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Dei @Khairykj, u 4got 2 tag @hannahyeoh #DAP_rasis

The DAP ethos was spelled out loud and clear by its party vice chairman Kulasegaran while on the stump in Rantau where a byelection is being held today. He implied to the Indian electorate, Remember to stick to your own kind.

BELOW: Snake oil peddled by DAP all the last decade that the party has no Indians and “zero Chinese”

According to Kula the Mahathir-inspired Indian DAP leader:

  “I have come to Rantau so many times, there are so many Chinese shops, so many Malay shops, but I do not like to eat. We go to Tamil shops. Why? Because this our community” … and by inference saying Indians will only eat at Indian restaurants (Chinese must support Chinese shops, Chinese businesses etc).

  “Referring to the Harapan candidate in Rantau, Dr Streram: “We are of the same blood, what will happen if we do not support our own community” … meaning if you’re an Indian, you must vote the PKR Indian guy and not the Umno Malay guy because race is paramount in politics.

Kula shared the above nuggets of DAP wisdom when speaking in Tamil to an Indian audience two nights ago. This typical race appeal (and likewise in other ceramahs by other DAP leaders when speaking in their own vernacular) was captured in a viral video.

The Tamil communalism displayed by Kula is nothing new. Neither is DAP’s display of racialism when their speakers believe themselves to be in a closed venue and addressing a partisan audience. But with a mixed audience that includes a sprinkling of Malays, they will talk Bangsa Malaysia.

The translation is correct, @Khairykj.

Race, race, race … this is the political capital of Umno, MCA, MIC and DAP.

But it is only DAP that screams “Racist! Racist! Racist!” at its political opponents. Here, Hypocrite Hannah is the biggest culprit.

Expect BN to score a hattrick tonight after Umno’s two earlier wins in Cameron Highlands and Semenyih. Might as well the voters opt for BN, the ori race-based coalition than Harapan, a hypocritical and cheap imitation.

Viva Regime Change!


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2 thoughts on “Dei @Khairykj, u 4got 2 tag @hannahyeoh #DAP_rasis

  1. To be fair, the DAP has always thrived on using race and religion for its existence.

    The DAP is not just a bunch of cowboy tradesmen, they like to boast they have “Indians” too.

    You have used the cowboys, now try the Indians!

    DAP, from the kampong drains, comes in racist cowboy “Coke”.

    And racist Indian “Pepsi”.

    You get the Holy Trinity if you throw in the yellow imitation angmoh funda mentalist undefinable not-divine “Christians” into the toxic racist mix.

    Race and religion are used as props to make DAP politicians relevant.

    You get to hear the coolie Ah Long Rangers at pains to impress upon you they marry the Indians, the “G*d-fearing” ones would tell you how “special” (how uniquely different, off-yellow) their “gift from G*d” children are. See how even innocent children are used as cheap props!

    While they like to flaunt their “tolerant”, “multicultural” multi-colour credentials, you get them telling their entirely Chinese (coolie) base of outright racists all the derogatory stuff under the sun about other races.

    Thus, you get “Super(fat)man” tHew preaching “using the Malays to screw the Malays” while the DAP under the same dragon breath tries to do their snake oil selling to the Malays.

    When he was alive, a DAP politician in Sarawak complained about the Ibans as being “difficult” because they didn’t vote him. Racist, and utterly insensitive, he spoke of the Ibans as incapable of postponing gratification, unable to understand quaint Greek notions of democracy, etc etc. The “superior” (Chinese, and fcuking Catholic, amen) Chinese politician never for one moment remembered or respected the Iban race as the majority race in Sarawak, nor their plight under the hands of the corrupt politicians and Chinese businessmen.

    The racist Chinese voter base continued to vote the politician after he kicked the bucket, voted his wife along a time-dishonoured dynastic line. It was also left to Adenan Satem from a Malay party to come up with a scheme to raise funds for the welfare of that politician’s family during his sickness, and after his death. You can’t say that for the DAP – it sold out completely even its party members, take another case, that of Teoh Beng Hock… no hurry, that..!

    Only morally bankrupt politicians would use their children as props, or use religion to show how full of “goodness” they are. No genuine spiritual person would keep harping about how “G*d-fearing” they are, that’s only a sales pitch, can’t you be at peace with yourself and your “G*d” without all the loud fake show?

    The DAP has never done anything about its racists. It is, in fact, impossible for the DAP to survive if it tells its members or the Chinese not to be racist, the DAP would fold up overnight! Each election you’ll find DAP canvassers roaming around telling the Chinese about “the Malays”. For many decades, the most famous of those “Malays” was the Indian Dr Death.

    All the same, this “human not resourceful” Indian among the DAP cowboy tradesmen, is interesting. He even sounds an anti-Chinese! Reminds me of “Super(fat)man” tHew screaming for Chinese Sarawakian voters to “use the Malays to screw the Malays”, while sharing the same platform with its “Injun”/Tonto/Sancho Panza DAP Malay candidate.

    Stay on, Kula (latin American for culo?), all is forgiven! Big Chief Taiko CrawLim can declare you forgiven, born-again, cleansed, he’s done same for that corrupt and utterly racist Indian pharaoh, he can most certainly wave the magic wand for you!

    It’s all the Wild Waste, which is corrupt, uncivilised Malaysia.

    Mount (I mean ride) your camels and donkeys, ride into the sunset that is Malaysia.

    Now cue Rossini’s “William Patel” – that’s classical music used as the Ah Long Ranger theme, lah, you uncultured kampong glorified kuay teow fryer karaoke screechers!

    For “Sancho Panza” read Cervantes’ “Don Quixote” (Donkey Ho Tay in Chinese), thick book… many, many pages..! Great work of literature (means its not Taiwanese comic book), you can get your kiasu free copy of book on the internet. Cervantes is a literary giant (not in the Godzilla, Mozilla, King Kong sense), you must read it once in your miserable coolie lifetime, spend less time on gossiping, badmouthing, cock-talking, moaning, racist ranting, drinking cheap beer, eating by the drain…

    Btw, “Panza” means “belly” – as in fat, gross, as in love for eating for fun, forever eating, and for feeding anxiety and nervousness, And as in food, as in that familiar fish from Fridays (or everyday and every meal), belly pork, thing three-layer pork, barbecued pork, sweet-sour, and, of course, bah kut teh…

  2. PH cowboy tradesmen “You tolong me, I tolong you” to the Indians didn’t work then, they suffered a massive defeat at Rantau!

    Must be the racist mouth of that Kula Mr Inhuman Resource wot done it, the voters shafted PH resoundingly!

    Jolly damn well deserved too!

    With their string of election defeats, this very latest gigantic blow is a near fatal one, and a farewell present that is a PhD from the Almighty.

    That cannot be bought on the Internet, and that says PH Dead !

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