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What does Mahathir say about Hadi’s “Yahudi” outburst?

Calling out the ‘Jews’ of Malaysian politics appears to have taken its toll on Hadi Awang. What Hadi declared was a very serious step to take.

Saying “Jews” (metaphorical enemy of PAS in Malaysia) must be fought was not merely a byelection rhetoric. It came from the bottom of Hadi’s heart, and seemingly put too great a stress on his heart as well.

Mahathir is yet another Muslim leader with a chequered history in relation to his own controversial remarks on the Jews. DAP would do well to hear his honest reaction.

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PAS and Pribumi think alike on ‘Jews’

When Malays are able to unite under the banner of Islam, their power is potent. But when they invoke “THE JEWS” as a battle cry, they really mean business! The views of a PAS Muslim and a Pribumi Malay on the Jews are identical. Muslim unity is a big umbrella.

There’s an adage that goes: “Seperti mentimun dengan durian, menggolek rosak, kena golek binasa”.

The Chinese Christians (DAP) are the cucumber. The Malay Muslims are the durian.

In their mutual encounter, it is immaterial whether the cucumber flings itself at the durian, or whether the durian falls on the cucumber. With either scenario, the outcome remains the same. It’s the cucumber that gets crushed.

‘lu Taliban’ disambut laungan ‘jihad’

From the Chinese-Christian side – there is DAP deputy sec-gen David Nga Kor Ming’s “Taliban” and his party sec-gen Joseph Lim Guan Eng’s “declaration of war”.

From the Malay-Muslim side – Umno vice president Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s “it is jihad”.

From the Muslim-Malay side – PAS president Hadi Awang’s “[our enemy is like] the Jews”.

Those of us who are non Muslim may be unfamiliar with the Quran but there’s nonetheless an often quoted verse that’s been popularized in our political parlance. It’s Surah 2 Ayat 120 from the book/chapter Al-Baqarah.

Both PAS and Umno leaders have cited it — 2:120 references the Jews and the Christians.

Mahathir’s lifelong attitude to Jews

Christians are followers of Christianity and Jews are followers of Judaism. Even if you’re white or black or yellow and you convert to Judaism, you can become a Jew.

Take Ivanka Trump as one famous example. Neither of her parents – Donald and Ivana Trump – are Jewish. Ivanka however converted to the faith of her orthodox Jewish husband upon marriage. Thus she’s become a Jew.

It’s a religious thing. Christians and Jews are both referenced as adhering to the Abrahamic faith. It’s not a matter of skin colour. Jews can be black, i.e. originating from Ethiopia and Mororcco, or Indian (originating from Cochin/Malabar) or Chinese (originating from Kaifeng).

In his seminal book The Malay Dilemma, Mahathir likened Malaysian Chinese to Jews.

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Religion is where DAP and MCA differ 

In an historical context, Jews and Christians are the religious rivals of Muslims in a sense that Buddhists never were.

Jihad is Muslims fighting Christians, countervailing Christians fighting Muslims in the Crusades. There is no Buddhist equivalent term to jihad or crusade. After all, the three-cornered fight for Jerusalem is between Christianity, Judaism and Islam; there’s no claim on that holy City of God from Buddhism.

This reality goes some way to explaining why Umno is ready to wage jihad when DAP is in presently power aligned to Harapan whereas jihad was never invoked when MCA was previously in power aligned to BN. That’s because evangelical Christianity is very dominant among the DAP leadership.

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The most important distinction between DAP and MCA is best summed up by Malaysiakini columnist S. Thayaparan who last month (March 4) wrote:

”I have never seen the visceral hatred some Islamists – from any of the Malay power structures – have towards DAP than they ever exhibited towards MCA. Why is that? Because MCA never attempted to define Islam as some in DAP and their supporters do when going about this Bangsa Malaysia propaganda.”

In plainer language, Thaya was saying that Malay Muslims never hated on MCA the way they’re now hating on DAP.

Why the difference? Motivating the “Bangsa Malaysia propaganda” bullshit is the DAP leadership’s evangelism. By comparison, MCA is Chinese centric.

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How does Mahathir view Cina DAP?

These latest developments from Hadi Awang (“Yahudi”) and Ismail Sabri (“jihad”) are an indication that PAS and Umno are deadly serious in their hostility to DAP.

Here’s something for you to think about. DAP is widely viewed as anti Malay and anti Islam. Have any Pribumi leaders come forward to publicly defend the DAP?

And a final question. Aside from burning their bridges with Umno and PAS, the 95 percent Chinese have irrevocably hitched their wagon to Beloved Tun.

So, is Mahathir willing to step up to the plate, renounce his Malay Dilemma theory on the Jewish-Chinese spiritual kinship and henceforth declare that his DAP allies have no resemblance whatsoever to “predatory” Jews?



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3 thoughts on “What does Mahathir say about Hadi’s “Yahudi” outburst?

  1. White Jews are usually converts to Judaism, the Jewry of the Middle East are classified as “black”, there not really being a “non-white” to “White”.

    In any case, brown, light or dark, is not “white”.

    “Yellow” is not “white” either.

    For all intents and purposes, both Dr Mati and Hadi can be called “blacks”, not saying that “white” is a “better” colour, and, regardless of how some Malaysians desperately try to whiten themselves with dangerous chemicals because “white” complexion is loved in the Middle East.

    And, interestingly, both Dr Mati and Hadi have the kind of lips often see on the “white” cHassidic Jews, often seen by other Jews as degenerates (they do have excessive and unique genetic issues, check that out yourselves).

    For all those who see it their role to champion Israel’s cause, not too few Jews see all non-Jews as sub-human, and converts are very rarely accepted.

    If you read the Torah and the scholarly and talmudic texts, the “People of the Book” say “G*d” says the Jews are the “Chosen Race”.

    So their is no “buts” with whatever the dissenters think or say, they are not “chosen”, and they should not contradict “G*d”, and that’s that!

    For the Jews, liking Ivanka is not for her “conversion”, it is simply because she serves Israel’s cause.

    For those who vaguely know about Judaism and the Jews and the “Jews”, the “white” (Askenazi) Jews and the “black” (usually Sephardi) Jews don’t like each other. Go to any area with substantial Jewish population and you will find synagogues for the “whites” and synagogues for the “blacks”, wrong colour not welcome in either.

    Malaysians are often seriously confused Judaism is a race and not a religion.

    Is is not safe to say Jews have “hooked noses”, there are plenty of Malaysians who have that but are definitely not Jews. It is not as safe to describe Jews as having “hooked noses”, than, say, all Malays (not converts, or those who choose Malay lifestyle) are Aboriginals.

    And not all Jews love money, there are more big-time philanthropic Jews around than many other categories.

    There are plenty of Jews without “hooked noses” – like there are plenty of Chinese who have Islamic ancestry going back further than before Islam reached the shores of this region.

    Describing Chinese as Jews, though utterly racist, is fine for most Chinese. Both Chinese and Jews do have deep respect for education, enterprise, and they do come up each time they get persecuted, and further thrive.

    The late (Jewish) eminent professor of psychiatry Hans Eysenck, often wrongly attacked for being “racist”, strongly believed the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese are the most intelligent races in the world. And you don’t really need any proof for that.

    And, to make some of you happy, the Jews don’t like Christians, regardless of how hard the fundamentalist and the evangelical “Christians” try to act as Judaism’s useful idiots.

    Or when apologists pitch for the Jews and Israel because they don’t like Islam. These goys are also sub-human and Judaism’s useful idiots.

  2. Helen Ang;
    Allow me to add my perspective on the so called anti Jews statement by Tun M and Haji Hadi. To understand Tun M perspectives on the Jews you need to read his full speech delivered at OIC conference in 2003 just before his retirement as Prime Minister.In that speech, there was not even one word of antisemite words to hate the Jews but he was factually blunt to say that the ‘ Jews controlled the world by proxy’. He requested the Muslims instead of irrational and emotional outburst to start thinking and learn from the Jews.The Jews suffered hundreds of pogroms by non Jews for centuries by people of different race, religion and in many parts of the world. But they manage to sorted it out eventually. Instead of suicide bombings and direct war with Israel which the Arab will lose, Tun M was telling the Arabs and Muslim to start to think and think other ways to win. E.g Anwar Sadat won back large tract of land in Peninsular Sinai without a single shot being fired.

    On Haji Hadi remarks to ‘perangi Yahudi’ , I believe this was in response to LGE statement of declaration of war for the alleged union of PAS/UMNO and Nga statement of Talibanisation.

    1. What’s of those “hooked noses”, then?

      The Jews took great offence with that, that’s blatantly antisemitic, and racist tok, all when both Dr Mati and Holy Hadi have rather near cHassidic noses and lips. And both looks like Ethiopian Jews.

      ‘Jews controlled the world by proxy’ is utter nonsense, there is no evidence of that – what?! you think “Protocol” is based on proof?

      And what of saying the Chinese are like the Jews? There are Chinese who do not like that kind of backward, racist and anti-human remarks? There are also Malays who never think of the Chinese like that.

      Why does Dr Mati see the need to flatter any Chinese with that comparison?

      If it is about those (few) Chinese who are fabulously rich, they won’t exist if they walk past Dr Mati the wrong way.

      What about the Malays learning from those Malay “Jews”? Dr Mati certainly knows extremely well those incredibly rich “Yahudis”. Some of them may even be “proxies” to control Malaysia.

      Malaysia’s Chinese are close to home, well, they are in Malaysia, why not Dr Mati ask the Malays to learn from these “Jews”, instead of coming up with crap like the Malays are poor because the Chinese are rich.

      If Jewish attributes (bar “hooked noses”) are great, like generating money, why stifle Malaysia’s “Jews” from their wealth creating ability? Why limit the ability to those very specific few, who turn out to be convenient bosom buddies too! Ain’t it not wonderful the more “Jews” to learn from, the better?

      Why talk about the Jews elsewhere when we have plenty of “Jews” right under most of our un-hooked noses?

      And why give advice to the Arabs? When Dr Mati failed miserably from his own advice to them, learn from tiny Singapore which has very close relations with Israel’s big bunch of Jews, and benefits greatly from that.

      Singapore even has Israel’s anti-Arab strategy of treating its neighbours as “Muslim” walkovers, deadbeats, and rather useless “Arabs”. Not to mention terrorists, we send more losers to wreak havoc and get short-changed In Syria than our giant neighbour Indonesia (which is the largest Muslim country in the world!)

      We should support the Palestinians like the fcuked-up jihadi terrorists don’t, but if there is anything we can learn from the Jews, it is that they haven’t bothered pay any further attention to Dr Mati’s rants than seeing him through outright as a shifty anti-semite racist.

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