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UPDATE: Chihuahua doing damage control on Matric

DAP parliamentarian Kelvin Yii has stepped up to ‘clarify’ that the university scholarships for Palestinians would NOT be funded by taxpayers.

But Mahathir had originally said the Malaysian government was offering the scholarships – listen yourself from the video below – when he made the announcement.

All the mock cheques for the scholarships as seen above are tagged JPT (Jabatan Pendidikan Tinggi) or Higher Education Department.

MCA vice president Ti Lian Ker wonders if the ‘D’ in DAP stands for (running) Dog?

Err, ‘Duplicitous’ possibly? Datuk Ti should ask former deputy education minister Datuk Chong Sin Woon, who might have some ministry insider knowledge, to get to the bottom of this disputed narrative.

Updated: May 23

The Ides of May

May 5

DAP decided to lock out the media from its national convention this year. The party delegates, however, leaked some of their grouses to the press. Among the stinging rebukes are:

(i) No ‘C’ompetency

DAP got shafted by Mahathir over the 90:10 matriculation quota, whereby matric student intake increased to 36,000 for bumiputera vs only an estimated 1,600 slots for Chinese applicants.

(ii) No ’A’ccountability

What are all the non-Malay STPM students to do now that there will be an additional 13,500 bumiputera matric students vying for the same (stagnant) number of university places? DAP has to answer to Dapster parents who misplaced their fond HOPE in Harapan but whose own children’s dream of an affordable tertiary education may be dashed next year.

(iii) No ‘T’ransparency

ABOVE: Is the DAP AGM being held behind closed doors to protect Lim Guan Beng and his party leadership from attacks by delegates for aiding and abetting Mahathir in neutering the Chinese chihuahua?

It was only last December that DAP mocked MCA – under the stewardship of its post-GE14 president Wee Ka Siong – for holding the Chinese party’s AGM behind closed doors. But look at the identical media blackout enforced by DAP themselves this week. What hypocrites!

May 7 and beyond

One 392g tin of susu pekat manis at Tesco costs almost RM5! … Pengsan

And you know how Malaysians have a sweet tooth, especially the B40 Malays.

Even the DAP delegates too had told The Malay Mail that under the SST introduced by Beloved Finance Minister, the prices of essential items are still as expensive as they were under the previous GST. Actually, harga barang lagi naik berbanding zaman BN.

May 9

First anniversary of the Killing Fields.

Chart above of DAP (red) vs MCA (blue) parliamentarians represents how the evangelical Harapan party finally succeeded in wiping out the Chinese BN party last year after dealing severe blows in the two earlier tsunami elections of 2008 and 2013.

Ninety-five percent of the Chinese voters chose to throw their lot with DAP and the racist Mahathir. You sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind.

May 11

Sandakan by-election.

The main contenders are DAP vs PBS. Best time for Sabah voters to teach the DAP incumbent a lesson for the party’s nepotism, taking voters for granted, broken promises, slander and deceit.

May 13

This year marks the epochal 50th anniversary of May 13.

Back in 1969, Kit Siang was ISA-ed in the aftermath of the riots where the DAP hardcore supporters perangai macam setan. Nothing much has ubah in terms of their behaviour.



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One thought on “UPDATE: Chihuahua doing damage control on Matric

  1. To be fair to the DAP, despite it being proven now as a completely useless outfit and a total letdown to the dumb Chinese (kampong suckers) who voted it in gomen, even a half-accountant from the DAP can become a finance minister!

    Think of what devastation to our country a fool accountant tokong Josef StaLim can do!

    Like Dr Mati who is turning his party into UMNO 2.0, the DAP is morphing into an MCA 2.0, it is not a surprise when it bans scrutiny by non party animals from its great event to celebrate a year of embarrassing non-achievements in gomen.

    The last twelve months of the DAP in gomen should be called the Year of the Running Dogs. Apart from being those to the royal pharaoh, and playing turd fiddle to the born-again tyrant they raised from the politically and near-physically dead, the DAP has done nothing for Malaysia – and worse than nothing for the Chinese!

    Of course, the DAP would ask for more time for it to properly and fully destroy the country, make the Orang Asli citizens, and turn the Chinese back into migrants turd class no class non non-bumis.

    Thank the God of Fortune, the Chinese are quite a resilient lot, kiasu glutton for punishment, especially our coolie- and peasant- and mine-digger-minded wonders, they are mercifully delusional in their optimism, can karaoke sing their way to Hell where happily they will meet up again with most honourable tokong Great Leader Lim Il Siong, and most honourable tokong Dear Leader Josef StaLim!

    To share their joyous drugged state, I should offer our glorious sheep led by their Dr Mati border coolie dogs, the very optimistic, possibly evangelical number in the video:

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