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God is looking at you, O’Righteous Hannah

Oh my beloved Tun … only “hearsay”




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One thought on “God is looking at you, O’Righteous Hannah

  1. Any genuine spiritual person will tell you anyone who is in a permanent delusional trance of being gooey “super-sweet”/”angelic” self-righteous, “positive” mode has never done anything about working on his/her dark side.

    Lunatic “evangelical”, fundamentalist “Christians” often fit that description, although crafty ones among them have the gift to exploit and swindle the common monkeys of their money, example, a pastor can divert the vast funds from the dumb congregation to give his wife a lavish lifestyle as a half-naked pop star wannabe.

    Serious researches (do some yourselves, dumb monkeys!) show that those who take up religion in an over-enthusiastic (“possessed”) way often have low intelligence. Many would have psychiatric problems, not that they would know anything about that.

    In recent time, researches have the view that those with excessive interest in religion are mentally ill.

    As more and more in the West wise up to the religious frauds, Asia becomes the dumping ground (like cigarettes) for the West. Malaysia, with its great output of dumb monkeys is fertile ground for the free freeware of religion.

    Not just it is irrelevant and excessively boring to hear the unhinged wax lyrically about their kids being “special creations” of “G*d” (it could also be Satan). about their belief (eg. those claims of being “G*d-fearing”), how they have being “chosen” to save mankind and womankind and otherkind, how wonderful their lives have been after been given the role to save humanity, how this and how that (like being “special”, as opposed to those who have not received that email from the Almighty to take on a saviour’s role).

    A “Christian” cannot be a Christian unless s/he/it follows G*d’s Word to the letter. So a true Christian should run around denouncing all other “gods”, religion, etc., yet we find those “convenient” “Christians” running around bleating “diversity”, “tolerance” (G*d didn’t say She is tolerant toward other deities), entering mosques, don a hijab, dress “Muslim” with great fanfare and photocalls, ceaselessly going on and on with all those me, me, me, “transformed” me, “born again” me…

    I find I am never wrong when I call nearly all Malaysian “Christians” hypocrites, fakes, and frauds. The Chinese’ very own “Rosmah”, Hannah is such a hypocrite, fake, and fraud.

    And such a dumb, barely-educated, and very possibly mentally unbalanced character. Hannah is both low caste and low class for those Chinese without the psychological need to be different, “special”, or wanting of any kind of crutches. Using something else to prop up oneself is very questionable behaviour, fancy talking (more like being talked down to!) to the self-righteous who endlessly drops “G*d” here. “G*d” there, everywhere quack quack.., “G*d-fearing”, “holy spirit in me”, “G*d” wants me to do this/that..!

    I cannot expect “Rosmah” to do an honest job for anyone not “Christian”, if I ask her to clean the drain down the road, I can expect her to run around marketing herself as everyone’s “saviour”; if I ask her to save Malaysia, the Tua Pek Kong temple (or a swamiji dig), or PAS (my brothers, my neighbours), I can expect her only to do her “G*d’s” biddings, she’s said as much, shaft all else.

    Between the fakes,the unbelievable and unbearable Naik and Hannah, Naik can, at least, tell the “Christians” they do not follow their “G*d’s” Word, whereas Hannah cannot tell anybody else other than her ilks, anything anyone want to listen to for free and with free gifts!

    If there’s anything in Christianity that impresses me, the teaching about those “who come to you in sheep’s clothing” (Matt 7 15) nicely describes “Rosmah”, and to keep clear of her.

    And Old Lao Tzu. he did say the true and the real is very”ordinary”. Hannah is unreal!

    Now pass me my holy spirit, at least a bottle of that nicely-aged “double-barreled” Balvenie! A Kavalan if you are the usually generous that worships the Old Tua Pek Kong, O Brother, Where art thou?!

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