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Five stages of Dapster ‘No Hope, No Change’

Based loosely on the Kübler-Ross model, popularly known as the Five Stages of Grief.

In chronological order:

Stage #1 — Denial

Dapsters cannot brain that DAP was outplayed by Mahathir who, through his “prime ministerial prerogative”, created the brand new Economic Affairs Ministry and transferred key Finance Ministry agencies to Azmin’s portfolio.

Stage #2 — Anger

No UEC recognition in 2015 (below). Still no UEC in 2018 or 2019, and no UEC in 2020 either.

No UEC ever … Satu Lagi Janji Dicapati.

Stage #3 — Bargaining

The third stage in the acceptance of grief is when the bereaved DAP Chinese voter resorts to making bargains in his mind. Pleading: Instead of we being Lower Second class citizens, can you please, please, please at least upgrade us to Upper Second class?

Stage #4 — Depression

Harga barang naik. Cost of living up, inflation spiralling, business bad and jobs scarce. But never mind. Dapsters are satisfied because their DAP evangelical leaders now have fat cushy jobs in the government. Oh joy!

Stage #5 — Acceptance

The final stage in which the 95 percent Chinese DAP voters overcome their grievances is when they meekly roll over and accept that nothing can change. They remain kafir, always. Their own beloved Tun even prefers having tea and shaking hands with Zakir Naik.

Five Stages to GE15:  Denial → Anger → Bargaining → Depression → Acceptance of a Malay-Muslim hegemony

Nobody wants to fren Dapsters.


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