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See here Syed Saddiq — now this is a real headlock

The first photo below shows a Chinese DAP-linked activist at a small protest yesterday. The second photo is from last month showing “Call me Bro”-Syed Saddiq who complained that Papagomo had him in a chokehold (really?!).

Papagomo was remanded three days by police beginning this Feb 18 over Syed Saddiq’s complaints. The poor fella whined that he was hurt and injured by Papagoma, aaaw.

SS is rather fragile, it seems. The bandages (pix below) were seen plastered on the Sporty Minister’s face late December last year at the Pribumi general assembly. Montage credit: Blogger Cucu Tok Selampit was reminded of the legendary P. Ramlee character in the movie Madu Tiga. 

Following police investigations, the authorities charged Papagomo under Section 509 of the Penal Code dealing with “Word or gesture intended to insult the modesty of a person”.

This is very possibly the first time ever in Malaysian history that the alleged victim of the offence is a male complainant. It is traditionally a girl or woman whose “modesty” is insulted.

Nonetheless, Papagomo will be defending himself in court on the charge of insulting SS’s modesty.

Just my humble opinion: Harapan needs tougher ministers, methinks, like former BN minister Rahman Dahlan who rolled up his sleeves (below) to help firefighters catch a three-metre long python.

LOL. Vote Harapan and get DAP youth cadres and Pribumi soy boys.

Another separate charge facing Papagomo in court is Section 323 for purportedly injuring Syed Saddiq in his neck and shoulder.

No convincing visual evidence – akin to the incident recorded yesterday (below) involving pro-DAP undergrad Wong Yan Ke – has been made publicly available wrt SS’s alleged manhandling by Papagomo.

As far as is known up to this point, Wong (below) has not pressed charges for any injury caused to his neck and shoulder.

The chap in brown baju Melayu and songkok above is Umno supreme councillor Lokman Noor Adam. He claims Wong, the University Malaya student activist, is a DAP cadre.

Lokman characterizes Wong and his half dozen or so fellow Chinese protestors as “puak DAP” and “bangsa DAP”.

Yesterday I asked if DAP is a code word for Chinese/Christian. The answer, apparently, is ‘Yes’.

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4 thoughts on “See here Syed Saddiq — now this is a real headlock

  1. Syed Saddiq is the lamest and softiest minister in the cabinet. I wonder if when this government dismisses itself one day (nampak gaya begitulah), which company will hire this guy? H&M atau Uniqlo sesuai kot sebab dia ni baiknya jadi model, sebab muka ada, rupa ada tapi kebolehan memimpin memang F. Buka parti baru pun belum tentu laku. Buka butik dijamin laku.

    Comedians become politicians in Europe. Politicians become comedians here.

  2. Have to say I am gravely disappointed these half-baked Bruce Lees don’t half give me the confidence they can push a cause for me (a ketuanan Chinese), let alone defend any Chinese (or Orange Asli) when his bacon gets grabbed.

    Reminds me of our taiko Uncle Lim, ceaselessly harped and carped about the wrong doings, stupidity, corruption, etc etc of another of our shady politicians, went on that for thirty years, absolutely nothing came of that, suddenly one day the object of his love became the latest black Modonna!

  3. What “headlock”?!

    You get that free with our public hospitals – where not too few of our “university”-qualified backstreet “dentists” look like that brown sumo uncle!

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