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Ketuanan Melayu in Harapan

Syed Saddiq is the epitome of Malay privilege.

In Malaysia Baru, some ministers are more equal than others. In the Mahathir administration, its youngest cabinet member called for the resignation of an Indian minister twice his age – indirectly blaming Waytha Moorthy for the death of fireman Adib who had been hit by a van.

This disequilibrium can only happen under the Harapan regime.

Just who do you think you are, Ramasamy thamby?

Syed Saddiq cautioned the DAP Penang deputy chief minister to watch his mouth over the issue of Pribumi Youth demanding Waytha’s head for the death of Adib who was crushed by a van.

Only under the Harapan regime can a Malay boy who’s setahun jagung in politics be so uppity and dismissive of an Indian politician who’s been DCM for 11 years (Ramasamy is into his third term of office).

In New Malaysia, the Indians raise and hue and cry about their religious sensitivities.

Well, too bad for those Indians who voted to put Harapan in Putrajaya as Zakir Naik is an “inspiration” to the Minister of Religious Affairs.

Meanwhile the Harapan chairman assures Zakir Naik’s Malay fans that the government will not bow to pressure on the matter of deporting the preacher.


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5 thoughts on “Ketuanan Melayu in Harapan

  1. Most indians in PH do not care about the political spats between politicians, in fact some do find waytha have failed on the temple fiasco…..but they also know waytha is still in learning stage being the gov, hence a one time excuse is allowed.

    Some are still offended with Zakir, but most just don’t care for now as long as he doesn’t have a new religion bashing event in Malaysia, which he has not until now.

  2. Who are Syed Saddiq’s parents? Are they Malaysians or the product of Project IC?

  3. I used to have a “Boy” like this at the office.

    I called him “Ahmad”, since I did not know any Mangladeshi name.

    He acted like a raving poofter (“ladyboy” to you monkeys), was full of himself, naturally attention-seeking, and behaved like a hyperactive prancing monkey all the time.

    “Ahmad” loved performing to his Boss, and loved making drama out of every nothing to show he was “working” and “on the ball” (testicle to him or “her”).

    The ladies at the office all thought “She” was such a drama queen – and a “Pretty Boy” they felt safe with as one of them. Some called him “Liang Chye”, which was, I think, Cantonese for a man’s “lady” – a laddie’s “man”, rather than a “ladies’ man”.

    Other than his “dramas” and langsat propping, “Ahmad” was pretty damn useless at everything, including making coffee, and running a parcel down the road.

    I had to appreciate langsat-carrying is a survival skill for not too few in Bolehland, and “Ahmad” had to perform for his peanuts. No Chinese towkay would hire anyone who spends time scratching his nuts and not do anything not generating lotsamoney.

    I would have sacked “Ahmad” the first day, but a Mamak manager at the office liked him. I would have sacked the manager too, but he was more trouble if I did, the treacherous snake would have used what he knew of our sensitive operation to blackmail the company.

    Still, to this day, I am wary of all those “girly boys”.

    (And treacherous snakes too.)

    Given the chance today, I would seriously consider sacking the likes of “Ahmad”, I doubt PH opportunism would genuinely support any LGBT cause for fear of offending other sensitivities.

  4. Is Sired Saddick the real McWong?

    He doesn’t look “Malay”?

    Or even Malaysian?

    He looks absolutely Pakistani to me.

    And to all my Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi friends.

    Nothing wrong with how a “Malay” should look, nobody knows what a ketuanan or non-ketuanan “Malay” should look like, there’s nothing wrong either with a boy who looks and behaves like a “girl”.

    Old Deng Xiao Ping said it doesn’t matter what the colour of the cat is so long as it catches the rats… and the Boy doesn’t, either the rats (the corrupt especially among the “Malays”) or getting his job done (other than prancing around like a cheap Bollywood “dancer”).

    Dr Mati and Holy Hadi both looks like Ethiopian Jews, they don’t seem to mind the black Jews and the even the white Jews might take a fancy to their tribes’ folks, and hail them as ketuanan Yahudi.

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