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Umno and PAS in slipstream of global right-wing wave

The world is trending hard right. So why should Malaysia be any different?

A latest development is the just concluded election in Israel. Winner Benjamin Netanyahu will be building a coalition with his allies the ultra-orthodox religious parties to form a far right government.

Netanyahu‘s Likud party yesterday had the biggest haul of 35 seats for the Knesset (Israeli parliament). By comparison, Israel’s left wing has decisively collapsed. Labour – a dovish and secular party – won only six seats.

BELOW: Netanyahu supporters wave Trump flags at Likud victory party

Labour is the party of Israel founding father David Ben-Gurion and has produced a series of Israeli prime ministers, namely Levi Eshkol, Golda Meir, Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres and Ehud Barak.

Another leftist party, Meretz, which is led by a touchy feely female politician, won four Knesset seats.

Israel’s Mother-Of-All-Elections result and the super strong showing by the far right is bad news for its minority Arabs and their Palestinian cousins. Netanyahu‘s election promise to ‘annex’ the West Bank – if carried out – will likely set off a new intifada.

But at the same time, however, it should be noted that Palestinians under Muslim rule are not exactly enjoying the democratic freedom to vote. The last legislative election in West Bank and Gaza was held in 2006 and there have been no fresh election since then.

Rise of European right wing over the last year

Right wingers “accelerated in [the] recent year like a snowball rolling down a hill – picking up size and momentum,” said one Editor’s Note in a veteran’s magazine. The populist wave has even hit Latvia – see tweet above.

The European Union will be holding its continent-wide EU election next month.

Only a couple of days ago, the right wingers got together to form an European Alliance of the Nationalist Populist Right ahead of the polls. They comprise parties from Italy, Finland, Germany and Denmark and they expect to win big.

Furthermore, Italy’s firebrand interior minister Matteo Salvini – who is a right wing populist – is expected to crest the victory wave to become his country’s prime minister replacing current Italian PM Giuseppe Conte.

Right wingers keep on winning elections

Estonia had its general election last month that saw a surge in the far right. Meanwhile in Spain this month, the political right is anticipating an electoral triumph where far right party Vox could play kingmaker – see stories in tweets above.

Poland must hold its parliamentary election not later than this November. The well-established right-wing Law and Justice Party is expected to sweep the board.

Poland is part of the Visegrád Four – a group of neighbouring countries that includes Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic (the latter two countries previously known as Czechoslovakia).

Hungary has been described as “a semi-autocratic state under one political party’s control”. Its prime minister is the famously right wing Viktor Orban who heads Fidesz, a conservative nationalist party.

Czech President Miloš Zeman is staunch critic of Islam. He won the presidential election on 26-27 January 2018 for his second term in office.

Billionaire Andrej Babiš – dubbed the Czech Donald Trump – is prime minister leading a minority government. He’s said to mirror Trump’s divisiveness.

Jair Bolsonaro (pix above) who’s known as the Brazilian Donald Trump became his country’s president early this year. The world media have labelled Bolsonaro “far right“.

Norway and Austria have right-wing governments.

A young anti-immigrant Dutch party called FvD is currently polling second in the Netherlands – see tweet below.

Anti-immigrant party Sweden Democrats finished third in the country’s election last September.

Trump detractors falling by the wayside

Globalist leaders who oppose the populist and nationalist right wing, on the other hand, are in the doldrums.

German chancellor Angela Merkel has been inundated with calls for her resignation, including from the conservative bloc in her own CDU party – see Yahoo Finance article below.

French president Emmanuel Macron has been beset by week after week of Yellow Vest protests in Paris and other cities in France. He’s become so unpopular that his most recent public approval rating has plummeted to 29 percent.

In yesterday’s top news, the other leng chai poster boy, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, has similarly fallen from grace – see story embedded in tweet below. Pressure is mounting for Trudeau (a former elementary school drama teacher) to exit stage left.

British prime minister Theresa May – who leads a minority government – has so badly botched Brexit that it’s difficult to envision her remaining in office for much longer.

Merkel, Macron, Trudeau and May had all turned up their polished, elitist noses at Trump but it is the American president – whose voter base is right wing – that’s having the last laugh. In fact, Trump 2020 is almost guaranteed.

The pattern is set and Malaysia will follow in the footsteps of the rest of the world. That’s good news for Umno and PAS.


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6 thoughts on “Umno and PAS in slipstream of global right-wing wave

  1. All is not lost.

    Our chickenshit PH politicians and their fuhrer can join that very hopeful comedian/actor winner of the first round for the Ukrainian election when he becomes president of the country, as a class of “politicians” of its own.

    Namely, Turd Class.

    We have comic actors in PH with absolutely no experience in running the country, worse still, no wit and no ability to learn to run the country.

    PH turd class no class Malaysian kampong comedians have been running in circles like headless chickens,coming up with a joke a minute.

    With themselves as the joke.

    The PH Joke is costing the country dearly, as it is totally incapable of doing anything about the cost of living, the economy, etc etc.

    The hapless, clueless, and useless bunch of cheap comedians are so good that they are even making Najib laugh!

    We don’t know if PH is right-wing, left-wing, barbecue wing, MASWing, or just screwing itself as it is screwing the country.

    So it can’t be all that “bad”.

    At least, we can all laugh merrily as Malaysia sinks down the New Malaysia Baru baru pan all of PH’s making!

  2. As a far-leftist I don’t like the rise of the populist far right in Europe, North America, Malaysia, Israel or anywhere else but I acknowledge that it is due especially to the left-liberals and centre-left parties which in the past had stood by and advanced the interests of the working class and the poor but today have either sold them out by imposing neo-liberal policies upon their core constituency, such as austerity measures, cuts in social services, cuts in public medical care, cuts in public transit and so forth, closure of manufacturing industries with loss of jobs, whilst promoting issues such as identity politics, LGBT rights, human rights, free speech, free press, gender-neutral bathrooms and so forth which are of greater concern to the middle class.

    So when faced with no prospect of relief and support from left-liberals and centre-left which had been their traditional choice inthe past, workers and poor turn to populist far-right politicians who promise them relief from the scourge of neo-liberalism, globalism, to bring back jobs and so forth.

    Pakatan Harapan is comprised of rival pro-capitalist parties to the BN capitalists, with PH parties, perhaps with the exception of Amanah, are more favourable towards neo-liberal policies, which despite manifesto promises to relieve people of their economic burdens, however are more focused on liberal issues such as repeal of draconian laws and so forth, whilst implementing policies such as departure tax, digital services tax and so forth which further burden the people, whilst being unable or unwilling to fulfill promises such as to abolish toll and so forth.

    The majority of working class people, small farmers, fishermen, petty traders and so forth are too preoccupied with having to struggle to survive economically, so cannot afford the luxury which the urban, educated, middle-class have to bother about more hi-fallutin issues, such as ISA, OSA, POCA, 1MDB and so forth discussed on social media and over teh tarik.

    So when along comes a right-populist capitalist party such as UMNO which promises some measures to address these people’s economic concerns, they will gain their support, much like Trump did the American working class. For instance whilst the Democrats won the privileged, middle-class state of Virginia, Trump won the working class and poor state of West Virginia adjacent to it.

    1. Give PH a chance.

      Black shoes for school children is an earth-shattering achievement.

      So is lining up the oppressed Orang Aslis for Malaysian citizenship.

      So is crawling to and defending ultra-capitalists like Robert Kuok.

      So is colonial dependence on elderly angmoh Auntie, the US DoJ, etc foreigners over what our politicians should themselves come up with for the case of 1MDB and the capture and trial of Jho Low.

      So is admiring and copying the outdated and failed Japanese model.

      So is the pious Confucian admiration, adulation, and worship of a failed pharaoh.

      PH is a bunch of useless, bickering, bitching yesterday’s “revolutionaries” of morally bankrupt kampong middle class, cannot for one moment see eyeball to eyeball with the common folks of the land.

      Cavemen of the World, Unite!

    2. We will inherit 1 trillion deficit again once Trump left office
      Because as with BREXIT, Trump MAGA rebel yell is an old remedy to a 4th industrial revolution problem
      The state of Virginia and West Virginia are of different education level.
      All looking for solutions.

  3. Hello Helen,

    The contents in your website is very powerful and obviously interesting. Thank you so much for sharing all these with us.

    Wish you all the best and thanks again.

  4. We can’t investigate the future
    But we can be certain of who benefit in the past
    The past is facism

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