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Anwar’s hope of becoming PM dimmer after Rantau loss

Anwar staked his reputation on Rantau and campaigned the byelection as if he himself was the candidate. But his ceramahs were filled mostly by Chinese and Indians.

Mahathir did not pop his head in Rantau even once.

The PKR defeat yesterday is Anwar’s to own. He and PKR failed to deliver the Malay votes.

BELOW: PAS knows that DAP is full of extremist fanatics, and evangelists too (or is mentioning this a tautology?)

Mat Hassan won the constituency‘s heavily Malay-majority polling districts by a landslide.

Harapan only managed to win one out of the 14 polling districts, that is, Bandar Ekar which is 77.5 percent non-Malay voters.

Hadi Awang, speaking in a last lap ceramah for the byelection, reiterated his party position that DAP is “extreme” and “fanatical”.

Kulasegaran revealed DAP’s true colours — racist through and through but great pretenders wearing the Bangsa Malaysia costume.

BELOW: Queen of Cosplay … Hannah Yeoh’s tudung is a visual prop; Bandar Ekar residents listening to a speaker at Harapan ceramah

Anwar cannot become PM because Malays fear and loathe DAP

So what’s the deal now with the Malay polity after three straight wins by Umno?

Anwar can only attain his premiership through the backing of the DAP to the hilt. This makes Anwar subject to DAP the way Mahathir is not.

Malay sentiment, however, is as expressed above by Hadi Awang – they think DAP are extremists and fanatics. This feeling is across the board. Thus PAS and Umno are willing to strategically put aside their differences with Pribumi in order to keep Mahathir in power because Anwar attaining the premiership will further embolden the DAP.

Credit where credit is due, PKR is the country’s most multiracial party and props to Anwar for fielding an Indian in Rantau.

Mat Hassan’s emphatic victory underscores a strong Malay swing to Umno-BN and a return of Indian voters who comprise 27 percent  of the Rantau electorate.

ABOVE: MCA Chinese are so much more pleasant, unlike the Dapsters twisted with hate

The sore losers, i.e. Harapan supporters are presently showing themselves to be both vitriolic and vindictive – proposing that Rantau be starved of funds seeing as how their side is in control of both the state and federal government.

During the campaign, Harapan operatives had been vicious and venomous in running down not only the Umno homeboy but also the party’s past president Najib (and his wife). Not that anything better was expected of these Harapan apparatchiks, and their vendetta is not abating but instead intensifying after the ‘malu’ loss in Rantau.

Malays have seen for themselves that only Mahathir, the best animal trainer in the world, can make the DAP running dogs heel. At the bidding of Beloved Tun, DAP will roll over like a spayed chihuahua.

Anwar, on the other hand, is unable to command the DAP. With him in charge, DAP will be a rabid pitbull.

In conclusion, Anwar should not bank his hopes on transitioning to the top job whether in May 2020 or ever.


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15 thoughts on “Anwar’s hope of becoming PM dimmer after Rantau loss

  1. dear helen
    spot on as usual👍😁all peace loving malaysians esp malays shud stop the rabid pittbull@dap at all costs.interesting though to see how the BN components n Pas worked harmoniously like a true blue 1 Malaysia, like what we used to enjoy.thumbs up for the chinese n surprisingly indians votes for tok mat in spite of kula’s racist to the max speech😡

  2. Yes MCA much much much Pleaseant..

    Unlike DAP Chinese they are haters, pretending be nice and mad for power..((a.k.a stupid uncivilized survivor))..

    This country is need to provoke into emergency mode..

    The only thing DAP is always in gold Rush mode..

  3. Dear Helen,

    I enjoy reading your wise articles and comments and I admire you for you are brave enough to expose, criticize and condemn the dark side of Pakatan Tiada Harapan so that the citizens of this country would not be fooled by pakatan clowns and jokers.

    Please keep it up.

    Yours sincerely

    An ordinary Malay man.

  4. This win was expected, with BN having got 63.22% of the votes in Rantau is consistent with past victories in Rantau in 2004, 2008 and 2013.

    With the exception of the 1955 elections when the Socialist Front held Rantau, from 1959 onwards Rantau has alternated between UMNO and MIC, with UMNO winning over 60% of the votes in Rantau in 2008, 2013 and yesterday (13 April 2019).

    Rantau is a BN stonghold, so no surpises that Tok Mat, a Rantau-based person, won.

    With regards DAP’s Kulasegaran, if he needed a better argument to convince Rantau people to vote for Dr. Streram, it could have been that with Pakatan now in charge of the Negeri Sembilan state government as well as the federal government, a PH state assemblyman of Rantau would be better placed to get what the people of Rantau need and want i.e. vote Dr. Streram for totally pragmatic reasons.

    Tok Mat’s past performance for his constituents was when both the Negeri Sembilan state government and the federal government were controlled by BN but now I foresee that once the euphoria of victory is over, Tok Mat will have greater difficulty convincing the PH controlled state assembly and PH controlled federal government to grant his requests for his constituents.

    Anyway, Tok Mat’s victory in Rantau is no doubt a blow to Anwar Ibrahim, especially when some PKR people wanted a local, preferably Malay PKR candidate to contest Rantau and have a better chance of winning.

  5. Yes, I admire your honest comments, looking at things from the right perspective. And you have been consistent all along. We should have more non-Malay political observers like you to tell Malaysians that we all love peace, not hate as being espoused by the Dapsters. Hats off to you, Helen.

  6. Hypocrite Hippo Hannah certainly looks the phart when she goes round fooling mostly herself that she is “tolerant, multicultural, accepting of other folks’ religion, etc etc” when she wears her Disguise for the occasion.

    I can’t help my Disgust the costume doesn’t hide the weird large cylindrical Michelin Ma’am “body” with a big square head that betrays what a common low class, low caste, no class coolie stock this creature is from. Nothing wrong with any class or no class, otherwise.

    My religion does not forbid me from admiring a woman’s figure, and I don’t particularly care if a woman wants to hide her form.

    Hippo should have chosen better, a burqa would have helped.

    Even a tent with a camel prop.

    But then again, neither plus camel would help Hippo.

    I have to say many a woman still looks good even when she hides her form. Can’t say that for Ms. “Holy”. Inside her must be a man trying to get out.

    There is no compulsion you need to look “Muslim” when with Muslims or even when inside a mosque. Doing the minimal would suffice, cover your legs, for instance… but Hippo simply must push herself in your eyeball, and scream her fake and fraudulent wholiness!

    Still, I don’t really know what a Muslim should look like, there are certainly plenty of Muslims who do not wear outfits that “Holy” Hannah is squeezing out of, nor even cover their heads.

    Most Chinese Muslims look Chinese, they don’t dress any different from anyone not “religious”.

    Hypocrite Hippo is unnecessarily condescending and patronising when she makes a big char kway teow meal of her over-dramatised “sensibility”, cue the cameras… Religion is a matter of the heart, who do you need to fool with any garment?

    Aren’t there plenty of child abusers, rapists, and homos among the clergy who always dress like Heaven’s bureaucrats descended upon earth?

    Hippo should stick to her native costume the sari, but she has to be careful not to display the Michelins or Bridgestones in the stomach area.

    All the same, even when not too few DAP coolie “heroes” said they would refuse to wear their official songkoks, came the time they smell power as parliamentarians, they all sell the “Teoh Beng Hock” in their cheap coolie, peasant and miner souls!

    Come back, Josef StaLim, you look really good with that songkok, “US Marine” outfit with a sash, goes well with those idiotic eyes and dumbo chicken ars” protruding mouth.

    Ok, Hippo, time for that makeover, a drastic one, you have the look, as the better class Chinese would say, like that is “thorns to the eyes”!

  7. With Kula the big contributor to the downfall of PH at Rantau, would the headline be Tok Mat shafts Tok Kok?

  8. The MCA certainly looks good in recent time.

    For a moment, I thought Wee even looked a Made-in-China Najib, in that photo!

  9. Anwar had campaigned relentless for 2 weeks in Rantau.He danced, spinned and throw whatever he can to get some political points in the hope that it will translated into votes for Pakatan Harapan. He failed miserably.
    It was obvious Anwar is no longer the darling of the Malay masses.Had they abandoned Anwar? or had Anwar abandoned them? It doesnt augur well for the incoming Prime Minister if his former hardcore supporter is abandoning him in droves.

  10. And was that a Baru Neapolitan number “O Sodo Mio” Anwar horribly croaked at Rantau?

    It wasn’t much of a crowd, but I bet no one dared turn his back on Anwar while he was making all those rude noises!

  11. It’s a forgone conclusion that Tok Mat would win this election, especially when PH insisted on a non-Malay to contest in the election. No brainer.

    But, Helen, you were very confident that the nation no 1 thief, Najib would continue to become PM after GE14. I haven’t seen a posting of you admitting you were wrong.

    Too big an ego for you?

    1. How can Najib be #1 thief? He is no longer head of anything, just another MP. Since you just came out of a cave, we are happy to inform you that the #1 thief spot is hotly contested by your beloved PHitnah DAPigs politicians in the KERAjaan. Although Dr M is top dog, but hot on his heels is the Penang tunnel borer…. There is clearly no clear winner as they are working hard to top one another.
      But for a roman shower aficionado like you that is a glorious thing…

  12. TokMat was expected to win….but with a much bigger majority….

    Although TokMat did not achieve a very big win, but he will always win at Rantau…..Tun knows that, hence he did not waste time at Rantau

    And i am expecting PAS to win big against DAP in the next match. PAS has got UMNO and GPS, DAP got no one….

  13. How come in the above photo, Chinese folks were provided with full dinners while the poorer Malay and Indian voters were not provided with anything.Dont the Pakatan Harapan leaders felt anything that these were wrong.No wonder the Malays and Indians were turning their back against Pakatan Harapan.

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