheiss above, it reflects everything about racial agenda of DAP, chinese and christian evangelicals, a minority in this country. And DAP has the gut to claim that they’re democratic…get real la…semuanya menipu.
      And the best part is, when MCA especially decided to stick with UMNO, it deserves thrashing. Before the Malays united, MCA was very rude towards UMNO but now that has changed. It is proven that there’s always a group in Chinese community that will tilt towards PAS and UMNO when the the Malays work together, so that MCA will always be party that will wedge a rift between the former so the Malays unity will not last….it is proven…and for that in general the Chinese cannot be trusted.

  3. mca shd quit bn, they can work closely with umno n pas but must quit bn, or else i dun see how chinese will support mca.

    pribumi is racial, but they rarely sound critical toward chinese unlike umno n pas under hadi, n helen, its mind boggling how u could give yr vote to a coalition that label u pendatang, most chinese wont.

  4. This is a very good post, Helen.

    My take is, that the MCA has rediscovered its testicular fortitude. The political landscape is so toxic now that the there is really very little to lose with remaining in BN.

    The MIC should be buried like the rotting , putrid corpse that it is but the MCA still has some value in that they are a stark reminder to the DAP of what a Chinese based political party is capable of in a milieu of racial politics.

    What do I mean by this ?

    What exactly has the DAP accomplished as a political party ? Yeah turning Penang into a high priced parking lot and planting the seeds of an UMNO/PAS alliance with their own dalliance with PAS.

    Most importantly, the DAP has normalized what I call, “vindictive politics”. They are in reality not some of socialists party but some kind of corporate fascist ethnocentric religiocentric party .

    While at this moment I would not vote any of the mainstream political parties, I would vote MCA and of course PSM

    1. “What exactly has the DAP accomplished as a political party ? Yeah turning Penang into a high priced parking lot and planting the seeds of an UMNO/PAS alliance with their own dalliance with PAS.”

      The DAP-led state government of Penang achieved a lot – i.e. a lot of talk about “Competency, Accountability and Transparency”, whatever that means to us ordinary “deplorables”.

      “Most importantly, the DAP has normalized what I call, “vindictive politics”. They are in reality not some of socialists party but some kind of corporate fascist ethnocentric religiocentric party.”

      “Socialist”! What crap! They aren’t even mild social democrats.

      They may have been in their early days but now that they have become yuppified, they had better rename themselves the “Developers Action Party”because that is what they in fact are.

      Meanwhile, can you believe this bullshit?

      “KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia will return to its Asian tiger status in three years, says Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng.”

  5. Edit to add.

    Malaysiakini subscribers who comment in the comment section are the Harpan’s deplorables.

    Honestly, I have disagreed with folks here and things have got testy but never to the levels that the deplorables sink to.

    All these anonymous cretins are gutless wonders, ever willing to lie and mock at their political rivals yet sanctimonious and hypocritical when the failings of Harapan are pointed out to them.

    Like I said, Harapan’s deplorables.

    1. most mkini comment is at least intuitive, the subscriber use almost the same writing style n sentiment when harapan including dap said or did something not of their liking.

      1. Malaysia kini is the mouthpiece of DAP but it cannot challenge Malaysia Chronicle, lagi hebat sentimen kebencian terhadap orang Melayu dan agama Islam dan paling utama seolah2 membawa propaganda komunis. Just look at their titles..

  6. Has anyone else read this ?

    Special court for corruption cases to be set up – Mahathir

    Do people realize how dangerous this ?

    Look at the talking points –

    (1)Mahathir said this proposed special court, which will focus on clearing past corruption cases, is in line with the National Anti-Corruption Plan (NACP).

    (2)According to Mahathir, the proposed court was aimed at expediting the resolution of corruption cases.

    (3)”We find that corruption trials are regarded as ordinary trials without any priority given to them.

    (4)”We want the special court to hold the hearings as soon as possible,” he said.

    and the kicker

    (5) On a related matter, Mahathir said the “Malaysia Bersih” song would now be played alongside the national anthem to foster greater awareness of the effects of corruption.

    Holy crap. This is ridiculous. What about the corruption cases during Mahathir’s time that Lim Kit Siang used to rail about ? Do you people see whats going on here ?

    I guess due process is tedious in the New Malaysia hence special courts are needed to ensure that political opponents are tried speedily for corruption.

    And that song. Whoa, an ahistorical propaganda song to be played together with the National Anthem.

    You don’t get more fascists than this, folks.

  7. “…..most mkini comment is at least intuitive, the subscriber use almost the same writing style n sentiment when harapan including dap said or did something not of their liking….”

    This is untrue.

    Mkini subscribers instinctual tactic is to dodge, deflect and shoot the messenger when it comes to the wrongdoings of the DAP. Don’t believe, look at any new story that puts the DAP in a bad light.

    At best an extremely insignificant minority would attempt to hold the DAP accountable but the majority will engage in the tactics I described.

    1. disagree. read the response from any deemed stupid comment from dap even from lge, eg below.

      however if the criticism include the constructive one if from umno pas mca mic, then u r right. but like i said, the common intuition is that how bn or pas people have the moral uprightness to criticise ph? though i may not necessary agree with them.

  8. HY, did you read what I said ? I said any new(s) story.. I think some people don’t take LGE seriously anymore but that piece does not paint an accurate picture of the Mkini commenting culture.

    This one does –

    These comments are wrong on so many levels but here’s just one example of a long time poster and by long time, I mean a recognizble name who has been commenting for some time.

    “So what if he indeed abused his power against the Talibans ! Any action taken against the Talibans is lawful”

    Do you see the problem here ?

    1. i dun know whats a news story, i hope below link is one, when latheefa criticise dap, the reaction from commentators seem more rational. if latheefa is from umno or pas, then the reaction is totally diff, thats my point.

      i think in any democracy, its pointless to debate or even read the comment of hardcore/partisan from both side, which i guesstimate is 30% of voters each from both end. we just hope the remaining 40% can make some rational n logical judgement in most issues, n i believe this is good enough.

  9. t”…..he reaction from commentators seem more rational. if latheefa ”

    Did you read through all the comments, HY. ?

    I did. I could give you numerous examples of the kind of behavior I referenced of DAP partisans.

    But I do agree with your point that partisans – the base – does not represent everyone who votes for either BN or Harapan.

    However DAP partisans are the most toxic of the various bases and they demonstrate this without fil in the comment section Mkini.

  10. Edit to add.

    You concede its pointless to read the irrational comments of partisans – in this context the DAP partisans – , then why bother defending the Mkini comment section from accusations of bias ?

    The more constructive discussion is the danger of people voting for political parties with rabid fan bases which translate to people supporting the hypocritical policies and rhetoric of such parties because their base does not hold them accountable.

    1. my assertion is purely my observation, not trying to defend anyone. dun u think u r a bit over generalisation to claim “mkini subscribers” tis n tat? yr “fair” can easily be someone else’s “bias” n vise versa, hence i am just curious r u that diff from the one u accuse?

      if we do read the comments respond to lks n lge recently, we would notice many (subjective of course) did hold dap n lims accountable for their action n hypocritical talks, my view is that generally speaking, mkini subscribers r more objective if compare against pas supporters.

      again my observation, the most objective commentators is among the chinese language section (sorry i dun read tamil so i dun know abt tamil section), due to the reason i believe is they know dap n mca more than the rest.

  11. “….that diff from the one u accuse?”

    Yes I am because when I say something I attempt to bolster my argument with facts – the number of posters who say this vs that- and not merely rhetoric..

    If the Chinese and Tamil sections are supposedly more objective, I will take your word for it but we are talking about the English section and where they are not objective merely partisan.

    By the way, the Dap partisans continuously vilifying BERSATU and other Malay politicians is also another example of the tactics they use to excuse the complicity of the DAP.

    This happens a lot in the English section, maybe your experience is different in the Chinese section.

    1. when i said the chinese section is more objective, i limit it to comments on dap n the lims, topic other than this, most r still very partisan, the reason is as i wrote, many chinese educated chinese is not that delusional, we dun “love” or “hate” dap n the lims like the rest, i opined this might have to do with our struggle for chinese school which apparently dap have not much role in it. actually dap (leaders) is not that chinese (race n culture) inclined, just that their main supporters r mostly chinese hence they do not have much choice.

      again wrt partisan, even the blog (din.merican) u used to comment sound partisan, perhaps due to age n education, the writes is not that obvious n straight forward, at least mkini commentators is more honest n frank dun u think so?

      though i sound very critical to dap, i believe we could only judge their performance when mahathir is out.

      1. “……..the writes is not that obvious n straight forward, at least mkini commentators is more honest n frank dun u think so?

        though i sound very critical to dap, i believe we could only judge their performance when mahathir is out.”

        On Din’s blog I was open of my support of the useless Harapan but despised the propaganda of the DAP, which in my comments, I made clear would eventually land them in trouble. So yeah, Einstein, I was a partisan, for Harapan.

        If by honest you mean bigoted and racist, then yeah, Mkini commentors are honest. Claiming to want to judge the DAP after Mahathir has left, is exactly the kind of partisan hackery that warrants scorn.

        How someone who claims to understand the difference between objectivity – the Chinese section in Mkini – and partisanship can make such a claim is beyond me, although this is exactly the kind of excuses DAP make when confronted with the mendacity of the DAP leadership. Blame everything on Mahathir.

        1. i perceive mahathir as no diff with other asia strongman like mao, deng, lee kuan yew etc. is msia that democratic or we are more resemble to china n spore? i dun think its that easy to just disregard the old man, thats what happen to badawi n najib. i think i am being fair to dap when i suggest we could know their performance better after mahathir era, its perhaps a excuse, but i think its a valid one.

          i am perfectly ok if u cant get it, not my problem at all.

  12. DAP’s meddling with the Tunku College pushed me to now support the MCA.

    Not to say that Taiko Lim and scum son Josef StaLim bringing back that zombie from the dead for the Second Coming to properly destroy Malaysia a second time, didn’t help.

    Such a shame the DAP stabbing the Chinese in the back while stabbing the Malays in the back by its desperate actions to grovel to ketuanan Melayu caused both the Malays – and the Chinese to be thoroughly pissed off with it!

    Come back tHew, it’s a job for “Superman”, go rabble rouse the Chinese into believing the DAP is “using the Malays to fight the Malays”, the Chinese are now believing the DAP is a bunch of ars*wipes, no one could destroy the Chinese better than the DAP!

    Go! Ka Siong, go Wee on the DAP, you are doing a great job for the Chinese!

    All like the DAP is doing nothing for the Chinese, definitely not the Malays, and definitely not for itself!

    Have a laugh and a half! – Chinese fable goes: a fella found a dying snake in the cold, puts it inside his bosom to warm it up. The Old Snake woke up, bites and kills the “kind ‘evangelical’ soul”!

    Won’t be one bit surprised, some time from now, the Old Snake suddenly finds something amiss with that undersea tunnel, does an investigation, gets rid of Josef StaLim, replaces him with another clown with a provisional qualification or no genuine qualification!

    No light at the end of that subcontinental’s tunnel Josef has burrowed into!

    It would be like a “Sodomy 3” or, rather, a “Sodomy 1” for Josef, a death certificate waiting for him, just like the one for Anwar.

    Have a bite of that one!

    Chinese pissed off with the DAP, Malays pissed off with the DAP, everyone in PH out for each other’s throat and pissing on each other and themselves, PAS. Pribumi and the UMNO junk Pribumi collects win!

    The MCA (all is forgiven) has to return and do a good job for the Chinese, the DAP is done for, Amen!

          1. It’s the lingo too, Sunshine!

            And I did say try English.

            It may be “simple” for you, but for most Malaysian monkeys, everything is “simple”, sorry…

            1. is there a need to call anyone name? could it be the recurring need to call name is yr way to mask yr profound insecurity to argue n comment intellectually? just an observation, i hope i am wrong.

              1. “just an observation, i hope i am wrong”

                An “observation” based on some sentences?

                Have you got a Malaysian degree in bomoh science?

                Or one in psychiatry bought on the internet?

                I thought your esteemed scholarship is based on “if cant grasp, just ignore”.

  13. “i perceive mahathir as no diff with other asia strongman like mao, deng, lee kuan yew etc”

    Jesus, you do ? Maybe that’s the problem. You do realize that you cannot just lump all theses individuals into one group, right ? Which do you think is more logical, the DAP growing a spine after a strongman falls or the DAP becoming even more spineless in the political chaos after a strongman falls ?

    1. i dun know, i dun have a crystal ball like u did, thats y i said it would become clearer when the strongman is out. so yr logic worked base on guess n conjecture?

      1. Let’s see. When Mahathir was in power and the DAP was not , they had balls.

        When Mahathri left power and the DAP had power in the state level they had balls.

        Since joining up with Mahathir and gaining federal power, they lost their balls.

        So, when Mahathri leaves but the DAP is still attempting to cling on to federal power, what do you think, the prognosis is, as far as the testicular fortitude of the DAP ?

        I do not make guess, I also – most often – make ahistorical statements.

  14. Edit to correct.

    I do not guess, I also – most often – do not make ahistorical statements.

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