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DAP kowtowing, forehead scraping ground, to Mahathir

That’s the takeaway from the Rome Statute stand down where DAP obediently toed Mahathir’s line and made excuses for him.

Mahathir also says today that Umno has now become PAS.

And not forgetting his own Pribumi is trying to become Umno – to be the taiko in Harapan as Umno was in BN.

In this game of musical chairs, it’s the Chinese who will be left without a seat after the music finally stops.

Blood transfusion from Umno to 12-MP Pribumi

Pribumi has cannibalized Umno MPs and Aduns, and its Harapan vehicle is in the process of replacing the rump BN.

Harapan is turning into a poor replica of BN’s race-based coalition. Even Dapsters themselves can see that DAP has become MCA 2.0. And they further claim PAS is becoming Taliban.

DAP most recently retreated from the Rome Statute because of the 3Rs. Previously DAP backed down from Icerd over the same reason. Is what way is DAP’s kowtowing to Pribumi any different from MCA kowtowing to Umno?

As for their track record, MCA could not get Umno to accede to UEC recognition. DAP cannot get Pribumi to recognize UEC either.

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Chinese traded MCA-Umno combo for DAP-Pribumi

Chinese voters traded Najib for Mahathir. And Mahathir is all the Chinese have to cling to now that they’ve burned their bridges with Umno Malays, PAS Muslims and the deep state native population.

In an exclusive interview published in NST today, Mahathir was asked, “How is PH going to deal with the racial narrative brought up by Umno and PAS?”

Mahathir’s response:

”The fact of race is there. We cannot deny that. The fact of the differences between the races is there. While we do not want to play the racial issue, we must ensure that no race is left behind. And we know at this moment, the Malays in particular, are very far behind. We need to make corrections and that is why we say it’s not just about equality, it is also about fairness. We have to be fair.

Mahathir continues to say Malays “are very far behind”.

BELOW: DAP licking Mahathir’s behind, grateful for crumbs from the master’s table

Malay backwardness was Mahathir’s rhetoric half a century ago in 1969. It’s also his consistent demagoguery over the last 50 years. We BN voters are laughing at the demented Dapsters who thought they voted for Ubah.

Mahathir told the NST editors in the above Q&A, “we still need to make corrections”. What it translates to is that NEP will still be maintained in Malaysia Baru under an updated name.

Dapsters plead that the country must give Mahathir time because we can’t snap out of decades rot just like that. It slips their deranged mind that 22 years of those years were under the watch of Beloved Tun. Dapsters are deluded to think the original old poison can be their new cure.

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Chinese lesser than Palestinians, Rohingya and Uighur

Puzzling as it may be to the Chinese, Najib is more popular among Malays than is Mahathir. Najib is nowadays always swarmed by common folk whenever he goes on the stump. Mahathir OTOH can no longer attract the crowds.

Najib has 4.1 million followers on Twitter. Mahathir has only 976,700.

The Najib followers (3.83 million) on Facebook and the Mahathir FB followers (3.76 million) are about at par but Najib’s social media is far more actively engaged plus his cats are popular.

A photo of Najib together with his cat Kiki got more than 70,000 likes (‘heart’) on Instagram – see above.

What is more telling, however, is that a greater number of Malays are siding with Papagomo than with Syed Saddiq. The Chinese simply have no idea how Pribumi has failed to gain traction among the Malays.

The bottomline is that Chinese voters have placed an ‘All or Nothing’ bet on their Beloved Tun, world champion of the Palestinian cause.

During the Seafield temple riots, Mahathir declared that a Malay fireman was attacked by an Indian mob, and that Adib was a victim of “attempted murder”.

If a similar situation of unrest were to arise involving the Chinese … what do you think Mahathir will say and do?


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8 thoughts on “DAP kowtowing, forehead scraping ground, to Mahathir

  1. Huuh! I’m rather tired of following Malaysian politics which has descended into a mess under our ‘New Malaysia’ government, much like the MPs debating BREXIT in the U.K. parliament and the U.K.’s flip flop flip flop flip flop over BREXIT.

    At best, it’s great political entertainment – a farce.

    Whilst the gamble which leaders of Pakatan parties made to ally with Mahathir’s Pribumi in order to oust BN, UMNO and Najib from power worked, however different problems and issues emerged from the partnership, which has resulted in the economy floundering, whilst factions within Pakatan parties squabble and snipe at each other.

    And now we have this Departure Levy Bill 2019 going through parliament, which if passed will result in Malaysian air travelers having to pay a Departure Levy when flying out of Malaysia.

    And parliament just passed the Digital Tax Bill which will come into effect from 1 January 2020, whereby a 6% tax will be levied on foreign digital services purchased by people in Malaysia.

    “The service tax, which was announced during the tabling of Budget 2019 last November, will be imposed on foreign digital services including software, music, video and digital advertising.”

    “The Finance Ministry had previously said, “for online services imported by users, foreign service providers will be required to register with Customs, apply and remit the relevant service taxes that will take effect starting January 1, 2020”.

    I wonder how they will effectively enforce it though and what if the foreign service providers refuse to comply. Block access to these services online???

    1. The Finance Ministry portfolio proffered to DAP is a poisoned chalice.

      Cinapek Lim Guan Beng is becoming synonymous with Tax Man-in-Chief. When the economy goes south, we know whom the mob will point their pitchforks at.

      1. Poisoned chalice – Yup! it looks like Lim Guan Eng is heading to be the fall guy.

    2. it seem at this moment the taxable target r more likely the middle income group, which r mostly ph supporters. we r ready n very happy to contribute to our no more money govt coffer wakaka.

      1. Yes. That thought occurred to me too. The people who will bear most of these taxes are the urban middle class, most of whom voted Pakatan and who will still vote Pakatan however hard Pakatan screws them.


  2. Dr Mati had 22 years to learn to manage the country.

    He failed miserably, we can call him a dropout at school.

    During that time, his children became filthy rich.

    How can that be possible?!

    Is that fakir magic from the subcontinent?

    A Chinese towkay would have got rid of a manager like that after a few days in the business.

    Fancy, an employee causing all sort of trouble at the office, piss about with the business, can never be wrong, let alone Wong who would enrich everybody, cannot be blamed for anything, talks all the time and talks big and talks shifty, plays kampong politics like a Macaivillain rogue, runs the business to the ground, comes up with a series of gross failures costing gigantic amount of money, runs costly harebrained businesses that milk the towkay forever, eg. Proton…

    He failed to learn from the better students in class, take the Chinese for instance, who made the forever dying and unbelievably costly Proton an instant success the moment they took over. Having failed in such a spectacular manner, Dr Mati still has the thick hide to want to start another car business with his appalling record!

    And the coolies in DAP are slavishly supporting the jinxed monumental disaster-making machine! The DAP coolies say Dr Death should be given more time to properly destroy the country.

    During his long time in the classroom, Taiko Lim has criticised and condemned the black sheep in school with evangelical fervour. Suddenly, the most energetic and noisy critic of the Macaivillain rogue pronounces the born-again destroyer Malaysia a saint!

    Can anything go as insane as that?

    Clearly, Taiko Lim has lost his barbeque pork chop! He has ran out of wit, sold out everybody including his own party (think Teoh Beng Hock, Karpal, for instance), and become a classic coolie backstabber of especially the Chinese.

    What we can clearly see and confidently bet on now is the snake he’s sheltered in his bosom would bite him as a reward for his grovelling two-faced coolie behaviour, even when Taiko Lim took on the same slithering characteristic as his idol.

    And the DAP coolies adorning the mamak sarabat stall cannot perform, are only designed to be got rid of as convenient scapegoats when some kambing need roasting.

    No Chinese towkay would have ever seen such a useless bunch of cheap decorations.

    We can already see the signs of the beginning of the end of the lyin’ Lim Lynasty – and the end of MCA 2.0!

  3. “… kowtowing, forehead scraping ground”

    The wretched coolies are very used to doing that now.

    The running dogs are house-trained.

    The hide’s thickened, we don’t see the need anymore for those famous plasters Taiko CrawLim and son Tokong Josef StaLim used to stick on their foreheads.

  4. It’s a strange World or isn’t it ? There are politicians who have become more MCA than the MCA themselves ! Quote Balzac.’ Behind every great Fortune. a Great Crime.’ or Lord Acton.’ Absolute Power, corrupts Absolutely.’

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