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DAP “radioactive”, toxic

Remember when Guan Eng called Lynas a “loji nuklear”?

Yup, the DAP sec-gen had once called Lynas a nuclear plant!

And Guan Eng thinks Lynas is radioactive. Why the plant might even explode (“meletup”), Guan Eng can be heard saying in the video.

Guan Eng then accused BN as guilty of wanting Lynas and thus subjecting Malaysians to the risk of a radioactive fallout.

See video evidence (below) of Guan Eng’s fiery, toxic speech posted by Najib in his Facebook yesterday — click url,

The present Penang chief minister Chow Kon Yeow (standing beside Guan Eng) is wearing a black T-shirt that likens Lynas to radioactive waste.

Other DAP men can be seen at the protest waving placards with the stop radioactive hazard symbol.

And recall how hysterical some Chinese DAP supporters were over the project (pix below). “No Lynas, No Mutant” indeed.

Even little Chinese children were conscripted to the DAP’s anti-Lynas cause.

You can see from the community’s messianic zeal why ultimately 95 percent of Chinese voted for Harapan. Stopping Lynas was equated by the DAP to saving Malaysia.

”Anti-Lynas group turns attention to regime change’,“ a headline in the now defunct propaganda sheet TMI had blared — old screenshot at bottom of page.

Well the Dapsters have got their regime change. They’ve successfully gotten DAP to Putrajaya. And the present federal government  – of which DAP is an integral part – today positively welcomes Lynas.

So DAP makes yet another 180-degree U turn.

The rabid, foaming at the mouth DAP electorate are getting exactly the government they deserve. They voted a toxic and radioactive political future for their children.


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5 thoughts on “DAP “radioactive”, toxic

  1. Same thing Lim Kit Siang for decades made Dr Mati out to be toxic Weapon of Mass Deception and Weapon of Malaysia Destruction, then, suddenly one day, the old Toxic Tokong played a god, laid hands on the head of the cobra, forgave it’s sins and crimes, declared it a saint return to properly destroy Malaysia!

    Would be hardly a surprise if Lynas also gets turned into a family park, a zoo for UMNO clones, night spot for Malaysia’s appalling “singers” to do their karaoke screaming for their dead ancestors to return to haunt Malaysia!

    Not to forget a feeding camp for our forever-eating oinks to stuff their fat faces 24-7.

    Look around and see our fast increasing population of genetic aberrations, biological errors, weird-shaped oinks, funny fat faces with vacant gaze on distorted heads, extra-thick morons who vote the worst politicians you can dig out of any old refuse bin!

  2. What is totally appalling and amazing at the same time is how the DAPigs can put up a straight face when they know they are totally lying through their teeth.
    Surely ‘conscience’ is not in the DAPigs vocabulary, more so in their soul…. and Christians should be really ashamed of these group of people who confess to be one.

  3. This i gotta agree…..Lynas protest went down the drain…..bad mark for PH on this……

  4. Lynas loji nuklear, Malaysia amalkan apartheid, Hutang 1T, Negara dah nak bankrap, Chinese third class citizen in Malaysia. What else yang DAP tak cakap benar. Bohong tu dah jadi makanan mereka.

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