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Semoga Yang Berhormat2 DAP ini akan dikurniakan cahaya hidayah

DAP getting inside the Melayu’s hair from cradle to grave. Pictures in descending order:

•  DAP Kinrara Adun Ng Sze Han in masjid and at a cukur jambul

  DAP Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh in her black tudung litup cosplay

  DAP Beruas MP Ngeh Koo Ham (worth RM80 million) & his also very rich cousin DAP Teluk Intan MP Nga Kor Ming in mosque minus the cosplay

 DAP Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming stirring empty pot during ‘kongsi puasa’

•  Hannah distributing bubur lambuk during fasting month

•  DAP Bakri MP Yeo Bee Yin dihidangkan nasi kukus (bukan makan bubur)

•  DAP ‘crown prince’ Lim Guan Eng buka puasa inside masjid

 DAP interns inside mosque – their party starts training them young

•  DAP Subang Jaya Adun Michelle Ng – like her evangelical sistas Hannah and Bee Yin – has a thing for tudung

•  DAP Selangor Aduns at a recent DUN sitting

 DAP Sandakan byelection candidate Vivian Wong at Muslim cemetary



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4 thoughts on “Semoga Yang Berhormat2 DAP ini akan dikurniakan cahaya hidayah

  1. You too can attend a cukur jambul event, or lobakman adam can attend a wedding ceremony in a hindu temple…..

  2. Is it just a Facebook/Twitter habit, why all the visits to mosques cannot be done quietly, altruistically, and without the need for the cameras and publicity?

    Or are those just for the great shows?

    The great shows all look fake, cheap, hypocritical attempts at sheer opportunism, on top of behaving in a condescending and patronising manner.

    Does anyone really need to do such great shows and outer display of “fine” sentiments to be wan with the Muslims?

    The great shows look like the Muslims and the public can be cheaply bought by the lack of any genuine substance these theatricals are.

    Those clowns just look weird and so out of place donning the “suitable” attires.

    Hippo Hannah, you still look grotesque with your man-thing bizarre physical non proportions! Your head is still that weird box square, best you cover your face too, there’s an option for that.

    Rather than just wearing the attires for just the (odd!) occasions, our “sisters” should wear them all the time. Those “empathetic” men should at least wear songkoks (at least when the cameras are there).

    So much for the circuses, considering many Chinese Muslims do not wear anything any different from the rest of the greater society.

    Can all those hallowed occasions just be the usual fake, half-baked, fraudulent sham scams run by the DAP to win over one or two Malays over?

    Or win one or two Malays ovr who are going to fall for it, rolling all over the floor laughing their butts off?

    Guys! It’s Transformers and Capn America outfits next week, keep off the Superman one or you’ll get tHewed by tHew Kuan Yau!

  3. Hidayah datang dari Allah dan lazimnya kalau niat ikhlas, insyaAllah akan datang petunjuk dari Allah.

    Tapi kalau nak mengabui orang Melayu sebab nak undi orang Melayu, mungkin digelapkan pulak hati mereka. Lee Kuan Yew sebelum jadi PM dulu berkempen di kawasan orang Melayu siap bersongkok dan berpakaian cara Melayu.Bila jadi PM, dihapuskan kampung Melayu untuk menjsdikan Melayu minoriti yg tidak signifikan di Singapura.

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