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One year of jostling to be Beloved Tun’s biggest fan

The following is a story told by Ian Chin, then a High Court judge (in 2008).

It happened in 1996 or thereabouts, as Chin recalled. A group of judges was having their picture taken with Mahathir. One particular judge – Chin recounted – “quickly planted himself behind the chair where Dr Mahathir was to sit”.

And when the PM was about to be seated, Chin overheard this fellow judge declare to Mahathir: “Sir, I am always behind you”. source:

Hilarious! More so because some things – like bodek – never change.

BELOW: Chihuahua can never be top dog; always playing second fiddle

Today it is the DAP ‘Ubah’ crowd cozying up to their Beloved Tun whispering: “Sir, we’re 101% by your side” … “you’re the greatest, O Saviour of the Nation”.

DAP supporters like to claim that the Harapan government is presently hamstrung because of the rot brought about by the previous BN rule of 44 years.

Note: BN was elected into power only after the 1974 general election. The election before that was on 10 May 1969, where the ruling Alliance (Umno+MCA+MIC) was dealt a shattering blow by the opposition.

From 1969 to 1971, Malaysia was governed by the National Operations Council. The NOC was formed because of May 13 Emergency.

BELOW: Before the dawn of New Malaysia, Dapsters cheered judge Ian Chin when he called Mahathir a “devil incarnate”

Out of the BN’s 44-year rule, 22 years was under Mahathir as BN chairman and PM. So when DAP deflects from its underwhelming debut performance by blaming the BN legacy, they must not forget that HALF of that BN period was under the leadership of their current Harapan chairman Mahathir.

DAP is selling the Mahathir poison as the antidote to cure Old Malaysia. But do you really expect better from a party that made a deal with the devil?



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5 thoughts on “One year of jostling to be Beloved Tun’s biggest fan

  1. All boils down to the coolie and peasant mentality inculcated through the centuries with the Chinese, plus the “gift” of a healthy dose of natural sense of inferiority found in most DAP coolie and peasant minded opportunistic political operators (con artists).

    Indoctrinated or genetically coded to never climb above their station in life, our coolie and peasant DAP uncles and aunts want others to be exactly like them so the universe can have the order of the big stars ranking above the little ones, each knowing its place, and all will be well under heaven.

    And nothing is better than the ancient tyrant having ready-made off the shelf lackeys and running dogs like those of the DAP more than grateful to be able to serve under and the below their “imperial majesty”.

    It is the standard mentality and behaviour of the coolie and peasant monkeys in the DAP, make a big show of being turd class no class crawling and groveling wretched monkeys. It is interpreted by our monkeys as rather “Confucian”. While it is also rather “Confucian”, according to the rulers, it is also rather “Confucian” they should rule (mandate of Heaven), and the peasants and coolies should be errr… obedient lowly monkeys!

    So what is better than our willing and grateful DAP monkeys more than grateful and willing to play their heavenly-ordained roles?

    Our crawlers were trained to think it is “Confucian” to be “respectful” to “authority”, it serves the ruling class of old China very well to have monkeys with low opinion of themselves. Imagine what would happen if any cheeky monkey start to think he can dare think for himself, even think about getting rid of his master, take over the zoo!

    Well, not Great Leader tokong Lim Il Siong, not Dear Leader tokong Josef StaLim, not the rest of the DAP “leadership”… groveling and crawling monkeys are designed to be only errr groveling and crawling monkeys. The DAP is not a progressive party, the “rocket party” does not know any rocket science.

    The old Chinese ruling class did very well in old China getting “teachers” to inculcate the slave spirit into the peasants and coolies, and to have the peasants and coolies pass on their “treasures” of unfettered subservience through the subsequent generations. If not for the commies, the old ruling class would have got away with it all for the coming centuries.

    Genetically, it is near impossible to exorcise the deeply-ingrained slave mentality and attitude of the coolie and peasant minds. Those of the DAP cannot think of themselves as leaders. They know instinctively to play turd fiddle, shut up and toe the line. Even Josef StaLim with his half-accountant qualification dares not try anything “funny” on Dr M or he’ll end up with the same corruption charges that would stick the next time when it is desired he should really stand trial.

    It is no surprise to find our DAP monkeys so impotent, many see them as such a silent previously riotously noisy bunch. Now they are in their one-term gomen, they should religiously and studiously stick to their roles, play the meek and submissive monkeys – in order to stay in their smug and comfortable positions. In other words, think of the “power”, think of their (mostly minor) positions, think of the pension money, don’t rock the boat, sell your principles, sell your mothers, sell out Teoh Beng Hock, behave like good doggies, and all will be well under Heaven!

    For the DAP opportunist monkeys, groveling crawling subservience is seen as a highly desirable trait, and the monkeys often like to make a big show of their groveling, crawling, ass-licking and balls-levitating talents. Hence, those photos you often see of the monkeys and their handler.

    Instead of seeing and treating the groveling and crawling behaviour of our most inferior monkeys as highly undesirable, our despicable and devious politicians make a virtue of ass-smooching and testicle uplifting, and thrive on those talents of our sick monkeys with no real talent.

    The weak emperor-with-no-clothes tyrant likes no better than surround himself with a bunch of talent-free yes-monkeys – do you think he dares tolerate anyone who wouldn’t hesitate to say he is wrong and maybe even flip a bird on him?

    How pathetic and sick those display of sycophancy that can only be found in kampong longkang Malaysia, and displayed by the lowest of the low crawling pond slime life!

    While in the last half century, Singapore, and especially China, rocket past us, we are still dependent on the caveman’s ideals: the lowly should feel grateful for their position, serve the masters, serve themselves first and last, don’t open big mouth, don’t rock the boat, sell mothers and everybody down the river.

    For the difference between the Chinese here and elsewhere, the Chinese here have been turned into nothing but the coolie and peasant minded by the inheritors and latter day practitioners of the coolie and peasant “treasured” medieval thoughts of those in the DAP, so much for ancestor worship!

    Malaysia is nothing but the living practice of sham “elders” leading on their sham willing nodding “lowly subjects”, such a big show, those pathetic and sick photos of gross sycophancy, haven’t Malaysians got better to offer?!

    Whatever’s happened to the great spirit of Chinese chauvinism, eh?

    The Malays think of themselves as Malays, the DAP think there is a Malaysian race, the Malay majority doesn’t want the DAP to come anywhere near them, some Malays see Malaysia as Malays first Malaysian second, the DAP sees itself as running dogs first and turd fiddle players second – along the way, play out the Chinese and habitually think and act like running dogs!

    Was it nice getting shafted with Matric for all the effort at balls-carrying and ass-smooching?

    What about a little bit of self-respect, what would all those groveling crawling photos look like to others – nothing more than crawling groveling display of grotesque sycophancy..! What’s happened to a self-confident Malaysia, where is the pride in oneself, what’s so wrong with a bit of self-respect?!

    What about ceasing to think like coolies and peasants – and acting like running dogs?!

    With the DAP, the position of the near irrelevant Chinese has never been worse! There is no depth the DAP cannot sink to – but should the Chinese sink with them?

    I am not using the term “monkey” in only a derogatory sense, remember we have the “Monkey King” whose exploits were all about challenges to authority, religion and the status quo. I am talking here only about the worst monkeys around ever – the disappointing but hilarious DAP ones!

    I know grinning attention-seeking boy politician is not from the DAP, but he’s somehow got the same disease as the DAP crawling groveling running dogs… but that’s it, “survival” is all about being a running dog, lose all the respect you can never have for yerself… Malaysiaboleh!

    Btw, that term “Devil Incarnate” is honest, brilliant, and most appropriate, you can’t criticise truth!

    The DAP may have cheered Ian Chin over his remark then, but look how fast the rot set in the DAP soon as Great Leader Lim Il Siong made himself a deity, forgave the snake, raised it from the near dead, come back to properly destroy Malaysia, the DAP took on the exact same foul and filthy spots as that snake that never changed!

    1. i dun know if too long n lack of substance is correlate, i hope not, anyhow i stop reading after the part on mandate of heaven, too long wakaka.

      anyone with a little bit knowledge of chinese history n philosophy know the “mandate” can be revoked, it happened many times n in fact china is also one of the asia countries that hv a republican revolution so i dun know what obedient u r talking about. n for yr info, my writes has nothing to do with dap.

      y not u stick to a topic u know best like how to master eng language?

    1. Is the clown wearing some pubic hair under the chin, or is that just shadow?

      I thought it is in the heart and not what you wear outside… is the good doctor out to be 王 with a Malay audience for one single occasion (opportunism of a political rat), or does he “habitually” do “Malay”?

      It is somewhat of a fake display, and can be patronising – if not frightening to the Malays to suddenly appear as a “Malay”, when there has never been any demand made by any Malay that one should look a fake Malay even for an important event on the calendar.

      It seems our good doctor is playing errr fast and loose with some folks he may be out to screw some cheap advantage out of (kiasu-ism).

      The Chinese would take a cynical view of the great show, it is the work for a “false profit” out to fool the Malays. What’s the point a Chinese would ask, before going back to a meal of pork and cheap beer.

      Would any Malay be greatly impressed by such hard work to look the part – or the Malays would take an equally cynical view, think the good doctor is only out to do the “DAP”, a con job on a certain segment of the electorate.

      Still, if he needs to dress the part, the good doctor should have stuck a keris (RM300, Made-in-China) in a brocade belt (RM25), worn a shower cap (another RM25, or steal from a hotel room) like the good Dr Mati does for any PerKKKasa jamboree warpath.

      The yet other doctor, poor old Rizduan Tee has been trying to look Malay and actually be a proper Malay for decades but has never been accepted as wan, I don’t see this doctor getting anywhere either – not especially when he is a one-occasion “Malay” with the very suspicious look (he does look a freaking pirate!) he is only out to do a con job on the Malays for a few votes, wearing the racist DAP in his heart.

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