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Over Syed Saddiq’s dead body; QED

‘QED’ means “Quite Easily Done”, my old math teacher once told our class. (The phrase is actually an abbreviation of the Latin “quod erat demonstrandum”.)

Over my dead body before you try to remove our Prime Minister. Malaysia’s Prime Minister.” — Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman

Behold Boy Wonder the youngest Harapan minister,

the one with that easily injured “soft tissue” shoulder,

rattling his light sabre to defend Beloved Tun the Master.

In truth, Saddiq the Softie almost melted when Papagomo threw his brawny arm around the minister’s scrawny neck. It really should be quite easy to step over Syed Saddiq’s dead body, figuratively speaking.

Faekah Husin – top aide to former Selangor MB Khalid Samad – tweeted (below) a snarky reply as well as reminding Harapan of its drastically plummeting youth support.

Like the delicate Syed Saddiq whose “modesty” was “insulted” by Papagomo, the Mahathir administration is equally fragile.

An unpopular gomen is one that fears its people  

Meanwhile SS’s cabinet colleague Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah hints at “a coup d’etat by the deep state“.

Saifuddin also told reporters an anecdote about the deep state moving disgruntled people to take to the streets.

In Malaysia the deep state and its various apparatus are Malay.

The present government is an unpopular ruling party that does not have majority Malay support. No wonder Harapan is afraid of the deep state.

Like Syed Saddiq’s current heartthrob status, Khairy used to be wildly popular with adolescent and pre-pubescent girls but look at KJ today.

And anyway, teenage girls can’t vote.

In fact, Harapan is so unpopular that arguably more voting-age Malays side with Papagomo than with Syed Saddiq. This lack of popularity wrt Harapan’s top Malay leadership – imagine an exalted young YB being less favourably perceived than Papagomo! – speaks volumes.

BELOW: Ubah … Harapan Youth Minister and his BN predecessor with their respective deputies

Most confused government in Malaysian history

The Harapan government will be remembered by future generations for its constant U-turns and flip-flops.

Mahathir in his April 5 press conference said:

“Jadi kita punya keputusan kabinet this morning is that we will withdraw our ratification of the Statute of Rome kerana confusion, bukan kerana we believe it is going to be bad for us but because of the confusion created by one particular person who wants to be free to beat up people and things like that.

“And if he beats up people again, I will send the police to arrest him, I don’t care who he is.”

So, the PM has now informed the public that he will not hesitate to “send the police to arrest” Encik XYZ, although in this case, Papagomo was not the unnamed VIP individual whom Mahathir had in mind.

Nonetheless this is the general climate of fear created for BN supporters.

Papagomo did not “beat up” Syed Saddiq but still, the police were sent to arrest and remand hiim for three days.

Seafield temple riots indication of country’s instability 

One race calls another race “Taliban”. One race calls another race “biaDAP” and sometimes, “kominis”.

The Harapan ruling class are the most unstable government in Malaysian history. They’re appear unable to tamp down the racial and religious tensions.

On the contrary, the Malay community got even more agitated when Mahathir declared that firefighter Adib Kassim was a victim of “attempted murder” by Indian rioters — see story embedded in tweet above.

Here, Mahathir did not require proof positive unlike his challenge to Suhakam’s mere “hearsay” about Pastor Raymond’s “enforced disappearance”, allegedly by the deep state.

The rabid Chinese DAP supporters have bought into Saifuddin and Mahathir’s fearmongering of the deep state.

This scaredy situation is one which 95 percent of the Chinese electorate voted for themselves. I’ve said before that the Chinese community very shortsightedly placed all their eggs into one basket.

They also put their egg basket in the hands of a 94-year-old “former dictator”. The Chinese have forgotten that dictators, even “beloved” ones, rule with an iron fist.

With enemies all around, Cina DAP now need to rely on Mahathir for stability. It’s mindboggling how they can simply surrender their fate and future to Mahathir. And they call the other races stupid.


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3 thoughts on “Over Syed Saddiq’s dead body; QED

  1. Apart from behaving like a servile “opis boi” decoration, and scuking up sick his “BossKu”, has anyone seen anything (girly or not) that is useful to Malaysians from this appalling circus monkey?

    Are all the cheap antics of Uncle TomAhmad to cover up the obvious fact she is totally useless at anything than her wan trick, or is “Ladyboy” on speed – and is just as useless for anything, all the same?

    No quality “superior” party can do any convincing macho stuff, wave any dagger with any clown short of a Cinderella dress.

    Just how can a totem for any “warrior race” be “Cindy” with that fake grin?

    Put our ladyBoy wonder side by side to “Superman” tHew, apart from the same cheap haircut, what do you get?

    Comparison is between a fat cheong fan v. a fat maggot!

    tHew is a class act, a coolie class act.

    And ISIS jihadis would not hesitate to push the less fat one off a tall building for his acting!

    Unless he has been deliberately set up as a future fall gal (rather like Josef StaLim…), having him as a distraction is useful for any self-serving politician taking the attention off a desperately failing 1Term gomen.

    As for now, Dumb Clown, dunce your way to your funeral!

  2. Helen,

    Syed Saddiq is no doubt speaks good English and quite a good looking boy.

    But to me, he is ” budak mentah”. I am shocked and amused at the same time when he reported tgat Papagomo outraging his modesty. Is this boy for real?

    On a different topic, i must admit that PRU14 manages to put some sense into UMNO and PAScthick skulls.

    Finally, both parties are willing to set aside theor egos and start working together.

    Working together is a breakthrough. Sustaining it will make them a potent force unchallanged.

    The proof of oudding is in the eating as goes the saying. The fact that the cooperation riles PH shows that PH views the alliance as threatening.

    Hmnnn. I must say thay I am confidentbSyed Saddiq will lose out in Muar if the cooperation between PAS and UMNO continues.

    And constituencies like Alor Setar, Sg petani, Padang Serai, Pokok Sena, Jerlun, Permatanh Pauh, Tambun, Parit Buntar, Shah Alam, Titiwangsa, Lembah Pantai, Gombak, Ampang, Kuantan, Temerloj, Pagoh, Batu Pahat, indera Mhkota would easilu winess tgw defeat of PH.

    1. could it be the win or lose is due to governance n economy rather than coorporation between who n who? pas has working with many n never win.

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