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Shhh, cannot say

If and when politicians are not outright lying to you, they engage in the most insidious Orwellain speak.

Liberal politikus are scummier by far, and the ‘Hope & Change’ ex-president scummiest of all.

Huh? Change means turning Christians into “Easter worshippers“.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton just cannot make themselves utter the word ‘Christians’ – see their respective tweets below.

The above from Obama is the most screwed-up tweet I’ve ever come across in the history of twitterverse. Against the backdrop of more than 300 dead in Sri Lanka, there’s just so much that is wrong with the odious Obama tweet.

It was on Easter Sunday but Obama preferred instead his own description “On a day devoted to love …” (is he thinking of Feb 14?). Easter is the day of Jesus‘ resurrection, lah – saya yang bukan Kristian nih pun tahu.

That the bombings by allegedly Muslim terrorists took place on the day most holy to the Christian faith and blowing up churchgoers means simply, plainly, it was an attack on CHRISTIANS (which Obama chooses to deflect to “an attack on humanity”).


Mrs Clinton is a close runner-up to Obama for the Orwell Prize. She tweeted: “On this holy weekend for many faiths …”.

Hullo! The “weekend” (Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday) is not sacred to the religions of Islam, Buddhism or Hinduism. What’s with Crooked Hillary claiming for it a holiness covering “many faiths”?

Both Clinton and Obama avoided the word “Christians”, saying instead “Easter worshippers“.

Similarly in two other tweets below, both said “Muslim community”, appearing quite alright with acknowledging that Muslims were the victims of a recent mass shooting at two mosques in Christchurch.

Liberals are going to great lengths to skirt around what is observably obvious. This includes politicians as well as their unhinged leftist media.

The Sri Lanka government has already claimed that bombing of the churches was carried out by a militant Islamist group.

It’s a clash of civilizations between Islam and Christianity.

The pity of it is that when Muslims and Christians are on a collision course, Buddhists become collateral damage as in the Sri Lanka hotel workers killed in the blasts.


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