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Mahathir redux: Greater potential for conflict when Chinese rich, Malays poor

Mahathir has not changed one iota. His Malay Dilemma playbook about the rich, mercenary and predatory Chinese remains embedded in his bones.

The quote captioned below – about potential for racial conflict from wealth disparity because “the rich belongs to one race”- comes from a Mahathir interview in mid-2018, which is only less than a year ago.

Half a century down the road, the 94-year-old Malay ultra is still echoing the same ideas he crystalized in his 13 May 1969 opus (published 1970).

Nothing has changed at all. Nothing!

In Malay Dilemma, Mahathir had likened Malaysian Chinese economically to the rich, mercenary and predatory Jews.

Beloved Tun has not changed his mind on his deeply ingrained “rich Chinese, poor Malay” thesis as evidenced by the 25 June 2018 Channel News Asia interview (video below). 

Sadly, the economy in New Malaysia is moving at the sluggish pace of a nonagenarian’s tired walk. So be prepared for poor people to get even poorer in the next couple of years.

Neither has Mahathir let go his lifelong grudge against prosperous Chinese-majority Singapore. And there’s no change either in Mahathir’s profound admiration for Japan – the country which is China’s traditional nemesis.

BELOW: Hit the ‘Play’ button to go directly to Mahathir’s “[rich] Chinese” quote

All the Malay parties now aligned in their ideology

This week, for the first time, PAS openly voiced out that its political opponents must be fought like how Jews must be fought. The PAS president could be referring to Muslims in the Middle East being at war with Israeli Jews, or he could be referring to religious teachings.

PAS’s chief opponent is the Christian-dominated DAP.

This week too Umno shifted its political vocabulary to the Islamic vein of “jihad”.

DAP is scared shit of PAS’s coming together with Umno. Yet DAP has overlooked how Hadi Awang and Mahathir are both invoking “the Jews” as their enemy, and that Mahathir has likened Chinese to Jews before this, and also that Hadi is apparently likening DAP to the metaphorical Jewish enemy of Muslims.

Mahathir’s ideology is definitely not Harapan. He has rubbished the Harapan manifesto with impunity.

But Beloved Tun and PAS are on the same page when it comes to the Jews.

And please recall: Again and again Mahathir keeps making the Freudian slip of uttering “Umno” when he means to say his current party, Pribumi (video above). He just can’t ditch his Umno DNA.

Pribumi and DAP have nothing in common. OTOH, Pribumi, PAS and Umno have plenty in common … all anti-UEC, anti-Icerd and anti “Jews”.

The Chinese have Christian DAP to thank for bringing about this big umbrella Malay unity — an elusive feat even beyond the capacity of Onn Jaafar, Tunku, KuLi, Nik Aziz and the Beloved Tun himself. Yep, DAP inadvertently succeeded where Malay towering figures have failed.


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2 thoughts on “Mahathir redux: Greater potential for conflict when Chinese rich, Malays poor

  1. So how did the likes of Robert Kuok, Vincent Tan, Lim Goh Tong, and that water supply business fella (can’t remember his name, except the old codger is fcuking ugly) – among other Chinese, become so fabulously rich?

    Definitely not by just being “Chinese”.

    The majority of Chinese in Malaysia are not particularly well off, and, definitely the least “rich”.

    Apart from Kuok who was already from a very well-to-do family, helped by collaboration with the Japs during the War, the rest were relative nobodies, not known for either business acumen or any particular ability – though for some, being crawlers, ars*-scukers, langsat carriers, bagboys, etc are qualifications.

    Even having (genuine) qualification/s can be utterly useless for most Chinese who do not have access (via corruption, mostly).

    Once you have access to corrupt politicians, any Chinese (and anybody else) can strike it rich, make his way to be a deity to be worshiped.

    Just see how the DAP, PKR came to the rescue of Robert Kuok the moment he was mildly “attacked”. I don’t see the DAP or PKR etc doing that for any poor Chinese complaining about the cost of living, have you?

    Nobody politician listens to a poor Chinese or puts him on an un-elected position on any “council” of any “persons”. If you are poor, you are not “eminent”, and no disrespected politician would respect you.

    You can’t say the same about the Chinese gomen, they don’t give a blessedy sh*t if your family owns the biggest oil palm plantations in the world, you will git nowhere with them with your ketuanan cina when you come crawling to them to buy your glut, they tell you to fcuk off and love-your-palm-oil, fuel your flying cars, yourselves!

  2. ” still echoing the same ideas he crystalized in his 13 May 1969 opus (published 1970)”

    Dr Mati’s old head never moved since the 70s/80s.

    It is still his crap “baby”, Proton milking all our money for decades until the very able Chinese took it over and made it a big success (instantly!)

    It is still his fcuking Crooked Bridge, and his old loser’s grudges against Singapore.

    It is still his old friends, architects of the many many failures that is Malaysia under him, come back to destroy Malaysia, yet again!

    It is still forever and ever blaming others for his grotesque failures, abominable mismanagement, ravaging corruption, and sheer tyranny.

    It is still the inability to be truthful, still all that shifty, sneaky, slippery snake talk and sheer lies.

    It is still talking from both sides of his mouth, and still meaning nothing with his duplicity.

    It is still big kampong talk, all promises, no promise, broken promises, and fairy airy talk of no reform reforms – in the future of future…

    It is still all intrigues, conspiracies, double-dealing back-alley Macaivillain deeds

    It is U-turns every turn

    It is still racist and fascist rants

    It is still “the Chinese”

    It is, of course, still “the Jews”…

    Yes, the trains don’t run on time because of “the Jews”.

    And we have no train because of “the Chinese”.

    With so many decades of affirmative action, Ketuanan Melayu, Ibrahim Oily, and PerKKKasa, how come the “Chosen Race” -and Malaysia are still so backward?!

    We are no Asian Tiger, not even Asian tiger foetus!

    Dr Mati did everything and more for “the Malays” and both “the Malays” and Malaysia has gone down the pan.

    While China has raced ahead to become very nearly the world’s Number One in such a short time.

    Oh, yes, “the Malays” are to blame too!

    Could it just simply be someone is simply blooming useless, given so many decades of time to put “the Malays” and the country right, he did a shiite job, ruin “the Malays” and Malaysia?

    Now we have the kampong comedians of DAP and PKR bring the old fakir back, all “forgiven” to properly ruin everyone and everything a second time!!!

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