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Our most inspiring Zakir Naik and terrorism issues

Hate preacher Zakir Naik was fingerpointed by the Indian government as inspiring the men involved in a terror attack which left 28 people dead in Bangladesh.

Zakir Naik was alleged to have influenced the terrorists through his hate speech to commit their 1 July 2016 attack on a Dhaka cafe.

Three gunmen involved in the Dhaka attack were “admirers” of Zakir Naik, India’s Home Affairs Minister Hansraj Ahir told the Senate in November 2016.

This claim of incitement led India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) to file a formal notice in March 2017 for questioning on Zakir Naik, according to the Hindustan Times.

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Harapan’s BFF accused of spreading hate

The NIA had earlier registered a First Information Report (FIR) case against Zakir Naik, according to a Times of India article.

(Note: In India, the FIR is “a very important document against a cognizable offence as it sets the process of criminal justice in motion”.)

The NIA charge sheet against Zakir Naik and others before a Mumbai court in October 2017 said the firebrand preacher had promoted enmity and hatred between different religious groups.

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Zakir Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) has been banned in India since 2016. The so-called NGO is deemed by the authorities to be a threat to “national security”.

The Delhi High Court in 2017 upheld the Indian government ban to safeguard peace on the grounds that Muslims could be “radicalised” by Zakir Naik’s IRF hate group.

Regarding the IRF, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said in a series of tweets that his state police had submitted many indictments.

Zakir Naik’s Peace TV was banned by India some years before in 2012.

Zakir Naik’s hundreds of million ringgit in assets

Two of Zakir Naik’s trusted aides have been arrested recently in connection to money laundering charges. Abdul Kadir Najimuddin Sathak and Amir Abdul M. Gazdar were taken into custody in India last month for allegedly aiding and abetting Zakir Naik.

So far, assets totalling RM30 million (Indian currency, Rs 50.49 crore) under three separate court orders have been ‘attached’ by the Enforcement Directorate, an agency functioning under India’s finance ministry.

(‘Attachment’ is a legal term referring to “the action of seizing property”.)

RM114.5 million worth of Zakir Naik’s properties, funds and bank deposits are under probe by the Enforcement Directorate – see story in tweet below.

Let ‘em Dapsters eat cake and Maggi Mi

Such is the viper in Harapan’s bosom – the ruling party that portrays itself as governing with “accountability” and “transparency” is protecting this fugitive from justice.

Harapan is always preaching ‘Peace & Love’ to its useful-idiot base but here are its leaders embracing a Permanent Resident demagogue banned by many countries for sowing hatred.

Khalwat with Zakir Naik is rubbing off a hateful stench on Malaysians in close proximity with him.

Lawyer Siti Kasim wants to know what Finance Minister Lim Guan Beng Education Minister Maszlee Malik has to say about the myriad corruption charges against Zakir Naik; (below) Siti and her co-petitioners who once demanded that Zakir Naik be deported.

Will no one rid Malaysia of this turbulent preacher?”


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