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The Maggi Mi price index — Harapan biannual review

Biannual is something that occurs twice a year (once every six months) whereas biennial is something that occurs once every two years.

Maggi Mi is the best B40 staple item to help us keep track of food prices. My regular blog commenter Surrhead noted a fortnight ago that he bought five packets of Maggi for RM4.50. More on this shortly.

BELOW: Picture from a 12 Feb 2019 New York Times article on how “an unrelenting surge in prices” is leaving grocery shelves in Venezuela empty

Today is International Workers’ Day. This holiday, which falls on May 1, is also known as May Day or Labour Day.

Coincidentally, socialist president Nicolas Maduro – who helms the worker’s paradise of New Venezuela – appears to have just survived a chaotic coup attempt by the leader of his country’s opposition. It is a breaking story that you can read right now in the international news.

BELOW: One chicken costs Bs. 14.6 million last August in Venezuela – source BBC

A feature of daily life in Venezuela is food shortage and neverending inflation. Food prices – as well as the price of everything else – keep going up and up. At the same time, the value of the country’s currency plummets into a bottomless pit.

The Venezuelan bank note is called ‘bolivar’ and you will need a trolleyful of them to buy ingredients to cook one family meal. The picture above illustrates how many bolivars (Bs.) are required to buy a 2.4kg whole chicken.

Because of their involuntary belt tightening, Venezuelans reportedly lost an average of 24 pounds in the year 2017. What an effective diet plan!

BELOW: Life is good! DAP’s current Selangor Speaker Ng Suee Lim (in yellow) and his equally pudgy predecessor

DAP Yang Berhormats increasingly putting on weight

Ever since they were showered with VIP posts after the windfall of the 9 May 2018 regime change, DAP’s elected reps have been continually feted at numerous sumptuous functions. Or the ‘socialist’ party itself too has been throwing free dinners at their ceramahs for the eight byelections conducted since Harapan took over Putrajaya.

KJ yesterday pictured Umno as dispossessed “Persian cats“ suddenly fallen on hard times.

The reverse (good) fortune has blessed the DAP which is now Malaysia’s new fat cat; and you can interpret the descriptor ‘fat’ quite literally. Take for instance, Lim Guan Beng who has become the new God of Prosperity … err, Finance Minister.

BELOW: Guan Beng shows off a double chin in this photo taken at his ministry January this year

The country’s B40 are, however, not so prosperous as DAP evangelical politicians who have benefitted much from the toppling of the ancien regime.

If our food prices keep rising, low-income Malaysians will soon be losing weight also like the Venezuelans.

In fact, Venezuela and Malaysia sit right next to each other in terms of our population numbers. Venezuela is ranked No.44 in the world for population size while Malaysia is ranked No.45 – see chart below.

Another feature of life in Venezuela is its citizens leaving the country in a mass exodus. Those who are able have already emigrated in record numbers, including to neighbouring Colombia.

One of Hannah Yeoh’s snake oils or sales pitch that still niggles at me is her tweet below where she exhorts young Malaysians, “Don’t change your country, change your government” (spelling corrected).

Hannah strongly dissuaded our youth from emigrating when they earlier had the chance. Those who stayed back in Malaysia did indeed succeed in changing the government just as she prophesied.

These changes in government have benefited Hannah immensely. She is now enjoying the perks and privileges of being a deputy minister as well as the lucrative pensions from being an ex Speaker who gave herself a generous pay hike (ref. table above) and as a former Adun on top of her present MP’s salary.

Wow! Berbaloi betoi jadi politikus DAP.

Persuading young Malaysians not to emigrate has translated into bountiful personal gain for Fat Cat Hannah, most obviously. But how much reward has been reaped by those young Malaysians who gave up any potential future abroad and instead put their ‘hope’ in the DAP’s promises?

The Harapan U-turns on their election manifesto is uncountable (shorthand, Janji Dicapati). It is probably easier to track of the increase in food prices than keep count of Harapan’s broken promises.

Surrhead will have to tell us whether his budget five-packet Maggi is the 79g one costing RM3.60 per set or the bigger 111g serving at RM5.70.  (I suspect if he paid RM4.50, then it would be the smaller size coupled with ostensibly one ‘free’ packet, that is, a 5+1 offer.)

I urge my readers – even if you do not belong to the B40 category – to keep tabs on the affordability of food because this affects the majority of working class Malaysians who are not among the select group of wealthy political elites.


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    1. better have pimimpin “kurnia ah-la” like boss-ku than hannah. economi sure robut one. keynesia law. billions tranfering around. no need for bank negara notice becos boss-ku is finance minstor and from MOF

  1. Hi, thanks for mentioning me with maggi index, and i think your tesco price is way cheaper. I would have gotten the 79gx5, and it’s always from speedmart.

    Agree with you on consumers to keep a tab on price checks.

    I would like to share this – i buy susu dugro for one of my kid from spedmart, and it use to cost RM22.45. But now it’s RM24.50.

    So , now i buy from another outlet which sells at a cheaper price thaan speedmart, hoping that others would do the same, and eventually speedmart would have to bring the price down to push that brand.

    1. Speedmart 99 is cheaper for most things but not everything. Still my favourite though.

  2. When in Opposition, they fought on empty stomachs and dressed in fancy ethnic dress. When in Power, they can only fight with a full stomach of 10 course Chinese dinners every night. The common denominator is that these folks are all Chinese, so they claimed

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