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DAP’s debased traveling circus

Kadir Jasin tells the hopeless Harapan leaders to stop being “clowns” hiding in the 94 year old’s bush (jacket) — photo below.


I’ve never seen a more sorry sight than sad old clown Lim Kit Siang and his circus of emasculated DAP elected reps.

Kit Siang & Co. have travelled from the side of DAP’s parent party PAP in the 1960s to becoming today the most assiduous arselickers of Mahathir. What a disgraceful journey!

Where is Kit Siang’s backbone? The DAP supremo can’t even sit straight.

“When one is attacked as a Jew, one must defend oneself as a Jew,” the philosopher Hannah Arendt remarked.

When one is attacked as a Chinese, one must defend oneself as a Chinese. Have a bloody race pride, DAP, and show some spine!

BELOW: Still remember Guan Eng’s “I’m not Chinese” declaration last year?

DAP is screaming blue murder every other day that Umno and PAS are attacking the Chinese.

But what does DAP sec-gen Guan Eng himself do under pressure? He most cravenly self-erases the Chinese in him.

Of course DAP is not the party to fight for Chinese rights. It is the cabal of the father, the son and their capitulating clowns.


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      1. Where did Josef StaLim get his idiotic evangelical grin when his supposed taiko father has only a permanent miserable funeral-loving face?

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