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Christians and Muslims killing each other — latest

Mujahid Yusof Rawa was at the #SalamSriLanka candlelight vigil last night to show his solidarity with the victims of the Easter church bombings. Our Minister of Religion, however, forgot to extend an invitation apparently to his “inspiration” Zakir Naik for the Dataran Merdeka event.

Hypocrite Hannah also appears to be MIA.

BELOW: This “Dunia Tanpa Pengganas” participant pictured was at Dataran alongside Christian VIPs Dr Xavier Jayakumar and Teresa Kok

Some DAP evangelist politicians had made a big show of condemning the white nationalist crusader who shot dead 50 Muslims worshipping in their mosques in Christchurch last month.

One of the DAP’s most tearful emoji Christian YB ostentatiously prayed for “the affected [Muslim] victims”.

Vicious circle of Christian-Muslim retaliation 

Sri Lanka authorities say the church bombings last week by Muslim militants on Easter Sunday was in revenge for the New Zealand atrocity.

But this time that particular publicity-seeking DAP politician just had “no words”, no thoughts, no prayers, no candles and no hypocritical public condemnation for the bearded Sri Lanka terrorists. Maklumlah, her evangelical party is always desperately fishing for Malay votes … and so, musn’t spook or discomfort the Muslims lah.

This week, a Christian American war veteran ploughed his car into a group of pedestrians believing they were Muslim. The deadly driver in Sunnyvale, California was on his way to Bible class – ref. tweet below by Al-Jazeera presenter Mehdi Hassan.

The suspect “seemed to be shouting like you would in church,” according to an eyewitness.

“He was saying, ‘thank you, Jesus … thank you, Jesus’!” as he rocked back and forth, said the woman who recorded his arrest on her cellphone and viralled the video.

While it’s common for the media to report terror attack perpetrators as shouting “Allahuakbar!”, this might well be the first that we’ve heard the alleged culprit invoking Jesus.

Remember Zakir Naik heaping insults on Christianity?

Some pundits say these tailgating, retaliatory attacks “tap into global anxiety about Christian-Muslim violence”.

There is truth in their premise that Islam and Christianity are two mighty civilizations clashing. After all, Sri Lanka is a Buddhist-majority country yet the terrorists there chose to target churches rather than the plentiful temples.

It has been estimated that more than 1,000 Southeast Asians (mostly Malaysians and Indonesians) “both fighters and their family members, supported and lived in the Islamic State”.

More recently, those Malaysians who fought for ISIS have come back home. Police, with the help of Jakim, are conducting rehabilitation programmes for Malaysia’s returning religious radicals.

Chinese vs Malay is 1970s, Christian vs Muslim is 2020s 

Malaysian authorities had in 2016 arrested ISIS-linked individuals making bombs in Kuala Lumpur.

It is claimed that the former jihadis want to estalish a Daulah Islamiyaph Nusantara. DAP’s evangelistas too are in the process of shaping a New Malaysia.

Aliran member Mary Chin gripes that in Malaysia Baru the ‘C’-word and the ‘M’-word have “become more lethal and toxic than the f-word”. By ‘C’, Mary means Chinese and by ‘M’, she means Malay.

In truth, ‘C’ for Christian and ‘M’ for Muslim is instead far more apt to describe the “lethal” mutual relationship between adherents of the two faiths who today are killing each other.


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9 thoughts on “Christians and Muslims killing each other — latest

  1. “Hypocrite Hannah also appears to be MIA.”

    Looks like it.

    Or you would have no end of the always highly visible man-thing hippo of weird physical proportions hijacking the cameras and mic for a good load of self-gratification.

    And all with his trademark “holy… pious… religious” sanctimonious claptrap “I’m a G*d-fearing Christian…” and all his “Me, Me, Me…”.

    And what an ineffectual no class scrubber, can’t behave normal, think like a mere mortal, put in a few right words as a human, leave out all the “holy”, fake and fraudulent “religious” giz for a couple of minutes.

    Can only be that classic DAP behaviour of sheer hypocrisy and opportunism, fear of offending Muslims to the point of paralysis thinking that condemning terrorists and showing sympathy to Christian victims of massacres would alienate Muslims few of whom support terrorism, anyway.

    What an appalling no class cowardly grotesque crawling two-faced unfeeling longkang coolie scrubber, Ptttuuiii…!!!

    Now crawl back under that filthy slime rock where you can grovel, suck up to the great snake deity of grand corruption!

  2. Not only Muslims and Christians are killing each other.

    More recently, a Jewish synagogue in oh so liberal California was hit by someone who apparently hates both Muslims and Jews. Whether he’s Christain or not, is not yet clear.

    “1 killed, 3 injured as gunman opens fire at California synagogue”

    “California synagogue gunman possible suspect in mosque arson, linked to Christchurch-style manifesto”

    “Netanyahu calls summit on ‘upsurge’ in anti-Semitic attacks worldwide after California shooting”

    Meanwhile, over in Germany:-

    “German far-right training for CIVIL WAR & collapse of state, intel warns”

    The clash of civilisations as described Samuel P. Huntington in his book – The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order is continuing to develop.

    You can read a little blurb about Huntington’s essay over here:-

    Whether of not this “clash of civilisations) is happening as a natural consequence of economic changes, the effects of globalisation, neo-liberal policies, open borders, free movement of capital, global access to information and communication, much freer movement of labour across borders, mass migrations which make people in the host countries feel their existence and culture threatened, changes in political orientation and so forth – or whether it a “clash of civilisations” or “clashes of civilisations” are being engineered by nefarious forces working behind the scenes to achieve their specific geo-political agendas to divide and rule people and nations.

    For instance, whilst I support the British people in their choice to Brexit (leave the European Union), however at the back of my mind there is this doubt as to whether this move towards Brexit is being engineered by U.S. imperialism to weaken the European Union – an economic powerhouse and albeit an imperialist power in its own right, which on the one hand the EU is a faithful ally of U.S. imperialism but on the other hand is a formidable rival, especially economically – for instance the competition which Airbus provides to Boeing in the civil airliner space.

    Politics today is never really cut and dried, and what you see often is not what you get and quite often is not want it may appear to be.

    Thus it is often worth asking “qui bono” (who benefits).

    1. More this “being engineered by nefarious forces working behind the scenes to achieve their specific geo-political agendas to divide and rule people and nations”, going by how Holy Tony, Blair used Huntington as a justification for his missionary zeal in the illegal invasion of Iraq, etc.

      Huntington was of the crass view that the rest of the world should be subjected to Western “values”, the West should dominate, so should Western “culture”, “Clash of Civilizations” is nothing but that.

      That cowboy view would be enough to spark wars everywhere, whether or not along the “faultlines” (especially his favourite, the Islam v West one) he claimed/”predicted” for a nice bit of conflict. It is always interesting to note, whatever the usual suspects of the West (mostly those hanging around the Council on Foreign Relations) predicted would take place in wherever, it will take place, Holy Tony, a crusader for Western “values” (and neo-con stooge) was there with his “I told you so!” when the planned invasion of Iraq took place…

      And don’t forget, another US neo-con stooge Anwar “predicted” “Arab Springs”.

      For a good part of his “civilization identity” theory, Huntingdon relied on the work of the orientalist Bernard Lewis who worked with the Brit MI6, influenced students in SOAS on behalf of Brit foreign policy.,SOAS itself was created to serve Brit colonial interest.

      Both Huntingdon and Lewis served as the “intellectual” basis and justification for highly contentious US and Brit foreign policies.

      Going by Huntingdon and Lewis, it is predicted Southeast Asia would be an area where wars would take place (Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia). Never mind any conflict between the West and China, there would be plenty of wars all over when those “faultlines” come alive. “Pivot” is taking place, and the “enemies” of “Civilisation” are appearing…

      Btw, anyone knows why Anwar is such a pal with the rebels in southern Philippines?

  3. Muslims and Christians have been and will continue to be at each other’s throats till the end of time.

    Is it any coincidence that these two Abrahamic sects are also the only two religions in the word that actively practise proselytization, intrinsically and ultimately for influence and political power over the rest of the world – since the time of their prophets?

    No need to state the obvious.

      1. Once we got communists ruled half the world.More than 100 millions homo sapiens perished under them

        1. “More than 100 millions homo sapiens perished under them”

          Figure pretty wild, but is the drift ISIS/jihadi nutters are better murderers, they killed “less”?

          1. 1916 Spanish flu killed as many as 50 million people

            One God….many religions with crazy mother earth still awaits us
            All we can do is do not stay or run from pain.
            Turn that pain to… love one another

  4. AOC accuses Kellyanne Conway of trying to ‘stoke suspicion’ about her faith with regard to her tweets about Sri Lanka attacks

    What about Hannah Yeoh?
    Are we accusing her of the same?

    Do not blurr Black Lives Matter movement with
    All lives matter retrograde reactions for example

    Prejudice towards others should not blind us
    from correcting the course for all of humanity

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