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Hannah must lead candlelight vigil for Sri Lanka bomb victims

Or better yet organize a #Soli­da­rity4Peace rally for her brothers and sisters slaughtered on the most holy day of the Christian calendar – Easter Sunday.

What Would Jesus Do?!

The Bible says God’s eye does not miss even a fallen sparrow. What more 321 359 of his precious creations, the majority of them Christians worshipping in church when they were suddenly brought down.

BELOW: Selangor DAP reps show solidarity with the ummah after Christchurch shooting

Usually @hannahyeoh has copious “thoughts and prayers” for any victims of natural, man-made or fluke disasters around the globe.

But ever since becoming a second-tier member of the federal cabinet, Hannah Yeoh’s well-known loquacity has become muted somewhat. Unsurprisingly the newly-minted, Mahathir-appointed Deputy Minister had “no words for the attack on Sri Lanka churches” (sensitive, leh).

BELOW: Malaysian churches deplored the Christchurch massacre

When two mosques were attacked in New Zealand last month, however, Hannah put out two tweets and six retweets on the very day of the shooting alone, and many other tweets on the following days.

With regard to Sri Lanka though, the @hannahyeoh timeline went deadly silent with the sole exception of her ‘struck dumb’ tweet below.

No thoughts. No prayers even.

Lost sheep in the Valley of the Shadow of Mahathir

Back in 2017 when DAP was in the opposition, the party’s evangelistas were big on candlelight vigils.

Fast forward two years now that they’ve morphed into the establishment and their Christian illumination has gone dark like a shorted lightbulb.

It is not only Hannah but her fellow YB evangelistas too who have lapsed into silence over this Sri Lanka massacre and other areas of Christian persecution. Whatever happened to solidarity? Sad.

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13 thoughts on “Hannah must lead candlelight vigil for Sri Lanka bomb victims

  1. Catholic churches got bombed. Those who died are mostly from the Catholic faith.

    The evangelicals do not consider Catholics true Christians. To them, Catholics are considered lost.

    The evangelicals aren’t only out to convert non-Christians into believing in their ways but they’re also out to convert Catholics, Presbyterians, Methodists, Lutherans, and Baptists.

    Most of them believe the fire that destroyed the Church of Notre Dam was a sign from God to all Catholics (and Parisiens) to leave the Catholic faith and join them, instead, to save themselves from the fires of hell.

    How do I know all these? Well, sadly, I’m surrounded by them.

    Does that answer your question on why the rabid DAP evangelicals have remained silent?

  2. Actually why doesn’t the DAP or so called “moderate” Muslim political operatives from Harapan organize a solidarity rally ?


    Date: 24th April 2019, Kuala Lumpur


    The Majlis Perundingan Pertubuhan Islam Malaysia (MAPIM) (Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organisations) has called for an interfaith solidarity with Sri Lanka gathering and Press Conference with details as follows:

    Organiser : Majlis Perundingan Pertubuhan Islam Malaysia (MAPIM)
    (Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organisations)
    Date : 25 th April 2019 (Thursday)
    Time : 10.00am to 12.00 noon
    Venue : Carlton Hotel , Section 13, Shah Alam, Selangor
    Attire : Smart Casual, Batik or Clergy
    Why : The purpose of the press conference is to convey the Malaysian position from all the interfaith
    groups on the recent tragic bombing of churches and hotels in Sri Lanka. We feel that it is timely
    to show our solidarity from the Malaysian multi-religious and multi-racial society that we reject
    all forms of violence and intimidation to create sectarian disharmony amongst people of faith.
    All the faith groups and NGOs representing Islam, Buddhist, Taoist, Sikh, Hindu and various
    Christian denominations will be present to reflect our Malaysian unity in countering religious


    1. “The Majlis Perundingan Pertubuhan Islam Malaysia (MAPIM) (Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organisations) has called for an interfaith solidarity with Sri Lanka…”

      Kudos to the Muslims!

      It is again them taking the lead!

      I like announcement, the line-up of those who would be present, placed the “Christians” last.

      How appropriate!

      It is likely some will not be attending, having to stay home still struggling to find words to express the horror of the massacres.

      Truth be told, there are actually not too few, especially among Chinese Christians who are very anti-Islam, and very racist about the Malays.

      I have attended “Bible classes” etc ran by the fundamentalist and the evangelical Christians where anti-Muslim and anti-Malay sentiments were freely and liberally expressed.

      Like with DAP meetings, no effort were made to warn people against racism and anti-Muslim sentiments. If you would remember “Superman” tHew’s famous exhortation “Use the Malays to Screw the Malays!” was done right under the nose of its Malay candidate during an election rally.

      Yes, Love thy neighbours… love as you love yourselves… and all that, Praise Be, Amen!

  4. Churches being bombed is a common thing….No need for vigil. There might be another church bombed anytime soon. Can’t be holding vigil for every church bombing….

  5. Statement by Jason Leong, Advisor of Association of NexGen Christians of Malaysia (ANCOM):

    “The Association of NexGen Christians of Malaysia (ANCOM) express our deep sorrow and stand in solidarity with the victims and their families in the recent terror attacks in Sri Lanka.
    ANCOM rejects all forms of extremism and stands for freedom of religion and the right to worship safely. We must stand together to make sure that no one should ever have to practise their faith in fear.
    And we also ask that the condemnation of violence and terrorism turns now into a collective response such as what we are doing here today. The world has been stuck in a vicious cycle of extremism breeding extremism and it must end.
    The recent atrocities and tragedies have left us humbled, sad and angry but they have made us even more united than ever as can be seen in today’s historic All-Malaysian Interfaith Solidarity for Sri Lanka Gathering and Press Conference. Our challenge now is to make the very best of us, a daily reality.
    But with that comes a realization of responsibility as leaders of various faith groups.
    A responsibility to ensure that peace must always be prevalent in the place that we are in – Malaysia. A nation and a place that is diverse, that is welcoming, that is kind and compassionate. Those values represent the very best of us irrespective of our faiths. And we say to the perpetrators of hatred that any assault on the freedom of any one of us who practices our faith or religion, is not welcome here. Violence, and extremism in all its forms, is rejected here.
    We acknowledge that we are not immune to the viruses of hate, of fear, of violence and of extremism. We never have been. But we can be the nation that discovers the cure – by giving the best model of diversity, of living together in compromise and accommodation, in peace and harmony as one big Malaysian community that we can offer to the world.
    We have work to do, because we cannot leave the job of combatting hatred to the government alone. We each hold the power, in our words and in our actions, in our daily acts of kindness. Let that be the legacy of what has happened in Christchurch and Sri Lanka. Let that be the new resolve we have formed via this All-Malaysian Interfaith Solidarity for Peace and Declaration.”

    Malaysian Interfaith Declaration on Bomb Attacks In Sri Lanka
    25th April 2019

    We, on behalf of Malaysians of all races and faiths, strongly condemn the recent barbaric terrorist attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka.

    We express our deepest sympathies and condolences to the victims of this heinous crime and their families. May God shower His blessings upon them!

    We stand on solidarity with the victims of the attack and register our strong rejection on any violent act int the name of religion.

    Violence does not represent any religion and must be abhorred.

    The reasons for the violent attacks must also investigated. The root and source of the violence must be identified to understand why this has happened.

    A deep analysis to the recurring incidences of such attacks around the world should be looked into.

    We strongly call for the perpetrators of this vile deed must be punished severely and all those involved in planning and supporting it must be tracked down and brought to justice.

    The role of intelligence agencies from certain states, which are promoting inter-religious conflicts to divert attention from their violation of human rights and international law, must be thoroughly investigated and exposed.

    We, the people of different faith are together in solidarity against any extremism and terrorism intended to create sectarian disharmony amongst the different religions.

    We support peace and harmony and appeal to all Malaysians to unite and reject all forms of extremism.”
    Signed by:
    1. Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid, Presiden Malaysia Consultative Council of Islamic Organization
    2. SM Mohamed Idris, Chairman Citizens International
    3. Datuk Seri Ahmad Awang, Chairman MANAR
    4. Datuk Wira Abdul Ghani Samsudin, Chairman SHURA
    5. Syed Al Atas, Chairman Persatuan Kebajikan Rakyat Sejagat Malaysia
    6. Dr Ahed, Presiden Palestinian Scholars Association
    7. Julian Leow Beng Kim, Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur
    8. Datuk K.Sri Dhammaratana, Chief of High Priest Of Malaysia Ti-Ratana Welfare Society
    9. Lee Min Choon, Chairman Christians for Peace and Harmony in Malaysia
    10. Andy Chi, Secretary General National Evangelical Christian Fellowship Malaysia
    11. Jason Leong, Advisor Association of Nexgen Christians of Malaysia
    12. Loh Pai Ling, President Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia
    13. Datuk Mohan Shanmugam, President Malaysia Hindu Sangam
    14. DaoZhang Tan Hoe Chieow, President Organisation (Federation of Taoist Associations
    15. Mr Sardar Jagir Singh, President Malaysian Gurdwaras Council

    1. Aren’t we a bit slow with that one out, eh..?

      Is it all groupthink, no single soul or organisation able to get a word out by himself/herself – and fast?

      Need to do that “we never walk alone”, need to find hands to hold on to, can’t walk alone to the nearest wherever to light a candle, say a prayer, look the part, and soonest?!


    2. If you look at that list, the “Christians” have placed themselves behind the Muslims – yet again!

      So much for those with the faith that can and should make them bravely face hungry lions, they seem to be “meek sheep” at all the wrong times, our friends and cheapskate “saviours” probably thought thrice before “sacrificing” themselves for their Christian brothers, sisters in Sri Lanka!

      I can speak about quite many Chinese Christians, they are into Christianity with only one foot in, in the classic kiasu fashion – they want to go to “Heaven” because they think and hope they can get their hotel rooms free if they go through the same bullsh*t motion as most “religious” do, never mind doing what “G*d” and Jesus, etc want, stand in front during the lions’ lunch hour.

      Not too few kiasu Chinese collect as many faiths as possible. All faiths are free for them, they get all their free afterlife insurance policies. And that is about all the kiasu Chinese can think of in any religion, Amen.

  6. Hippo Hannah typifies the fake Christians used to doing their own standard newspeak all and entirely from their “alternative Christianity” marketing handbooks. When put in a position they have to deal with something unscripted, they are totally ineffectual, they can only do their standard pontificating, sermons, and rants.

    Other than prattling on and on with their tedious and boring newspeak, dispensing their presumptuous and uncalled for “prayers”, and reminding others they are “sinners”, our evangelicals and fundamentalists are deluded reminders that we should steer clear of such “people of the Cloth”, wolves in sheepskin, so help us “G*d”.

    Thus, it is no surprise Hippo Hannah cannot find any word from his “G*d-fearing” black soul like any normal human would to express normal outrage and grief over the massacres in Sri Lanka. When put to a simple test, the fundamentalists and evangelicals always fail in the department of compassion, sincere warm feelings, fine sentiments, and genuine ability to, other than condescend, empathise, bond with the “others”. If you are not with the brand of merchandise, our “brothers and sisters” can only patronise you with pity, pray to their deity for you (uninvited, it is righteously pushed into your face).

    Hippo is only warped, bent to serve the interest of his “religious” cause, he can rabbit on and on about how he’s “found G*d, born yet again, G*d-fearing…” assigned a calling he has to save not just Malaysia but the whore world! He can find all the words, write a book, move the mouth on his big square head endlessly to express the rupture of his mind. Other than mechanically “praise” their “Lord”, Amen, ramble on and on with strange stuff, sometimes in “strange tongues”, the fundamentalists and evangelicals can’t do anything else normal for humankind they pretend they can “save”.

    When you encounter those “religious” in our country, you cannot but think of the one about the mentally ill nutter last to know s/he is a mentally ill nutter…

    Hippo has never struck me as anything than a thick, insincere, fake character that would sooner serve what he deludes himself are instructions from his “G*d” than serve Malaysians. Haven’t you seen that funny video of Hippo rambling on about the sacred duties of the “G*d-fearing” (like himself, naturally). All “religious” operators serve their deities and not mere mortals, ask who to choose to serve first, and it won’t, in all honesty, be the people.

    Whatever Hippo does always needs to be monumental, and in monumental hypocrisy.

    Of course, as his “G*d’s” chosen spokesmonkey, he needs to perform for Christchurch, he found ready words for that one.

    But Sri Lanka is quite something else for him, he does not need to waste energy and time, skip a bowl of kway teow, struggle to find just a few right words to express what any normal being would. Joyous and whatever words are reserved only for their deity, and the monkeys in their trance-like possessed state would sing, clap, cry, chant, even speak in “strange tongues” (fcuking babble), dance, fall, collapse into a heap – all according to script, and confuse, scare, and puzzle normal human beings.

    Other than when they babble bollocks and get into weird behaviour (infused with the holy alcohol), the evangelicals and the fundamentalists are extremely poor in the department which has to express normal healthy sentiments to normal human beings. Test that out for yourselves!

    It is worse when Hippo has special affection for people with their origins from the Indian subcontinent. Hippo can wax lyrically about (and use as prop) some half Indian child as some kind of “special, exclusive wonder… gift from G*d” and even a “miracle”, but when it comes to several hundred full-blooded subcontinentals massacred by some terrorists, somehow his “loving G*d” forsakes her, hides the vocabulary book!

    Every preacher, politician, and those with any need to say nothing useful all have a pretty standard pocket book from which he can find all the right words to use for all sorts of occasions. Even the fake and fraud sermonisers have that book. It is utterly disgusting, disgraceful, and outrageous “G*d’s” little helper cannot say anything! Worse still, the dumb no class scrubber said something about not being able to say anything, talk about the dumb dumbstruck and his eloquence even with “strange tongues”! Hell! “G*d’s gift” is only for “G*d’s work”, only to sell “G*d’s” ware!

    I have been waiting for Hippo Hannah to save Malaysia by asking for that Fakir Naik character to piss off from our eyeballs and country. He’s been a thorn in the flesh of our already poor attempts at national unity, his divisive preaching against non-Muslims is totally unacceptable in Malaysia of the design PH pretends to want. Even though I am not much of a pork-eater, I don’t think his rants against pork-eaters are called for. I would vote an honest pork-eating politician than a corrupt Muslim mullah like him.

    Naik should go back to India to serve and save those cow slaughterers from getting slaughtered – why lurk around (and hide) in Malaysia when his weird look, bizarre but amusing “Hindglish”, funny body language and limb gestures are enough to put people off his “religious” Bollywood!

    Is Hippo trying to start a religious war in our country?

    Non-Muslims, atheists, Buddhists, Taoists, stone worshipers, money worshipers, kiasu religion collectors, and even our fake Christians do not like Fakir. Many countries ban the creature, even his broadcasts from elsewhere. Why should Malaysia collect just any ugly old tree stump just because he’s apparently on the run, and we have run out of rainforests? Even if he puts on a decent suit and wears it correctly, he is still every bit an ugly, divisive, repulsive, and undesirable creature for any purpose, even making teh tarik.

    “Holy” Hannah talks about others being “low class” even when he himself a cheap little scrubber glorified kway teow fryer, Naik is nothing but low class!

    Naik is not necessarily wrong or untruthful when he runs down, admonish our “Christians”, he is actually right when he condemns our convenient “Christians” none of whom honestly follow the teachings in the Bible (I don’t mean those multitude of revised. adulterated, warped stuff). We can still watch Naik on telly even when he is sent on his way, so no skin off any hooked nose if he is ejected from 1Malaysia.

    Hippo Hannah should stand up, do a monumental bit of grandstand, do the “work of our Lord” if not for mere Malaysians, demand Fakir be stripped of his resident status, deported from our fragile nation. If any “Lord” is with that creature, he should be able to stand in front of the lions, and be able to give the lions his hilarious subcontinental “Monty Python” sketches, indigestion, Delhi belly, India lurgi, and definitely a belly good run for the “laundered” money.

    Why are we so hard up to do so (fanning divisions?), we don’t need to shelter any creature who are suspected, rightly or wrongly, of aiding and abetting terrorism. There are still one or two countries that would be happy to take in Naik, why not send him that way? Btw, Bangladesh is not an advisable destination, there are very able Muslim scholars there who have demolished Naik for his poor understanding of Islam, and are waiting to ambush him again! It is even a worse idea to go there when the Fakir cannot adequately answer he has not influenced the suicide bombers who massacred in Bangladesh.

    Naik’s circuses are every bit as set up as those fundamentalist and evangelical “Christian” ones. Short of the Fakir doing the laying of hands like those fakes and frauds in “alternative Christianity”, Naik’s shows are exactly set up and ran like “Christian” television and “pop concert” shows. You get those same glazed eyed rentaclappies over the Moon, cheering, agreeing, admiring, you get instant converts, you get all the “right” questions, you get the heavies at the ready to toss the “offenders” out, you get all the lights and glitter, you substitute one “holy” Joe for the other “holy” wan, or you had a prancing Tony Poo-Ah, you won’t be able to tell one fake from the other, or one show for the other!

    The staged and heavily-managed “pop concert” exercises in fraud work a dream (and a nightmare!) in Malaysia, how else do we get so many moronic nasty “religious” clown monkeys wandering around with their dumb smug faces with permanent grins, spitting venom, and smiting others with “holy” smoke and fire? Malaysia is already full of hateful, spiteful, self-righteous, “holy… pious… religious” monkeys, we don’t need any hate preachers around to stir the pot further.

    And how else, pray tell, other than because of ignorance, prejudice and hate, do we get our rubbish political monkeys voted into office?

    So, now, (and finally?) straight to that candlelight virgil, then, Hypocrite Hippo Hannah?

  7. “The pity of it is that when Muslims and Christians are on a collision course, Buddhists become collateral damage as in the Sri Lanka hotel workers killed in the blasts.”

    All religion are about to head for a collusion course
    No exception , non isolated community
    Unless government accommodate all religion and are against bigoted followers and bigoted leaders

    That terrror organisation behind Sri Lankan attack will be hunted down ,it’s mankind duty
    It’s not about an individual or particular race
    I have no doubt they’ll be reckon and executed

    1. “they’ll be reckon and executed”


      Jihadi flavoured public stoning, I advocate…

      call the great event a rock concert, Amen!

  8. Our favourite mouthpiece claimed that there were 100,000 teenage pregnancies since 2014 AFTER SHE FLOPPED WITH THE DEWAN RAKYAT NURSERY, ANTI BOTTOM PINCHING BILL, STOP CONDOS TO EASE TRAFFIC CONGESTION ETC. She is a very junior deputy Minister in the Ministry of Social Welfare who talks as though she is the MINISTER and loves FAKE PUBLICITY. I wonder where did she get the figure 100,000 ? This meant 20,000 a year in a country where statistics are badly kept !

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