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Razlan Rafii, “tembak” and is DAP a code word for Chinese/Christian?

Bukit Aman has just interrogated an Umno man over his tweet “.. elok tembak puak2 DAP ni !!!”.

In New Malaysia, policing verbal expression is in full swing at the egging of the DAP. Razlan Rafii is accused by DAP’s deputy minister Hannah Yeoh (below) of encouraging “hate crime”.

Razlan responded, “There are many DAP leaders who can’t speak Bahasa Malaysia well.“ So true.

Razlan was investigated under Section 505(c) of the Penal Code that carries a maximum two years’ jail. He was also investigated under Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (CMA) for which the offender can be imprisoned up to a year.

Hence Razlan is facing the possibility of three years jail on top of hefty fines for his crime of thinking out loud – how nice (“elok”) if these puak-puak DAP were to be shot.

BELOW: In a separate development, the Harapan Home Minister said yesterday that police will continue using the Sedition Act

In the bad old days of Malaysia Lama, the Bar was clamouring for CMA Section 233 to be repealed when it was used against Najib critics.

Today under the Harapan government’s watch, not only are oppressive laws not being removed but the use of them is intensified especially against DAP critics.

Misguided voters placing their ‘hope’ in Harapan to keep to the promises of their election manifesto, such as abolishing the Sedition Act, need to pray harder.

Ironic, isn’t it, when you recall that Najib actually revoked the ISA in 2012.

BELOW: Angry cat staring down the Castrated Chihuahuas

DAP, the party that cries “hate crime”!

“I am just a normal person in Umno. But I am seen as a political threat to DAP leaders,” Razlan Rafii said.

Ordinary party members do not usually have the public profile to command media attention. Razlan is not an Umno Youth exco but nonetheless he’s very outspoken, particularly against DAP evangelistas, e.g. his hostile face-off with Ong Kian Ming.

Razlan is seen as “a political threat to DAP leaders” because the DAP leadership regard anyone who challenges their narrative – think Maryam Lee, Joceline Tan, S. Thayaparan – as public enemy and “haters”.

On the other hand, DAP like to portray themselves as peaceful Christians who love their enemy and always turn the other cheek.

BELOW: Lim Kit Siang’s pol-sec Syahredzan Johan urged police to take action against Razlan, specifying the Penal Code section that provides a two-year jail sentence

DAP: One rule for us and a different one for you

Razlan is a threat to DAP because any potentially popular MORAL reception to his “tembak” tweet would undermine the Dapsters’ self delusion that they are indeed beloved of all in the country.

DAP and its supporters are in denial wrt how other Malaysians really think and feel about them. If only Dapsters had the intellectual honesty to mull on the extent of the negative sentiments they invoke.

And one of the main reasons DAP is deeply detested is because of its hypocrisy.

From DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng recently came the “(Umno) declare war on non Malays” rhetoric after all. Yet Dapsters insisted their Tokong did not mean a real war. However at the same time they’re insisting that Razlan meant ‘pump real bullets’.

Back in August 2006, DAP man Jeff Ooi nonchalantly permitted a comment in his then really huge Screenshots online forum that said: “Somebody, please shoot this Gunasegaram for good”.

Jeff went on to become a DAP member of parliament (2008-2018) and Guan Eng’s chief of staff. Gunasegaram has gone on to become a Malaysiakini columnist.

‘Imran’ who advocated shooting Guna was a devout Tun fan. Jeff however explained: “What [he] meant by ‘shoot’ is shut this guy up”.

Razlan has now taken a leaf from the Mahathir supporter in claiming that his own “tembak” remark ought to be read metaphorically (i.e. silence the puak-puak DAP) and not literally. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

DAP, the party that wants its vocal critics arrested

DAP is adamant that it is a multiracial party. Thus any act of verbally ‘shooting’ puak-puak DAP would hit Malays, Chinese, Indians and any other ethnicity alike who are staunch followers of the “parti berbilang kaum”, no?

How then is “targeting” (to borrow Guan Eng’s disingenuous word use) puak-puak DAP construed as a racial thing?

But still, DAP’s Kepong MP complained in parliament – see video clip above – that Razlan is guilty of creating “isu perkauman”. Hullo, there are no racial distinctions in DAP … remember? For those who have forgotten, you can refresh your memory with @hannahyeoh’s tweet below.

YB Kepong further mooted the drafting of an Anti-Racism Bill to create a new law that appears to be an extension of the anti-hate crime idea.

What does DAP truly believe? Was Razlan being racist and aiming at Chinese when he referred to “puak2 DAP”?

I blogged yesterday: If you’re attacked as a Chinese, you defend yourself as a Chinese. Which is why Razlan is being called “racist”.

DAP’s sound and fury is a reaction by the Chinese or on behalf of the Chinese (I don’t reckon Syahredzan actually fears that he himself might get shot.)

Note: Razlan is investigated under the Penal Code section which deals with intent to incite offence against a particular “community of persons”.

When the DAP evangelist hooks up with the Pribumi Islamist 

It seems to me that even DAP itself does not believe the bullshit that the party is genuinely multiracial.

I would add that not only is DAP identified with the Chinese but it is simultaneously identified with evangelical Christians. You don’t hear of any Buddhist activism coming from the DAP, do you?

Umno (United Malays National Organization), MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association), MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress) are at least honest and open about their ethnic affiliations.

PAS and PAN are outright Muslim parties. Umno and Pribumi are mono-racial and by default, Muslim too. Only the DAP is hypocritically coy. The truth is it’s both Chinese and Christian dominated.

DAP Christian YBs are not limited to those with overtly biblical names like Hannah and Teresa but also include Kasthuri Patto, Rajiv Rishyakaran, Mary Josephine Prittam Singh, Ramakrishnan Suppiah and many, many more.

Pribumi chairman Mahathir is a known authoritarian who has no hesitation in wielding draconian laws. DAP is equally dictatoral and wants to further make a raft of new laws under which its critics can be suppressed or locked up because DAP is unable to fight fairly in the marketplace of ideas.


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4 thoughts on “Razlan Rafii, “tembak” and is DAP a code word for Chinese/Christian?

  1. Setuju sangat. Sejak bila kata ‘DAP’ sinonim dengan ‘Cina’? Tak payah nak ‘Malaysian’ sangatlah kalau sekolah satu aliran pun DAP takut, peruntukan tahfiz kena potong tapi sekolah Cina kaya diberi duit. ‘Malaysian’ wak lu!

    Dah diberi kuasa masih berkokok macam pembangkang. Baik jadi pembangkang je DAP oooi. Tak sampai sepenggallah jawabnya. 😂😂😂

  2. You may spin as much as you want, but Razlan made the threat following the NZ tragedy, meaning he clearly meant shoot to kill….And as usual, Razlan is trying a “belit” to get out of the trouble he landed himself in. My advice is if jumpa ular and jumpa Razlan , you better beat the hell out of Razlan…, am i stating a metaphor or the obvious??

    1. 1. re: “Razlan made the threat following the NZ tragedy”
      Good point. I had honestly overlooked this sequential connection until you brought it up.

      2. re: “he clearly meant shoot to kill”
      Then Guan Eng must have also clearly meant fatalities when he said “declare war”. Wars kill.

      3. re: “Razlan is trying a ‘belit’ to get out of the trouble he landed himself in”
      Guan Eng is similarly in trouble (close to 60 police reports). If action is taken against Razlan, the pro-BN public would expect similar action against Guan Eng.

      1. Yup, war kills. And i believe LGE or any malaysian would want war, cos there is nothing to gain from war. I also believe even mainland China would always deter a war, unless they are forced into one. Business is the way to go for chinese. You know, I know, LGE need to brush up his BM.

        As for Razlan, not to worry, as usual, no action will be taken him.

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