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How DAP was out-manoeuvred by Mahathir on Matric

UPDATE: Dr M   p-o-w-e-r!!


The government Dapsters deserve: The Islamist and the Evangelist in cabinet – Education Minister Maszlee Malik and Deputy Women’s Minister Hannah Yeoh


Before Harapan can even reach their first anniversary in power, DAP has already been bitchslapped black and blue by Mahathir.

A dozen DAP Aduns yesterday put their name to the party youth wing’s formal complaint that STPM students will suffer the negative consequences of the government creating 13,500 new places in Matriculation for Bumiputera.

This sudden, sharp increase in Matric seats without a corresponding increase in public university enrolment will result in decreased entry for STPM holders (read: Chinese).

The Education Ministry’s new plan to balloon the next intake is in direct response to non Malays’ clamouring demands to open up Matric.

You see, the Dapsters had a touchingly naive belief that they will no longer be suppressed by the quota system now that they’re living in New Malaysia. As with all naifs, the Nons (read: DAP supporters) have just been sucker punched again. In the face.

Explaining the new Matric maths

The last Matric intake was 25,000. It had a quota of 10:90 between non-Malay and Bumiputera students, equalling to 2,500 seats allocated for the Nons versus 22,500 seats for Bumiputera.

Of the 2,500 seats for Nons, 1,500 was reserved for Indians and 1,000 for Chinese. The Indian-to-Chinese ratio for their joint 10 percent non-Bumi Matric share is 3:2.

Since the Chinese gave 95 percent of their votes to the Harapan government, they were hoping to be rewarded – at the very least – with a more equitable percentage of our socialized education benefits. After all, the Chinese’s 1,000 seats out of 25,000 made up only four percent of the Matric.

But what happened in the backroom of Harapan when the DAP running dogs suqiu their Pribumi overlords?

BELOW: Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full

My dearest Beloved Tun

Lousiest Return On Investment (ROI) for DAP voters

Woof, woof. Here, some crumbs for the good doggy.

Okay lah, says the Pribumi Education Minister (channeling his Sith Lord). We can give you Cina DAP beggars a few more Matric seats.

So the Education Ministry proposes to expand the programme from 25,000 to 40,000. But the 10:90 Matric quota remains.

Therefore the Nons will now be getting 4,000 Matric places, translating into 2,400 Indian seats and 1,600 Chinese seats.

True – under BN previously, the Chinese were offered 1,000 seats in Matric compared to their upcoming 1,600 under Harapan. That’s an improvement of 600 but still, how good a deal is it?

Well played, Mahathir, well played

Under BN, Bumiputera students had 22,500 Matric seats. After the DAP’s intervention, they will be getting 36,000. That’s an increment of 13,500!  👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽

And the Chinese’s new allotment of 1,600 seats out of this expanded 40,000 is still only four percent.

Conclusion: The Chinese give 95 percent of their votes to Harapan and their Harapan gomen gives them back four percent of the overall seats in Matric. LMAO.

And guess what? Compared with the academic year prior, there will be an additional 13,500 Bumiputera students competing with STPM students for uni places, thus making it increasingly difficult for Chinese to continue their tertiary education locally in Malaysia Baru.

Straight A’s children, low IQ parents

Not only that; Chinese taxpayers will furthermore have to foot the bill for running this bloated pre-U programme for the next intake of 36,000 Bumiputera students instead of the 22,500 before. New Malay teachers will have to be hired, and new junior colleges built by Malay contractors to cater for the inflated Matric numbers.

Never mind, Finance Minister Lim Guan Beng will just have conjure up more ways to collect taxes besides his newly introduced Soda Tax, Digital Tax, Departure Levy, Service Tax on Imported Services, increased Real Property Gains Tax, increased Stamp Duty … and I suggest for the Dapster morons to pay jizya too.

Middle finger to DAP from the grandmaster

DAP’s latest political feint at Matric has yielded a huge, resounding payoff for Pribumi, Maszlee and Mahathir.

In fact, we’ve just witnessed Mahathir deftly out-manoeuve DAP by replicating his earlier and tested move where he agreed to appoint Guan Beng finance minister but at the same time created a brand new Economic Affairs portfolio for Azmin Ali in the cabinet.

What a hoot, and to think that DAP had told its followers the party would use Mahathir as a pawn in its “Melayu screw Melayu” strategy.

My I-Told-You-So quotient has just quadrupled because with this killer move, the Harapan chairman has effectively signalled to DAP, “Fuck You”.


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10 thoughts on “How DAP was out-manoeuvred by Mahathir on Matric

  1. I don’t think chinese would opt for matriculation, because the syllabus are meant for average students with average marks. But the question lies in jobs, meaning the students getting the right job based on the course they studied on – and it doesn’t usually happen as planned.

      1. You rant for yourself, HY.

        Poor upbringing, poor Manglish, poor content, poor critical thinking ability, poor communication skill, poor emotional intelligence, poor self-control…

        Whatever “poor family with average mind” means…

        1. i know u cant help it can u? do me a favour, could u respond to a point with something that is actually responsive? try something however small n trivial, lets hv a good start.

          1. “i know u cant help it can u?”

            If you “know”, why bother ask? I am happy you have your psychic bomoh to advise you, I accept that.

            Still, you should give me a chance to answer that before going into this:

            “do me a favour, could u respond to a point with something that is actually responsive?”

            If you hadn’t noticed with your “eyes” that can look at the “space between your ears”, I have had exchanges with others here, that are, dare I say, normal.

            It is, however, something else with you.

            If you were to use your special “eyes”, read (meaning read) and study (meaning study) how I deal with your kampong kok kee gibberish, and use just a tiny bit of intelligence (borrow if you need to), you will find I give as good as I take – you ask for it, I oblige graciously.

            Every time you behave the infantile kampong “wise guy”, I lay it in – I kick you in your one only “wisdom” tooth.

            Mind you, any grown-up here would be able to take the “slight” in an adult manner. But (so far), it is only that unique you who twitches at anything in a rather mentally-disturbed way.

            It is “you” and not “someone else” who need a bit of “self-improvement”, a bit of “self-correction”. Not behaving like a typical kampong coolie DAP type of little kok kee arrogant peasant “Superman” tHew would help.

            Not writing in a bizarre way and expecting others to understand would also help. Remember you accused others of failing “comprehension” with your caveman gibberish?

            All the same, I would be happy to oblige your “do me a favour” – even without a “please”, and ” respond to a “point” (has there been any?).

            I would go along with any “lets hv a good start”.

            But then I am at a loss as to what this means:

            “something that is actually responsive”.

            Could “the Muslims” where you are be dodging you because of your peculiar “language”, they think you behave like “holy” Hippo Hannah and speak in “strange tongues” – and it’s not just that you don’t wash?

            Hope this post meets the criteria for your “good start”, and it’s over to you, Sunshine!

            1. u repeated the same phrase again n again while changing a few
              words, thats what kids do la.

              1. “thats what kids do la”

                I won’t know “la”.

                You are the only kid here.

                An infant, to be precise…

  2. I noticed that ang is angry with DAP and these articles were written in such a way that the Chinese will hate DAP and return to the fold of MCA. Because the Malays are the majority, ang plays the game of if you can’t beat them, join them.

    1. ” these articles were written in such a way that the Chinese will hate DAP”

      Intelligent Chinese don’t need “these articles”, or any article to “hate DAP”.

      It is also healthy natural instinct for normal humans to react appropriately to the DAP.

      Not every other person is an idiotic DAP sheep easily influenced by DAP peasant garbage spiel and kampong coolie antics.

      “Hate” is a bit strong, but I have never needed any help nor encouragement to detest the DAP.

      My drive is fueled by the necessity to react, and react strongly, against the coolie and peasant-minded cheap longkang thug DAP politicians and supporter monkeys attempting to bring shame and an early end to the great Chinese Civilisation.

      Maybe it is somewhat elitist, but I don’t like and I don’t need the glorified coolie and peasant glorified samseng monkeys in DAP with any presumption it can speak or think for the Chinese.

      I don’t like seeing any Chinese “leader” a bleeding no-class running dog or running bitch.

      Other Chinese do not like the DAP for a multitude of other good reasons.

  3. I can only offer a LOL for this one.

    The DAP told its Chinese supporters to trust the viper that Taiko Tokong CrawLim Kit Sung has “forgiven” after lots more than 22 years of slagging off the roti canai flipping koktok bullocksh*t artist and pathological liar for every crime and sin under the sun and moon, voted the foul old dictator back into power.

    And the viper with unchanging spots got into power and has since lorded it over all the rest of PH monkeys as godfather of the racist party which won the pitiful least seats in the election – that’s Malaysian “democracy” for the monkeys!

    Not just for the Matric thing, the old fraud has already conned and shafted hard the rest of PH with not just taking over the monkey house that is PH, he has also filled up the gomen with the bum members of his own party, trash bags from UMNO, and those PH gomen figures he has grabbed by the short and curly, those he can use to shield himself from blame with, those he can easily control, and those he can easily get rid off – and not his fault, either!

    The old viper has filled the gomen up with those clueless, hapless, worthless non-performing performing monkeys from the rest of PH he can get rid off instantly when the time is right for him. Many of these monkeys are good only for kissing the dirt on which the dirty old dictator hobbles. Some of the monkeys in gomen have questionable “qualifications”, some are half-qualified, some with dubious fake qualifications! A few with the “better” qualified are sheer fcuking greenhorns, pathetic at their posts!

    Instead of using the politicians elected by the rakyat, the devious near dead pharaoh used the unelected so-called “Council of Elders” made up of the usual suspects, friends of his.

    The sneaky old double-dealing “forked tongue one” had long ignored those inept, ineffectual, tongue-tied eunuchs in PH, he can ride roughshod over those cheap useful idiot monkeys, why should he bother about them when it comes to Matric?

    We can’t expect those cheap kampong circus clowns in PH to find their testicles any time soon, if ever, wake up to their senses, smell the palm oil, realise their purpose in gomen is to serve the public, and not worship Dr Death full-time as a bunch of nodding yes-monkeys – and perhaps offer a word or two of sheepish dissent.

    PH, and especially the DAP, conned the (Chinese) voters about a “repented, changed, forgiven…” viper, the suckers dutifully voted in the old snake, Hail the tokongs from the Malaysian back alley triad.

    The old snake remains an old snake, the same old snake, and not even a new old snake! “Give PH more time” will not see the old snake change one bit, keep reciting the mantra, keep smoking that PH drug!

    For the Chinese who voted Dr Death in, voted the roti canai flipping artist monkeying with preventing them getting anywhere in education in a new old apartheid system is well-deserved, I laugh merrily at that!

    What would you expect? – you beg to be shafted, and you got shafted – yet again! The viper bites you, yet again, say ta very much, the DAP is running the show, isn’t it?!

    Any combination of any few Malay political party will see the DAP never getting anywhere, I thought Chinese are supposed to be good at maths!

    “Where got” any of that “use the Malays to screw the Malays”? The “Malays” don’t even have to do the Anwar on the Chinese, the Chinese ass-shafted themselves very nicely!

    I would do another LOL with a kau kau if the Chinese got further disadvantaged in the apartheid system. We are “all Malaysians”, it does not matter if the Malays get even more privileges, and advantage, and the Chinese get fcuked fool time, we are “all Malaysians” , anyway, and are all the same as the DAP will tell you. A Malay is a Chinese, and a Chinese is an Indian, and Indian is errr… an Indian!

    Thanks to Uncle Tokong Great Leader Lim Ill Siong, and Uncle Dear Leader Tokong Josef StaLim, you prized moron monkeys got properly shafted with this Matric thing!

    Next we’ll see Chinese education get sidelined, better still, disappear altogether! The Lim Dynasty is more interested in obliterating all the minimal good the MCA has done for Chinese education, the DAP wants to be MCA 2.0… So why does it matter? – our “Chinese” can’t speak proper Chinese, remain like backward migrants fresh off the coolie express junks, these days despised by China’s Chinese, and Chinese the world over.

    And thanks to the Lim Dynasty, THE DAP and its Chinese supporters turned into submitting cheong fan eating surrender monkeys to the supreme deity of the Snake Temple! We get plenty of whimpering bitching, whining, and groaning but no one dares say a word of complaint to the most-worshipful “King Cobra” about the new old apartheid system and the gross unfairness of it all to the irrelevant Chinese. A “Sodomy” can easily be done on Tokong Josef StaLim if the dumb coolie tries to be just slightly smarter, his “corruption charges” may stick the next time, think what happened to Anwar, and can happen again (hint: sodomy 3, 4, 5…)

    I can laugh, and I can LOL, whether it is fair, unfair, or simply delightful to the Chinese, it doesn’t affect me one bit what happens to the Chinese here! Malaysian Chinese love to learn things the hard way, their fatalistic coolie mentality tells them all they need do is mouth off noisily and aggressively about everything, but not get off their coolie asses to actually do something – they voted an entity that treats them like dogs, and the dogs happily wag their tails!

    I can, and I have always (and very successfully) work the system. That is because I belong to the resourceful type Chinese not given to helpless coolie outlook and have to depend on any DAP coolie monkey or propaganda – and ignorantly and gratefully feed on that!

    So it is good luck to you DAP sucker monkeys, keep hanging around the DAP, expect more of the brown stuff to be dished out to you by Dr Mati’s lot, gratefully passed on to you by your favourite DAP running dog uncles and aunts, Amen!

    Why does Chinese “education” or half-baked Chinese anything matter, anyway? – you get qualified in that or because of a “Chinese” education, you are not going to get any half decent job anyway, live with that! A lot of our Chinese prefer to pretend to be the “more superior” English, why be any “Chinaman” – a derogatory white man’s racist term some of our “Chinese” even use on other Chinese and themselves?

    Pribumi means “Malays first”, the DAP makes sure of that, not that I care who’s first or last. “Superman” tHew arrogantly ranted about “using the Malays to screw the Malays” – but what happened? tHew’s lot, those “maverick” Chinese are getting tHewed, the grateful DAP first!

    The Mat trick means the Chinese now get crumbs off two tables instead of one, the Chinese still eat under the table. That isn’t that bad, considering the DAP “leaders” all hang around like dogs under the dying Pharaoh’s feet, all can keep warm huddling there, their supporters too!

    And you can’t be “Chinese” at all if you monkeys depend on the DAP to fight your corner, the DAP has become a bunch of freaking grovelling running pooches to a Mamak pretend-Malay, all like the MCA except the DAP “leaders” have all their two goolies missing.

    So quit whining, all ye Chinese of the land, the worse is yet to come, the DAP guarantees that for you, woof woof bow wow..!

    Oh! Can’t wait to see Bah Kut Teh banned, replaced with the Zakir capati! Doesn’t matter to me, the loss.

    Soon Madam Hippo char kway teow, sold with that famous Kunta Kinte “from kway teow fryer to parliamentarian” story, would be called the Kak Wan “Madam Butterfly” errr kway teow goreng… like we can only get anjing panas these days… Very nice, considering I prefer eating in halal places, much much cleaner even if food takes a lifetime to appear! I once ordered a cendol at a Malay’s, fifteen minutes later, I was still waiting… I went to find out what was happening, saw the owner of the cafe watching football. He said he would do my order when the game finished. I waited another thirty five minutes, the cheeky fella even tried scrounging a cigar off me! At a Chinese place you would get your cendol – and stomach trouble, much faster.

    I love going to Malay eating places, especially if they have Chinese staff manning those “lowly” positions – no, I don’t mean as grovelling running dogs, I mean waiters, kitchen hands, porters… They are always DAP supporters, students of rocket science, and failed backstreet hole in the wall telephone accessories shop sales directors, so much for Chinese “creativity” and “entrepreneurial spirit”! But that’s Malaysian Chinese for you, wherever you go, you find no end of shops selling telephone covers!

    So come back Rocket Man “Superman” tHew, all is forgiven! Finished that biography of almost-accountant Rocket Man Tokong Josef StaLim? We need a barking mad saviour for Kampong Coolie Cina, what fun! Praise Be!

    You guys have a great weekend, ok? – even the Chinese panicking over Matric, more dishwasher positions are going to be created by the DAP for you!

    And rejoice, Malays! You have DAP on your side, your still brighter future is guaranteed! Just be kind to those DAP dishwashers, waiters, kitchen hands, telephone accessories sales executives, ok?!

    Mamak Mat’s trick hat trick with Matric, hats off to that, what?!


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