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Snap elections, collapse of the centre

Umno and PAS will return to power sooner than you realise, and the 95 percent Chinese Harapan voters can thank the DAP for it.

Why the accelerated timeline?

Because snap elections are a trending thing. At this moment, three countries – Israel, Austria and Greece – are going into snap elections. The UK is also likely to follow suit when it comes to the Brexit reckoning.

Malaysia too will be pushed into snap elections if Mahathir fails to hand over power to Anwar, pundits have speculated.

Three snap elections coming up

Countdown #1  

The Greeks are voting on July 7. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras – see tweet above – has called a snap election after his party suffered a crushing blow in last weekend’s European parliament elections.

Twenty eight countries voted to elect a total of 751 Members of the European Parliament or MEPs in the continent wide EU election that kicked off last Thursday and concluded four days later on Sunday (May 23-26).

Countdown #2  

Austrians will go to the polls probably in early September. The snap election comes after Austria Chancellor Sebastian Kurz was slapped with a ‘No confidence’ vote by a parliamentary majority following the fallout with his ruling coalition’s junior partner. See more details in end notes on bottom of page.

Countdown #3

The Israelis will be holding their repeat election on Sept 17.  Members of the Knesset voted to dissolve the parliament after caretaker Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – see tweet below – failed to meet his deadline to form a new government. Netanyahu‘s party had won the most number of seats in Israel’s election this year on April 9.

May, Merkel, Macron, Mahathir — unstable ‘M’ govts 

Britain and Germany are being governed by sinking parties led by tanking leaders – Theresa May (already ousted) and Angela Merkel (booed everywhere and pelted with rotten tomatoes).

French President Emmanuel Macron too has been asked to resign immediately and seek a fresh mandate after his coalition of four parties failed to come out tops in the staggered EU elections.

Needless to say, Macron will ignore the challenge just as he has ignored the 28 straight weeks of Yellow Vest workers protest against his beleaguered administration.

The ‘M’ governments (Macron, May, Merkel, Mahathir) are unpopular with their people. A Merdeka Center survey released last month found Mahathir’s personal popularity plummeting and only 39 percent of the public said they approved of the ruling Harapan government.

BELOW: Outstayed their welcome, tearful Mrs May and Mahathir 

Opposition challenges Macron to hold fresh election

France has 74 seats in the European parliament.

The main domestic opposition party Rassemblement National or National Rally (its name in English) won 22 seats last Sunday, compared to President Emmanuel Macron’s coalition comprising four parties sharing 21 seats between them.

Beaming National Rally leader Marine Le Pen – see tweet below – has called on Macron to resign and hold a snap election after her party finished first in the EU polls very slightly ahead of Macron’s which is in second place.

France has seen a shocking collapse of its old mainstream parties.

The Socialist party of former French president Francois Hollande (2012-2017), together with three other coalition allies, garnered only six percent (6.2%) of the votes in the EU election last week.

Les Républicains is the party of former president Nicolas Sarkozy (2007-2012). They got eight-and-a-half percent (8.48%) of the EU votes.

France’s traditional left, i.e. the socialists, and its traditional right, i.e. the republicans managed to gain only 6-8 percent of the EU votes each. The political centre is disappearing with voters moving to both ends of extreme left and nationalist right.

Macron’s four-party party coalition obtained 22.4 percent whereas the right wing opposition (one single party) National Rally obtained 23.3 percent.

BELOW: Yellow Vests — Tens of thousands of anti-Macron demonstrators assemble weekly in Paris  

Right wing’s super duper rise in Italy

Some enthusiastic patriots are hoping for an early election in Italy after the runaway success of Lega, the nationalist party led by Italian deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini.

Italy has a country allocation of 73 MEPs in the EU. In last week’s election, Lega (the League in English) won 28 seats whereas its partner, the Five Star Movement (M5S), collected 14 seats.

Brushing aside Lega’s emphatic victory, Italian deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio dismissed talk of any government derailment – see tweet below.

Di Maio heads M5S, which together with Lega, are the co-rulers of Italy. Lega however won double the support of M5S with Salvini’s party notching 34.4 percent against 17.1 percent for Di Maio’s party. In other words, M5S is getting progressively less influential at the same time that Salvini’s the League is growing stronger by the day.

While both DPMs Salvini and Di Maio are Italian politicians, Italy’s nondescript prime minister Giuseppe Conte is a law professor with zero political experience and picked as a compromise or ‘middleman’ acceptable to both Lega and M5S.

BELOW: Matteo Salvini in his campaign during the EU election had condemned the smear against his followers as “extremists” and “racists”

Tories punished for failing to keep promises

The resignation of Theresa May last Friday will propel her Tory counterpart into 10 Downing Street by next month. Nonetheless, signs are that Mrs May’s successor – Boris Johnson is currently the frontrunner – would face a vote of ‘no confidence’ in the House of Commons as soon as he assumes the post.

May’s Conservative Party moreover crashed and burned in the EU elections – not even managing to collect voter support in the double digits. Ahead of the Tories who garnered less than nine percent (8.7%) share of the vote are the Brexit Party (31.7%), Lib Dems (18.5%), Labour (14.1%) and Greens (11.1%) – see bar chart below.

The UK is apportioned 73 MEPs but between them, the two mainline parties Tory and Labour lost a combined 25 seats compared to their performance in the last EU election five years ago in 2014.

Mind you, Brexit is an infant party founded by Nigel Farage a mere six weeks ago, and catapulting most impressively into first place grabbing 29 seats. In contrast, May’s Tories won a humiliating four seats.

The Tory party’s catastrophic result in the EU election – slumping to 5th spot – is punishment by British voters for failing to deliver the Brexit it promised. (Expect Harapan also to be punished by Malaysian voters for failing to deliver the manifesto they promised.)

Since the now further weakened Tories are leading a shaky minority government, opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn of Labour smells blood and might want to force a new election when the Brexit departure – already postponed multiple times – reemerges in October.

BELOW: “Merkel Muss Weg” or ‘Merkel Must Go’ is a widespread slogan in Germany

Merkel May Macron Mahathir must go!

Another party that fared badly at the EU polls is Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union that was hit by a surprising green wave. Merkel has already been toppled as CDU party chief and that leaves her chancellor job is in jeopardy.

Germany’s ruling party CDU and its sister party CSU had a combined 28.9 percent share of the vote translating to 29 seats; their junior coalition partner SPD had 15.8 percent (16 seats). Germany is the EU’s biggest country and allocated 96 MEPs.

Altogether Germany’s three ruling parties at 44.7 percent of the EU votes are totaling less than majority, i.e. 50 percent threshold in support from the electorate. By comparison, the successful Green Party alone had 20.5 percent of the votes. German voters are moving to the far left (Greens is Die Grünen in German language) and far right (AfD), thus cratering the country’s centrist politics.

Although Merkel still remains the German Chancellor, she has already handed over her CDU party leadership to hand-picked protege Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer.

Like Harapan with Pribumi at one end and DAP at its other end, the ruling coalitions of Germany and Italy are similarly marriages of convenience not really expected to last long.

SPD is time and again rumoured to be withdrawing from Merkel’s coalition due to ideological differences. SPD’s pullout will collapse the Merkel government as CDU-CSU do not have enough seats to rule on their own.

What Germany and Italy have in common is that both countries are ruled by unstable, makeshift coalitions comprising parties from opposite ends of the political spectrum.

CDU and its Bavarian sister party CSU are ostensibly conservative Christian – chalk to the cheese of their SPD partner, a liberal socialist party.

Right wing religious populism trending around the world

Just last week …

BJP, the nationalist party led by Hindu hardliner Narendra Modi, swept to a landslide victory in India’s election. Opposition Congress Party conceded defeat on May 22.

In Indonesia, Joko Widodo and his running mate Ma’ruf Amin won the country’s sprawling election on May 21. Ma’ruf Amin the vice president is an Islamist hardliner who heads the nation’s largest Islamic organisation Nahdlatul Ulama as well as the Indonesian Council of Ulama. He is a theologian who pushes the Islamisation agenda and recently expressed regret for his involvement in Ahok’s trial that landed the then Jakarta governor in jail two years for blasphemy.

The party led by evangelical Christian Scott Morrison won Australia‘s election, successfully retaining power. It was conservative Queensland’s homegrown nationalists in particular who swung the May 18 election against opposition Labour Party that had earlier been strongly tipped to win by the pollsters. Morrison became Australian PM nine months ago in August 2018 following a party coup.

ABOVE: Road to Jerusalem, sign pointing to the American embassy in Israel’s capital

To recap undeniable right wing trend

Snap elections —

•  Date set: Israel, Greece, Austria

  Likely: the UK

 Possibly: Germany, Italy, Malaysia

The right wingers are definitely going to win reelection in Israel and Austria. Conservatives are likely also take over from the presently failing far-left ruling party in Greece. If Italy holds a new election, its right wingers will sweep the board.

If Malaysia holds a new election, the Umno PAS race-and-religion right will recapture Putrajaya. And Dapsters deserve the next government they get because DAP has caused the collapse of the moderate, middle ground.

BELOWStaunch Christian Jair Bolsonaro, who has been Brazil’s president since 1 January 2019, won his country’s election on the back of the evangelical vote

Additional notes on the EU elections

The biggest loser was Greece’s ruling party Syriza.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras‘ radical left party which has governed Greece since 2015 was given a trouncing by its rival the New Democracy party. His Syriza party obtained only 23.8 percent versus 33.1% percent for the opposition party.

Syriza‘s mandate to rule Greece was due to end this October but Tsipras decided to call an immediate national election, conceding that its disastrous showing at the EU polls signaled a loss of confidence in his premiership.

Austria’s right-wing parties still popular in spite of scandal

The Austrian People’s Party (OeVP) led by Sebastian Kurz still finished first at 34.6 percent in this week’s EU election despite his ruling coalition being bogged down by a scandal embroiling junior partner, the Freedom Party of Austria (FPOe). For that matter, FPOe itself largely maintained its popularity likewise at 17.2 percent in the EU polls.

Kurz’s OeVP Is a centre-right party whereas the FPOe led by his erstwhile deputy Heinz-Christian Strache is nationalist populist (labelled “far right” by the leftist media).

Vice Chancellor Strache had to resign two Saturdays ago (May 18) because he was caught in a sting operation. The timing of the secretly filmed Strache tape (it was dropped mere days before the EU election; released to the public by extreme leftist German political magazine Der Spiegel) points to a political hit job.

Chancellor Kurz was thus forced to dissolve his coalition government and call an immediate election. Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen has agreed for the snap poll to take place soonest by September.


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19 thoughts on “Snap elections, collapse of the centre

  1. I’d rather tie Mahathir with Modi, more closer to home….and govts with racial agendas

    1. “I’d rather tie Mahathir with Modi”

      And I would dump them in the sea after that.

  2. I don’t think the results of the EU Parliament can be taken as a reliable indicator of how the results of respective national elections will turn out, especially since the EU Parliament has no binding legislative authority over the EU and its member nations. It’s like the United Nations General Assembly, debates and passes non-binding resolutions, hence is basically a talk shop.

    Thus, voters will not treat EU elections as seriously as they would their respective national elections, so they may vote for a candidate in EU elections, which tyhey ma not vote for in national or state elections, where the winner of that seat will have a bearing on the passage of legislation in national or state legislatures.

    Besides that, it’s a very messy political scenario in Europe, with votes of no confidence, polarisation of votes away from the centre farther to the left and to the right of the traditional centre, and yes, it’s quite possible that Malaysia could see a snap poll in the near future.

    However, I wouldn’t describe the Greens in Germany as “far-left”.

    They are better described as radical left-liberal or radical-progressive, in that they say they will be radical on environmental protection, hopefully will pursue a non-interventionist foreign policy, may withdraw Germany from NATO, are for social welfare, socialised healthcare, anti-nuclear, will legalise or decriminalise marijuana consumption, will be more radical on LGBT issues and so forth.

    The Green’s emphasis will be more on radical-liberal middle class causes, rather than on the causes of the unionised working class, was the case with the Social Democratic Pary of Germany (SPD), originally was a member of the Second International of socialist and labour parties (1889–1916)

    The Second International and parties within it,including the SPD were ideologically Marxist in their earlier days and the socialist parties of respective nations worked to build up labour movements and participated in elections within their respective nations.

    Some members within Second International parties opposed their respective nation’s fight against each other in World War I and tried to get their respective national parties to jointly oppose their nation’s participation in the conflict but were defeated by other members of their respective parties and this eventually led to a split within the Second International, with more left wing members leaving and eventually formed the Third International a.k.a. the Communist International (Comintern).

    More recently,the SPD has given up its Marxist ideology and practices a more liberal-left form of social democracy and has moved rightward towards the centre, has become more pro-business,with policies closer to those of the CDU and the CSU, which had tended to move leftward towards the centre and closer towards the SPD.

    However, when this coalition government in the centre has not been able to provide solutions to their citizens’ concerns, especially economic concerns, there has been a tendency for working class voters who had traditionally voted SPD or Communist, to either swing to nationalist-populists parties (as in the case Trump in the United States) or Marine Le in France, or on the other hand to parties such as the Greens, with promise policies similar to those of the SPD in its earlier days when it was more to the left.

    Whilst these nationalist-populist parties are essentially right wing, they however do promise some social measures for the people similar to those of more traditional social democrats of the past.

    What many don’t realise is that the world’s first modern welfare state was established in Germany by Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, a conservative Prussian and it’s said that he did so to draw workers away from his enemies the socialists.

    Such nationalist-populist welfare and social policies are similar to those implemented by UMNO to help mostly the Malays, especially the lower-income Malays, though this was taken advantage of by some UMNO politicians to enrich themselves and their cronies, which is what contributd to their loss in GE14.

    On the other hand, parties such as the DAP, which claim to be “democratic socialist” and for a Malaysian Malaysia, in practice have shown no signs that it actually believes in nor that it will introduce some kinds of social democratic measures based upon income levels, rather than ethnicity.

    The way I see them, the current crop of leading DAP politicians, including MPs and state assemblypersons are inclined towards neo-liberalism, with its emphasis on meritocracy, competency, accountability, transparency and similar slogans, but don’t see much concern for the poor and underprivileged amongst the DAP?

    This is abundantly clear from how the DAP-led Penang state government has been bulldozing through projects such as these below, which not only will disrupt adversely affect the livelihoods of fisherfolk on Penang island but also despite objections of concerned residents of Penang island.

    Ecological nightmare haunts Penang

    The scarring of the hills of Penang

    Monster highway approved: Welcome to the Parking Lot of the Orient

    Thus, the DAP rightfully deserves to be dubbed the “Developers’ Action Party” because property developers are the ones they truly serve, whilst their claims to be “democratic socialist” is a load of BS.

    So yes, you could well be right, that come GE15, there could well be a swing towards the nationalist-populists or Islamists.

    Meanwhile, Raja Petra Kamaruddin has come out with an article along similar lines as yours.

    Pakatan Harapan’s good days are now gone


    What makes you think Malaysians want Anwar as PM?

    1. re: “voters will not treat EU elections as seriously as they would their respective national elections, so they may vote for a candidate in EU elections, which they may not vote for in national or state elections“

      What you say is true by rule of thumb but there has been a paradigm shift of late. See,

      So voter intent may still follow the same general pattern at national level as it was at EU level.

      Nonetheless, the UK election with its first-past-the-post system will yield a different result from the proportional system widely practiced in the EU, and thus dilute the Brexit Party’s actual wins in seats vis-a-vis its bigger grassroots support from voters.

      My personal opinion on the mass migration of the Third World into Europe: It’s Jewish (Soros & Gang) revenge for the Holocaust.

      1. “So voter intent may still follow the same general pattern at national level as it was at EU level.

        Nonetheless, the UK election with its first-past-the-post system will yield a different result from the proportional system widely practiced in the EU, and thus dilute the Brexit Party’s actual wins in seats vis-a-vis its bigger grassroots support from voters.”

        That’s how things have been, and very likely how things would go.

        Barring, of course, possible rigging – and more “migrant” agitation and even more folks getting even more pissed off with them which would massively swing things and break traditional patterns.

    2. Sixty years of the “Opposition” getting nowhere, and what have you with the DAP – and even the mentality of PH as a whole, eh?

      It is a glorious goosestep backward to the great sewage pit of the same old same old!

      But only worse.

      And guided by the worse politician there’s ever been (ask Great Leader Comrade Taiko Lim Il Siong)!

      An unhinged old zombie, dying, but still able to cause even more damage to the country.

      Wake up, DAP supporters, and smell the palm oil!

  3. rpk is a liar, his writes lack credibility. one main reason ph won is bec of najib. n of course not all msian support anwar as pm, i dont support mahathir as pm, so whats the point?

    until n unless mahathir get rid of najib, his support n influence, or else how a snap election help him to safeguard his crony, n most importantly, his son?

    1. The Special Branch, CIA, KGB, FSB, M16 and other intelligence services will closely listen to or read what the adversary has to say in order to pick out nuggets of information which they can use against their adversaries. I’m pretty sure Sun Tzu would concur.

      Any journalist worth his salt should be willing to learn and know the arguments of both sides, especially the factual details which can be extracted.

      A snap election does not have to be called by Mahathir as prime minister but it could be called by whoever take over from him as PM, in case there is a dispute between two or more factions vying for PM; or if there are splits, crossovers or whatever within respective Pakatan Harapan parties, which result in a hung parliament, which renders Malaysia even more of a dysfunctional democracy than it already is.

      I don’t take everything RPK or Raggie Jessy write a gospel truth and knowing their bias toward Najib, I am careful about what I believe.

      In this article by RPK, I concur that Pakatan has been losing popularity, especially amongst Malay voters, and this has been proven by the byelection results in Cameron Highlands, Semenyih and Rantau.

      Now don’t tell me that the Sandakan byelection result was a “turning point for Pakatan after three consecutive losses”, since Sandakan already was a safe seat for the DAP, where the winner is the daughter of the late MP who passed away, so it was almost certain that DAP would retain Sandakan in the byelection.

      Also in Malaysia, the rural and semi-rural constituencies deliver most of the seats in parliament and these are mostly Malay-majority in Peninsular Malaysia or Bumiputra-majority in Sabah & Sarawak, so their level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the government matters.

      Also, the chronic poor state of the economy, still high cost of living, still high prices of goods on the shelves, many election promises unfulfilled or done a U-turn upon are resulting in much dissatisfaction amongts Pakatan voters on the ground.

      Let me share with you my latest Politischeiss blog post.


  4. It may, as usual, be entirely different for Malaysians, they may not get into snap anything!

    Malaysians are not like enlightened voters in those countries.

    Malaysians are always slow to follow anything, any trend, they are still driving like they are in the good old days when there were two cars and five bicycles in the kampong’s one road, they are still living in the 50s, 60s, and almost-70s. Have you ever walked into a bar and still hear the favourite numbers of those periods?

    And have you noticed, or was told the “heroes” of today still act like the kampong’s “finest” of yester year, drop lumps of ice into the same old beer brands today replaced by locally-brewed fakes?

    Malaysians need to snap themselves out of those periods, and maybe for not too few, the Stone Age.

    We are just too backward. Just look at the politicians – aren’t they just the new same old bunch of corrupt, incompetent rogues in different sheepskin – all like since the country became “independent”?

    For my favourite DAP wonders, they need snap out of their euphoria they won the election and life till now is all rosy, and will be so till the next election, and maybe, beyond – so long as the canai-flipping fuhrer remains almost-alive, and all the great and good wannabes can happily play their roles as wholesale fake brand cheap lelong running dogs. You look at their pictures, you see the dumb DAP politicians still looking all their dumb as the first day they joined the party as street corner Rocket propaganda sales executives.

    DAP supporters, first and foremost, should snap out of their lelong super-long euphoric trance and smell the palm oil. Long ago, and immediately after winning the election, the DAP got into serious trouble, they can’t govern like they can’t do anything else than perpetually slagging that old pharaoh, changing the tune has confused many a DAP supporter, they have been singing out of tune since… the air these days is filled with righteous anger – even among the Chinese, of being betrayed, sold out by the Lim Dynasty, the promised “change” has not materialised it is not going to be happy days for the Chinese, worse still, it has turned into a nightmare for the Chinese who has got tangled up in the Matrics!

    A snap election is a good idea even if for a yet to be enlightened voting population. If the PH longkang-grade politicians and supporters do not wake up, snap into another deflated shape, do an Operation Valkerie on the fuhrer, get rid of him, the opportunity would yet again be lost.

    Knowing we have Great Leader Uncle Lim Il Siong, we can be guaranteed an Operation Chicken, the DAP would just chicken out like their taiko did with the Najib non-debate debate. The young turk eys of the DAP, the greenhorn politicians are just too grovelling and worshipful of their roti canai-flipping icon, and too overzealous of their gomen positions and nice salaries to want to have any change, life is meaningful these days especially when they can walk back on their pre-election promises. They can say anything to win an election, they can say anything not to have a snap election.

    It would fall on Anwar to find a way to force a snap election especially if his good bad back can take it, and if he’s finally found that pile of dossiers on the old pharaoh he can use like a mattress to beat the old pharaoh with. Anwar can do it, even if PAS doesn’t think he is God’s gift to Malaysia, Anwar can certainly make a cock-up of another chance to remain PM-in-waiting-and-waiting.

    Whatever it would take to get a snap election on, it would need a lot of work, and quickly too. We are talking about rewiring a lot of dull, slow minds, impervious to anything than the nonsense fed by the political parties… All I can expect is no change in the mentality, no great hope… and all the music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

    Now, DAP supporters, crawl out of your worm holes and tell me I am wrong!

    1. Well, I love music form the 60s and 70s and beginning to appreciate music from the 50s.

      Many commentors to You Tube videos featuring music from that period to be far superior to the crap music since the 1980s until today.

      Listen to renditions of the jazz number St. James Infirmary by three generations of musicians.

      Louis Armstrong: St. James Infirmary

      Arlo Guthrie – “St.James Infirmary”

      St. James Infirmary (Tyler Hottin – 2012)

      Compare the above three renditions with this.

      DEATH DECLINE – Useless Sacrifice [Brutal Death Metal | Thrash Metal]

      A possible reason why especially young Pakatoons are so dumb is because they listen to music from the 1980s and later.

      1. Nah! The real music of the 70s, early 80s is Led Zep, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, The Who, Black Sabbath, Emerson Lake and Palmer …

        Young Pakatoons were into Pet Shop Boys, and other crap “boys’ ” bands… various other foreign rejects, Canto but not the bel canto kind, then they went into Korean “pop” and started speaking Korean and worry about nose re-arranging jobs… Pakatoons can’t be themselves – and can’t be anyone else..!

        How many in Malaysia know Arlo Guthrie? Or Joe Cocker? Or Jethro Tull? You must have been in Ol’ Blighty when Mungo Jerry was pushing his bike…

        and, hahaha, Granddad, danced to Pan’s People, both Deep Pan and Thin Crust..!

        And how many Malaysian like Jazz, or go back that far..?

        but if you insist, here’s one for your:

        1. “Nah! The real music of the 70s, early 80s is Led Zep, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, The Who, Black Sabbath, Emerson Lake and Palmer …”

          Yes. These are the bands I was into and am still into and most covers of rock music played by in bars and pubs by Malaysian live bands are by these 60s and 70s era groups, including by groups such as Free.

  5. For many EU countries, voter attitude has changed to a considerable extent due to citizens being pissed off by particularly Muslim invaders, politically correctly called by the more neutral “migrants”.

    Originally even invited in and welcomed with open arms (and kisses), the Muslims soon made a massive pain of themselves to their hosts by their abominable behaviour plenty of which have been reported in the media.

    The situation has now turned into one where so many got fed up with mainly the Muslims that, thanks to them, it has fueled the spectacular rise of the far-right parties – with the other parties also feeding on the same anti-Muslim issue, and turning unsympathetic to migrants too. There appears to be no agenda if there isn’t an anti-Muslim issue.

    Voter sentiment has sent a shockwave across Europe, and rocked the political systems there. Countries traditionally welcoming to migrants have become hostile to them, with proportions of their voters openly hostile to especially Muslim migrants. Some countries are trying to get rid of their invaders, Germany even offering good money to them to bugger off.

    However you want to look at it, “Muslim issues” have become of vote-winning or vote-losing importance. The rise of new political parties which thrive on an anti-Islam platform caused deep fractures in the old, previously mainstream parties which had to change their view about the Muslims, as well as face their politicians and voters running off to join or form new parties all with anti-Muslim cred.

    With the help of the Muslims in particular, France saw the rapid rise of Le Pen, the same will happen elsewhere in Europe, it is already happening for many countries.

    It is very strange, given that their magical rise have been principally due to the Muslim migrants and anti-Muslim sentiment, political parties across Europe are so hostile or very hostile to the Muslims who have helped them. The more the Muslim helped, for example, the far-right parties, the more ungrateful and hostile those parties are to Muslims!

    So what has this got to do with snap elections? Well, at least for Europe, it has fundamentally changed their political landscape. Political systems are broken, European “democracy” has been affected, political parties have changed, voters are angry, etc all these affect parties and votes – a single issue anti-Muslim sentiment has affected everything, and can change anything. So more snap elections can happen.

    Sure there are nice Muslims, not just those who converted to Christianity or turned atheists or want to do so, but it is those unsavoury types causing all the grief – damaging their host countries – all while they damage themselves. You can call that a kind of “suicide bombing”. Frankly, it appears some want to bring in Islamofascism too early, and long before there’s even more than enough “Islamophobia”!

    Some “migrants” have the view that the European imperialists invaded and colonised them in the past, they should now do the same to the Europeans – except that their European brothers and sisters are still in a state they can kick the living shiite out of their former colonial subjects, Amen!

    Why can’t our Muslim brothers and sisters turn to other Muslim countries, migrate there? After all, many Muslim-friendly countries are totally geared up for Muslim life, and you don’t get anybody not Muslim you can piss off or who can piss you off?

    Or, should my question be why are Muslim countries so unhelpful to Muslim migrants? And, other than using Palestinians to make anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-everybody else rants, Muslim countries have done very very little for their Palestinian Muslims brothers and sisters.

    It is amazing why the Muslims so desperately want to come to an almost-Christian Europe, ain’t Islam a far better system? As some would put it, Muslim countries have been a “paradise” for Jews, so why would Muslims risk their lives in open waters to get the hell out of Muslim countries?

    Some say the migrants are running away from fighting in their countries. But most of the fighting are between Muslims, and as a favour to “Christian” nations, why go to any Western nation when life and even death would be better under Muslim than Christian rule?

    Some naughty Europeans and plenty of those who have successfully entered Europe are of the view that the Muslims actually prefer an European life than a Muslim one – they can have fun with white women, drink, gamble, be “corrupt” like nobody’s business and no business of any “religious” Gestapos, as soon as you get off your inflatable boat, you can go on a molesting spree, every festival is a groping spree.

    The same naughty Europeans are also of the view that Muslims want to take over Europe, breed like crazy, and overtake the white population, turn countries and people Muslim. Unfortunately, the opposite is taking place, more Muslims become “corrupt”, there has been more and more Muslims opting out of their faith, these days there are even doing so openly, and there are organisations of ex-Muslims that have been formed – all while there are thugs around that have threatened death to them for apostasy!

    Anyway, that’s my two euros on snap elections in Europe, never mind Israel, I am for the Palestinians – since they are not getting any help or love from all the Muslim brothers and sisters in the many and mainly Muslim countries around them.

    Our snap election should be about getting rid of the ridiculous old roti canai-flipping artist, old means old, when you get old, you naturally degenerate, the old pharaoh degenerated into a corrupt tyrant long long before any major age degeneration. He hasn’t got a first-class brain, he is no Lee Kuan Yew and he will never be one. Indulging in longkang kampong politics and doing endless lies, cheap yarns, bullsh*t, and cock talk around the roti griddle is not about being a politician of the better class, Malaysia can do better and deserves better – though you can’t get any of that with the no-class low class dumb lelong grade moron political operators of PH – PH, in the last year has more than adequately proved they are exactly that!

    So, the magic is: have a snap election, get rid of the old roti canai-flipping artist – he is too old anyway, if you keep him, he is going to do, apart from a lot of further damage to the country, nothing else not useful to his family. The old pharaoh has already previously proved himself destructive and useless, why be so kiasu keep an old battery till it dies twice before you’ll chuck it away?

    Then, we should have a change of scene, get rid of the useless PH, nobody else can do worse than them, we can’t go by any longkang philosophy give the incompetent and clueless monkeys another sixty years to get things further wrong!

    We can’t have Anwar around either. He has proved himself plenty useless, self-serving double-talking sneaky political operator, only good as an assistant roti canai-flipping artist to the chief roti canai-flipping artist, not good for any other purpose. Anwar can’t even summon the little courage to stand on the dock to be questioned for his own Sodomy trial, can you expect someone like that to die for Malaysia?

    It is not as if Malaysia has no one else than chief and assistant roti canai-flipping artists, pork butcher taiko Lim Il Siang, half-unqualified accountant Josef StaLim, and those bits and bobs of half-baked paus and buns of the DAP, PKR, etc.

    We have nothing to lose not giving those monkeys of PH a second chance to breathe our air, we couldn’t do anything about the previous gomens, we certainly can with this one – ain’t it “New” Malaysia, we can vote out the fast decaying stinking lot, can we do worse?

    So a snap election it should be. Perhaps the intrigue-and-conspire artist Anwar should engineer one, have the satisfaction of being PM for a few weeks, spite his roti canai sifu, retire with little boy debating champ, gracefully make way for a proper comedian than from the bunch of PH clowns, we should have a proper Malaysian Zelensky take over, do a proper and real job than any of the half-bakes and not-bakeds of PH, name a few buildings after them, get rid of the disappointing monkeys, Amen.

    Get on with it then, all ye cheapskate kiasu Malaysians, you have nothing to lose but your shekels!

    1. What boosted the popularity of the nationalist-populist right in Europe is not only a sudden massive influx of mostly Muslim refugees or migrants,whatever they are called, but also that they have been demanding that the host society adapt their laws,such as introduce syariah law, to accommodate the refugees’ or migrants’ demands.

      I suspect that there are nefarious forces behind the scenes, which are engineering a clash of civilisations by encouraging mass migrations into Europe. One of the reasons behind this are capitalist corporations and businesses which want plenty of cheap labour who enable them to undermine the gains which their domestic unionised labour forces have won through hard struggle.

      It’s ironic that most far-left groups in the west welcome and defend this mass immigration, when none of the former socialist countries such as the Soviet Union, the Eastern bloc countries, China, Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela today allow such mass immigration,which will destablise their planned economies.

      This is what the radical demands of the the likes of the DAP and other liberal or “progressives” upon the majority Malay-Muslim community in Malaysia can and is driving polarisation amongst majority Malay-Muslims towards the nationalist-populists here.

      As a non-Malay-non-Muslim, if I was in their shoes, I would limit our demands to winning a better deal for us within the Malaysian body-politic and not demand that the majority of Malay-Muslims in Malaysia adapt to us.

      And BTW. I’m on the same page with you with regards Palestine versus Zionist Israel.

      1. “One of the reasons behind this are capitalist corporations and businesses which want plenty of cheap labour who enable them to undermine the gains which their domestic unionised labour forces have won through hard struggle.”

        That may be a traditional economics textbook ideal, but with manufacturing as good as disappeared from the face of Europe, either closing down altogether or moved elsewhere; and with many parts of Europe facing serious unemployment, and the threat of recession, I don’t see where “cheap” or any labour could be useful.

        Unionised labour in Britain took a hard battering from Thatcher and has never recovered, there is hardly any point to confront the unions over any arrangement for any issue since, in nearly all dispute you can just walk all over organised labour. What’s worse, many unions have either closed or split into further ineffectual organisations waiting to close.

        These days, for manufacturing there’s very sophisticated automation, and robotics/AI is fast taking over many areas.

        There was indeed “hard struggle” but (leaving out European type capital-labour arrangements) Britain’s labour history has been one where there were sellouts by labour leaders, labour forces easily split by capital (and media), labour overplaying their hand and losing out completely with companies moving elsewhere or closing…

        Interestingly, on the service front in the last decade or so, most of Europe has been suffering from shortage of labour particularly in the catering and sanitation industry. Employers are willing to pay a lot but even so, workers are not at all easy to find – even from among those not from the domestic workforce. Restaurants, cafes, pubs, some long-established and even historic names have been closing all over Europe because of this.

        And the “gig economy” is not working…

        I would have imagined “migrants” happily working away, hidden everywhere (or even working openly!), earning good pay, keeping themselves “gainfully occupied” – but, no, that’s not the case at all. I see “migrants” hanging around all over Europe, idling and often making menacing nuisance of themselves. The “enterprising” ones resort to begging, often showing you an ugly face if you give small change!

        There used to be the joke that migrants come to Europe only during certain seasons, they pick fruits and berries, they harvest shellfish, then they vanish. But there are not enough of those these days – and robotic fruit and berry picking is still in its infancy.

        Interestingly, even the kiasus from Malaysia and Singapore who used to make themselves sick from overstuffing themselves in strawberry farms as holiday fruitpickers have disappeared. I wonder if it is because they are in jail for torturing their migrant maids…

        “a better deal for us within the Malaysian body-politic and not demand that the majority of Malay-Muslims in Malaysia adapt to us”

        It need not come to that, but there’s a case for using the most resourceful minds to the best advantage. Take the Chinese and Indians, they do have a history in commerce and trade, and a successful one too. They may even have a headstart over others in certain cases. Or they can be employed and given full reign to do their best, eg. Indians in the software industry in the US (and increasingly in China!). And like the Chinese, they are free to run their own businesses in predominantly the West, without being cast in any category or without being hampered in their work.

        During the debates about what to do with Hong Kong citizens during the Handover, some Brit Tory MPs recommended that Brit citizenship be given so that a few hundred could come and make Britain thrive with their business acumen and enterprising skills.

        It can only bring advancement and progress to any nation, if those who are able are not disadvantaged or held back. This would include in university entrance, employment, job positions, types of jobs, state funding, benefits etc etc.

        Most folks do not give a monkey which country there are in when they happily work away and mostly mind their own business, the Chinese in the West remain Chinese, the Indians Indians. They don’t kacau others, and most of all, the others don’t kacau them. So long as they are not beaten with any issue, most do not care about race or religion. So what’s wrong with that?

        Good capitalism and progress in capitalist economies mean employing (exploiting?) the best there is. It also means nurturing the best. In turn, they can, and they should nurture the less able, the disadvantaged in society, raise levels and standards all round.

        It is not about pompous but hollow sloganising, such crap as “Multimedia Superhighway”, “Advanced Economy”, “First World Status” or even “Asian Tiger”. Nothing of any value can be gained from any empty “feel good” talk, neither hollow chest thumping for any “superior” or even “supremacist” posturing.

        We need a gomen which can recognise its failings and shortcomings. We need stop racial and religious politics which seem to be the only things our crap politicians can get into. Seen from elsewhere, Japan, South Korea and even bloody little Singapore, we are like pathetic baby monkeys, all noise and no substance.

        We cannot remain posturing monkeys forever, just look at China, it is fast on its way to becoming Japan and South Korea – and it only took them thirty or so years to get where they are today. And they even lifted hundreds of million out of poverty. The Chinese may not be everyone’s favourite race, but so what? We can ape being Westerners, why not ape Asians? And why not be better than Westerners – even the West was copying Japan at one time or the other (we shouldn’t copy them these days, they have been a failure the last decades!)

        We see QR codes, we think Japan. We see handphone screens and TVs, we think South Korea… we talk 5G, Hey! – we think China! Even the US think China – and panic!

        When the Chinese think durians, they think Thailand and Indonesia (soon it will be China itself). When we talk palm oil, the Chinese do not pay attention, while the West don’t want to know…

        We really need get rid of our Turd World politicians, stop all the race and religion nonsense, grow up, mature fast, let all contend in education, business, industry, gomen, that’s the only healthy approach (not just in capitalism). As it goes, the decades of damage done by our turd world no-class politicians with their no-degrees have relegated us, it does seem, to a not-even Tiger Foetus position.

        To end on a cheerful note, I don’t think we can ever make it. Going by the established fact that it takes three decades to bring maths and science up to scratch (and take off to sustained development), we should be realistic – there’s no hope – there’s never one with our politicians – even those with fake qualifications!

        But, then again, I am not saying there’s anything wrong, either, with sitting under the palm trees all day long 24/7 and playing the stolen guitar. I have always wanted to have such a life, though not with anything stolen or any handout. If a country is prosperous, we can always lie back and sing under the palm trees, that’s what life should be about.

        For me, “adaptation” should mean letting the system allow for the (very) best students enter universities, pay for them if necessary, the best run education, the best run industry, commerce, etc – even ribbon-cutting for those grand openings for nonsensical events should not be done by our politicians even if that’s the only thing they can almost do.

        BTW, too – talking about the Palestinians and the Zionazis, you know what’s happened to old Matthias Chang(?), our token Chinese token effort toward the token liberation of Palestine? Lost his borrowed kaffiya? Can’t suck up to a dark brown butthole these days, or wat, he no longer hangs sniffing distance near that holy one he used to openly worship. Amen?

  6. Not only that, in the US, there is an impending impeachment of Donald Duck.
    Nasty Nancy Pelosi, another 70 something House Speaker will take over as the next US Prez. And she will be the first female Prez for US.

  7. Helen,

    I find it preposterous for you to link the snap elections in European nations to Malaysia. Using your logic of “snap election is a trend”, I can also refer to other countries whereby their respective governments served the full 5 year term until election is called to rebut your theory of “snap election is a trend”.

    Anyway, irrespective of snap election or general election (upon expiry of the current parliamentary term), I would like to know your view:

    1. The general electorate perspective:
    The coalition of Umno + Pas will only attract Malay and Muslim votes. Without a viable Chinese, Indian and Sabah/Sawarak component parties, why would the voters from the communities of Chinese, Indian and S/S Bumis vote for Umno + Pas?

    2. The Malay and Muslim electorate perspective:
    No matter how strong the coalition of Umno + Pas, they can never monopolise 100% share of the Malay votes. There will be some Malay minorities, especially the liberals, urbans and connected to PH groups that will vote for PH. The way I see it, the maximum share that Umno + Pas can capture is 80%. The question now is whether with 80% share of Malay votes and practically zero / negligible share of non-Malay votes, can Umno + Pas capture Putrajaya?

    1. Snap election can happen, even in Malaysia.

      (1) Why would any non Malay vote for BN?

      Me: B’cos DAP perangai macam setan
      Other Chinese: Dunno but BN can maintain the 5% and maybe increase/recover back up to 10%.

      Indians: MIC is still in BN
      Sabah-S’wak native: Sabah politics is very fluid, will have to wait & see; S’wakians will swing to the winner post-results

      (2) 80% is enough

      In GE14, pro-BN sentiment was admittedly weak but at the same time, the anti-Harapan sentiment was strong … meaning, BN offered no ‘pull factor’ to voters but there is a strong ‘push factor’ against Harapan & also sizeable number fence sitters.

      In other words, Harapan did not so much ‘win’ GE14 but BN ‘lost’ it. Malay sentiment against Harapan is strong, particularly when there is no Tun (Protun) factor to temper it.

      Even Ong Kian Ming admitted that Malay support last election for BN was 76% but I can’t recall offhand whether he was referring to the peninsula alone.

      1. Correction: I mean OKM said Malay support for non-Harapan parties, not BN (i.e. Umno) alone.

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