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Pi mai pi mai tang tu jugak

So … the China deals are back on the table. Harapan is merely rebranding the BN projects, programmes and policies.

Rosmah’s Permata has become Genius, her hubby’s BR1M is now BSH (Bantuan Sara Hidup) while KJ’s 1Malaysia 4 Youth (iM4U) remarketed as Impact Malaysia. And no, the cosmetic renaming exercise did not cost his ministry up to RM10 million, fumed the Harapan Youth Minister quickly dispelling the rumours.

‘Ubah’ no more than slapping on new name

There’s nothing original from Harapan.

All this rebranding frenzy is just another day in the ‘new’ government SOP, no different from Pribumi collecting and recycling the Umno frogs.

More generic and meaningless name changes to BN initiatives include Klinik 1Malaysia to Klinik Komuniti, Pusat Transformasi Luar Bandar to Pusat Komuniti Desa, and Sistem Penguatkuasaan Automatik (AES) to Sistem Keselamatan Kesedaran Automatik (AWAS).

What do you reckon the ECRL is next going to be called? ERCL?

Spot the difference.

Well, China president Xi Jinping has since put on a little weight compared to his 2017 photo ops with Najib.

PM Mahathir looks every fibre his age, i.e. 93 years-9 months-20 days. And unlike Xi who has slightly filled out, our 94-year-old premier has shrunk as the very elderly must – not only losing inches in height but his coat sleeves (in the recent photo above) are loose and look ill-fitting on the stooped shoulders. 

Lately Mahathir’s pallor is quite grey and his dry skin also turned a bit scaly.

And mind you, the entire Harapan edifice is built on the grand olde man’s aura and cemented by his iron will.

What will be Beloved Tun’s legacy to his Malaysia Baru fan base of fawning Dapsters? DAP has been rebranded as MCA 2.0, PAN as PAS 3.0, Pribumi as Umno Terbaru and Harapan as BN Mark Two.

DAP supporters accuse PAS of becoming the Taliban; renegade Bangsa Malaysian Khairy Jamaluddin (ref..tweet above) wryly noted today that his party Umno – which KJ pictured as a pampered Persian cat (haha) – has survived being thrown out and is adapting remarkably to life among the strays and even become a formidable street fighter!




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One thought on “Pi mai pi mai tang tu jugak

  1. MRT2 project cost down by 5.2bil.
    ECRL pproject cost down by 21bil.
    These are no re-branding, These are smart and clean nego – minus the kickbacks which was marked up by Najib and the gang.

    The others can be considered re-branding. Most people are ok with it, because most people don’t care what’s it called as long as the service to rakyat is not disrupted.

    But, i think the re-branding move is too also erase Najib’s legacy. And also, i remember during BN’s time, BN did something similar too…
    This BN Poster May Have Removed the Twin Towers, But We Can Still See the Reflection

    BN’s stunt seems more stupid, doesn’t it?

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