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One year on, wasn’t I right to vote BN?

I’m just going to discuss one issue: The intersection of race and religion in the Zakir Naik controversy.

But first, let’s sort the GE14+GE15 sheeple into their separate sheep pens to help our discussion. The three groups are broadly:

(a) Malay Muslim polity – Umno/PAS voters

(b) Christians, i.e. Malaysians of any race – DAP voters

(c) non Muslims & non Christians, i.e. Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Taoists, agnostics/atheists, etc – Harapan voters

Zakir Naik, Muslim televangelist

•  ZN is supported by (a), including PM Mahathir, the Minister of Religion Mujahid and Perlis Mufti Asri Zainul Abidin.

  He is opposed by (b) because he derides Christianity.

 He is also opposed by (c) because he derides Hinduism and other smaller religions.

My personal opinion is that ZN is a slimy religious supremacist.

Peace is War, Love is Hate

Fact: On top of his bad blood with India’s teeming Hindus, ZN is in trouble with the law in his country of origin.

His Peace TV is banned in Buddhist country Sri Lanka and even in Muslim country Bangladesh. He is considered a hate preacher in some western/Christian countries.

  Malay Muslims – Group (a) – want ZN to be protected and allowed to stay on in Malaysia.

  Christians – Group (b) – are worried about potential religious incitement or “inspiration”, citing news reports that the Sri Lanka church-bombing mastermind suspect had publicly praised ZN.

 Religious minorities – Group (c) – want ZN to be deported back to India to face court charges for money laundering.

ABOVE: Before GE14, the DAP called out ZN as a menace, post-election lain cerita lah

The big betrayal

How are the Harapan hypocrite YBs treating their voters?

Remember the profiles of the three groups:

  • (a) did not vote for Harapan
  • (b) overwhelmingly voted DAP
  • Large majority of (c) voted Harapan

Answer: They all unanimously reward (a). In this DAP are no different from the Umno they hate, the PAS they despise and the BN (MCA & MIC) they curse as “running dogs”.

ABOVE: Perlis Mufti Asri is invited by DAP Christian MP Steven Sim Chee Keong (right) to jaw-jaw with Lim Guan Beng

DAP, which received 95 percent of the Chinese votes, is further prepared to pander to an Islamic hardliner like the Perlis Mufti. In fact, Asri and Steven Sim are such doppelgängers (their pictures compared above) that we can’t tell DAP evangelists apart from Islamists anymore.


If (b) are concerned about safety, they can afford to hire their own private security guard for Sunday worship.

If (c) are dissatisfied, you can bugger off. Your votes are not worth a packet of Maggi Mi.

Mahathir’s paternal grandfather is from Kerala. But the Harapan chairman has shown very little kam cheng (sympathy) with Hindu Indians whose forefathers had similarly immigrated from south India, in contrast to his warm hand clasp of ZN below.

And there is no ubah in Mahathir’s anti-Chinese attitude either.

I told you so

One year ago, in the wee hours of 10 April 2018 as the final devastating results of the election trickled in, I’d thought “this is a nightmare”. However, looking now at the developments over the past 12 months, I’m convinced, WOW! karma is swift.

Going into GE14, both sides were wondering whether DAP was going to be able to pull Pribumi’s puppet strings or whether Mahathir was going to control the Lims.

Now we know. The old man is gleefully grinding DAP under his heel as the reversals or two steps back on Malay agenda, Islamization, UEC, matric, ICERD, Rome Statute and other matters have clearly shown.

Some of (b) were simply vicious in their determination to win at all cost while some of the (c) were pure savagery, determined to stop at nothing in their bid for Putrajaya. Well, they’ve met their match in Beloved Tun. Padan muka.


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18 thoughts on “One year on, wasn’t I right to vote BN?

  1. ZN is the least of our problem. ON the other hand, by granting ZN stay here, we have managed to curb his usual downriding of other religions. ZN can’t do what he used to do, and that is a fact.

    1. We risk creating diplomacy crisis with India. ZN is charged in India for money laundering. If we can extradite Roger Ng to US to face charges there, why can’t we send ZN back to India? If he is acquitted, we can always welcome him back to Msia.

      1. You got a point from a diplomacy point of view, but we have a bigger issue wirth Sirul and Australia, and our relationship with Aust is still ok. India doesn’t revolve around ZN only. And also, i trust our pdrm can keep a better check on ZN activities. Didn’t we manage to curb his trash talk by making him reside here? Dare he do a trash talk now??

        1. The problem with Sirul was due to our own fault. While waiting for final verdict from Federal Court (which eventually upheld his conviction) in 2015/16, he traveled to Australia on a tourist visa and valid passport. Why travel ban was not imposed on him (unlike the imposition on Rosmah and Najib)? Australia’s extradition law does not allow deportation of anyone facing death penalty. The fault is with us (or should I say the previous BN government?) and we cannot blame Australia for allowing Sirul to abscond in the first place.

          Back to ZN, I am not sure if his talk is trash. Some will say his talk is the truth and you can say trash. To each, his own. Anyway, I am not sure if we have any binding extradition with India? If yes and if India did request deportation of ZN and Msia government refused, this will surely create diplomacy crisis.

          But I do agree with you that ZN nowadays seems to be staying low.

      2. If you stay at majority Christian country, then the issues would be changing…

  2. Our empty headed friend who loves to dress in fancy dress and licked her fingers, now thinks she is the Minister. She has the following list of empty headed Policies :- I) Nursery in the Dewan Rakyat. ii) Bill to stop bottom pinching. iii) Stop condo construction to ease traffic congestion iv) 100,000 pregnant teenagers since 2014 v) Govt to set up Agency for Children . On the latter, where does she thinks she is, MARS ? She is right in the Ministry which looks after children. Is she NUTS ?

  3. I voted PH because the country could no longer function with Najib being the PM. Since UMNO refused to kick out Najib though it was obvious he would drag UMNO into oblivion, it was up to the rakyat to show Najib the exit door.

    Alhamdulillah God answered my prayer and millions of other rational Malaysians’ (unlike Helen) prayer. The country woke up from its comatose condition and on its slow but surely and steady recovery.

    Long live Tun Dr Mahathir, insyaalah!

      1. The main objective of GE14 was to get rid of the Number One Thief, which was met in a spectacular fashion.

        PH ruling the country for one term won’t matter. The cancer had been killed off. That matters.

        You still didnt get it, Helen, did you?

        1. One cancer are now rid off but more cancer were appear and getting more worst rather than the existing cancer

    1. “the country could no longer function with Najib being the PM”

      What moronic nonsense!

      The country is not functioning only now, PH can’t keep its promises to the rakyat, prices gone up, cost of living no longer manageable, Dr Mati crawls to China and kiss the behinds of the Chinese, and the foreign investors are buggering off with huge sums of capital!

      “but surely and steady recovery”

      How so?!

      Right now the monkeys in PH are not just performing badly, they are not performing, not being effectual at all!

      And reliable forecasts have predicted the worse to come – are you living in a trance, a PH spell?!

      Or what have you been smoking, Son? Can’t afford the good weed these days?!

      Wake up and smell the palm oil – we are swimming in it!!! Go and show your patriotism to your country, and show your support for PH, drink a few glasses of palm oil each day!

      I pray for Dr Mati to live long enough for his crimes and sins and those of his family to be investigated, he gets at least a few years of his increasingly miserable overextended stay on the planet, in prison. Amen!

      1. I felt good after May 9 and still have that good feeling you know…maybe you don’t
        F#$& all your strong man and iron ladies
        We all felt small now
        PH has only walked 1 out of 60 years
        I have patience ..of course you don’t .

        1. One year, but leading by experienced leader with 22 years as PM? there are a lot of experienced leader in our cabinet right now, then do you want to wait for? what is the problem with your brain? still kenyang with kencing?

      2. Years of dedak from the Thiefs, had robbed you off your brain.

        Zombie’s running lose.

    2. PH is a non performing government.Period.

      I liken it with a sexual performance attempt by an “Erectile Dysfunction’ husband.

      A lot of wayang but no result. At the end of the performance, the wife asked ” It is over, Dear” as she hasnt felt anything from his husband’s performance.

      The rakyat now is like the wife, being screwed left and right by PH government with all the wayang, with no result.

      1. It is over at the end of the 5 year tenure in May 2023. The wayang still have 4 more years to go. Isn’t it premature to judge PH when they are at 20% of their term? Let us not forget that BN had rule 61 years until 2018. What is 1 year of PH rule compare to BN’s 61 years of legacy?

  4. Wow helen, you top the charts of the ultrakiasu list, blaming DAP for every failure including UEC and most demands from the minority group which has no traction towards building a solid nationhood…haha..
    One of a sound mind would be perplexed as democratic party should lead in a democracy way but what we’re seeing is the reverse. I guess this is the modus operandi for communist agenda, say one thing but do another, creating a mass confusion. Like the statements by our dear FM Nobita has successfully chased away investors from this country. Most rakyat would like to see najib get his punishment if he’s really guilty, but by madey’s book he can cook up one. But AG’s dropping of charges of tokong’s corruption case is way too much..where got rule of law one.
    Rakyat is now seeing for themselves that non Malays like DAP will ruin this country for good as their goalpost of truths can be shifted at their own will. Memang kerajaan sepenggal

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