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DAP the most obedient, neutered running dog

Suhakam recently addressed the disappearance of two men – one Malay (Amri Che Mat) and one Chinese (Pastor Raymond Koh). But it is Cina DAP who go all soft and wobbly like jelly.

DAP – with the exception of Indian usual suspects Charles Santiago and Ramkarpal Singh (respect to you both) – has otherwise been spineless in failing to stick up for its Christian flock.

NOTE: Although DAP bad boy Ronnie Liu did pip a squeak, nonetheless the party’s Chinese big guns LKS, LGE, Anthony Loke, Nga Kor Ming, Liew Chin Tong, Teresa Kok (and we mustn’t forget Hellelujah Hannah!) were as quiet as church mice about the pastor’s fate … unless I missed the YBs’ press statements, in which case I stand corrected.

DAP retreated from ICERD because the party fears May 13, konon – see story in embedded tweet above.

Recall that DAP is backed by the muscle of 95 percent of the Chinese electorate. On the 9 May 2018 polling day, DAP won 42 parliament seats vs Pribumi’s mere 12.

MCA admittedly has no mojo against Umno because it had always had fewer MPs (see list below). DAP, on the contrary, has no such excuse for being Mahathir’s running dog.

Umno vs MCA parliament seats

  • 1995: Umno (89) vs MCA (30)
  • 1999: Umno (71) vs MCA (29)
  • 2004: Umno (109) vs MCA (31)
  • 2008: Umno (79) vs MCA (15)
  • 2013: Umno (88) vs MCA (7)
  • 2018: Umno (54) vs MCA (1)

As evidenced by the six election results above, MCA was always many orders of magnitude weaker than Umno. So the Malay component was rightly the BN taiko.

On the other hand, DAP had three-and-half times more MPs than Pribumi when Harapan succeeded in their momentous 2018 regime change. Despite its bulging sinews pumped up from the (95%) Chinese steroids, DAP is behaving like an obedient and well-trained puppy at Mahathir’s hands.

For example, instead of advancing the UEC, Guan Eng chose to deprive Utar of its RM30 million matching grant in his maiden annual budget announcement as finance minister.

In the latest backtracking on the Rome Statute, DAP colludes with Mahathir and his cabinet spokesmen who all said Harapan feared a coup d’etat, konon

DAP also joins the Harapan “Takut kudeta” chorus, ref. tweet below by Kit Siang’s pol-sec Syahredzan.

Mahathir and Anwar can simply snap, “Don’t spook the Malays” and trust DAP to quickly scamper under the table.

Before capturing Putrajaya, DAP was barking away like a rabid dog. Today DAP slinks away like a whining cur with its tail between the legs.

DAP looks left and it is scared shit. DAP looks right and it is scared shit. DAP takes a tentative step forward and it is scared shit. However DAP tells Dapsters that Harapan’s series of steps backward or “regressive move(s)” was something forced upon the government.

Nope. DAP was not “forced“; it is quite willing to genuflect to Mahathir.

The intimidated DAP has graduated with straight As from Obedience School.



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11 thoughts on “DAP the most obedient, neutered running dog

  1. Hellelujah Hannah! Nice.

    ‘Nope. DAP was not “forced“; it is quite willing to genuflect to Mahathir.’

    To the utter and visible dismay, disappointment and frustration of the now pondanized Tokongites of Penang.

    Padan muka…baru ada akai! Hahah!

  2. You can’t teach old dogs new tricks, the saying goes…

    The DAP were always, and best on their barking mode.

    When they had the chance to actually be top dogs, the Top Dog dictated the running dogs stay on their treadmill, and stay on their barking mode.

    What disappointing low class coolies, never moved up to the next (Hippo Hannah ‘higher class’) kway teow fryer level…!

  3. Your favourite fancy dress YB with the gold fish eyes said the following rubbish on His Majesty’s payroll :-
    1. A New Bill to stop bottom pinching which has been going on since Adam and Eve !
    2. A Nursery to be instaledl in the Dewan Rakyat. In U.S and others, she would be in a mental hospital.
    3. Child abuse due to broken homes.
    4. Stop building condos in Mont Kiara and Sri Hartamas because of traffic congestion. Like this, all construction will stop not only in Malaysia but the World. Stupid Wo ! Wo ! Wo !
    For all the above, YB Wo ! Wo! Wo! should be in the mental hospital.

  4. All these Wo ! Wo ! Wos! were trained by the British to be obedient to their masters. Remember !

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