16 thoughts on “Vindictive politics of the Chinese

    1. Why do these Chinese youths deliberately want to trigger Najib’s Malay supporters?

      The clown face and stale slogans were extensively used before GE14. So yesterday. Harapan is looking backwards, not forwards.

      Now Najib is already toppled, already “ditangkap” and facing a slew of charges in court. Let the law take its course lah. After all, the new AG is one appointed by Harapan.

      Like the VC said, “provocation”. To what purpose?

      1. To what purpose? To divert the ‘fook” ups the Pakatan government has done to the economy, history etc. A little side show will divert the “raykat” from questioning all the pending promises such as PTPN, UEC, toll, RM1.50 petrol and the silly statements from the PH leaders such as twitter from the bath tub, black shoes, hotel pool school trip and Japanese Banzai heroes.

      2. It’s just a show to show umno goons are not smart, never have been……umno goons are easily provoked and afraid of clowns

  1. I saw those clips of our heroes and their old hat Najib rants. Most unimpressive!

    When they should keep up with the times, and pitch for the people, bang their chests and holler against rising cost of living, the disingenuous squanderers of public or dad’s fund go out to make backward asses of themselves!

    Instead of helping Dr Mati and PH and coming up with the ammo to send Najib to jail something like two years ago, they make utter clowns of themselves behaving like a gaggle of pondans trying mildly stir the old pot and making a stink out of stale excrement.

    Just how are these precious dames going to fight for Orang Asli right to become citizens when comes them naughty boys, they slink away like toothless fairies all silent and totally unable to stand their ground to defend free speech and our bright future in New Malaysia!

    If there is more pressing issue for these degenerates, it should be making a case for free money, no parasitic students should pay back their student loans, not especially under a new gomen able to conjure money from thin air in spite of 1MDB, and unable to keep any promise made before the election.

    Elsewhere in the world, students would have brought down the gomen, new and old, brought down corrupt tyrants, new and old, and usher in a brave new new world!
    No Teoh Beng Hocks, these…

    1. Malaysia Baru new history syllabus. The Japanese are heroes. Ignore rubbish Americano propaganda like Tora Tora Tora and Letters from Iwo Jima or that stupid kid show called Empire of the Sun. The Japanese are heroes.

      And University Malaya has very bad MPU teachers. Their students can’t spell.

      From a member of the raykat whose family members have been sushied by the Wira Jepun.

      1. “Empire of the Sun” is Brit propaganda.

        About spelling, plenty of our monkeys are so damn stupid that not only they can’t spell, they don’t even have the very basic wit to use the many spellcheckers they can have for free on the internet.

        Or the seriously lazy monkeys can simply type their wrong spelling on the keyboard and the more intelligent and cheap computer can return the right spelling. That is, of course, our monkeys do not outwit the computer with their unbelievable bad spelling.

        Not only many of our monkeys are lazy and stupid, many of the “professors” in our universities are incredibly stupid, most are barely educated, dangerously incapable of critical thinking, do not know the basics of scientific methodology (among everything else), are too stupid to know they are stupid, and, yes, can’t spell, while being too full of themselves!

        I have argued with many of our “professor” monkeys, if they don’t escape by swinging to other coconut trees first, they will stand their ground, display their amazing crass stupidity, and argue like five-month old monkeys till they are blue in the face, and till the cows or bollocks come home, and leave to do real work again in the morning..!

        I won’t recommend wasting time and money getting uneducated in any of our universities, if you need a job, you can be a corrupt politician, just use your minimum or non-existent intelligence, buy a degree or pretend you have a degree.

        Provisional qualifications will do too, that will be good enough to make you a minister. When you need tunnel your way out of any sea of criticism, just blame that next person and the rest of the world by reciting the magic Najib and 1MDB mantra.

      1. “Marina” who?

        That a name for a sailor drops by our marina for our pretty boys when sailing to Thailand for them ladyboys?

  2. Kak Helen, you should write about the fantastic Wira Jepun in Kedah.
    Dumb-dumb graduates who can’t spell Rakyat can make such mistakes.

  3. Anything else these DAP goons will not do to upset others. They stepped other party leaders potraits and felt nothing as if others can accept their antics as part of freedom of expression.They labelled PAS/ UMNO relationship as Taliban and as an act for ‘ calling for war’ to the non Malays.

    Well, I have no sympathy for the demonstrators.They deserved it.

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