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Albatross around DAP’s neck until justice is delivered

The tragic death of Teoh Beng Hock was the springboard for the DAP’s 2013 election success.

DAP bigwigs – below – were seen gathered like vultures feasting on the political capital provided by Teoh’s funeral.

Now that DAP have got 95 percent Chinese electoral strength in their pocket, what are the hypocrite VIPs doing to bring closure to the family of their late party worker?


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4 thoughts on “Albatross around DAP’s neck until justice is delivered

  1. This has got to be a “New” Malaysia first!

    An albatross around the DAP Chicken’s neck!

    Would a now hopefully honest investigation on the death of Teoh Beng Hock be finally possible?

    Or just another dead duck?

    And Latheefa’s appointment another devious load of dirty scheming by the Macaivillain roti canai flipping artist…

    I hope Latheefa’s not “The nightmare Life-in-Death was she”, that deathly pale woman ghost throwing the dice to claim the wretched souls in the PKR, already it is a missile from the crossbow up the butt of Anwar!

    “Yea, slimy things did crawl with legs…”

    The Slime of the Ancient Macaivillain.

    1. re: “An albatross around the DAP Chicken’s neck!”

      Hahaha, what a tangle.

    2. Helen,

      Since Tun can appoint people to be in charge in many key post, Tun should not stop now:

      1) new MInister of Finance
      Obviously, Guan Eng messes the economy. Replacing GSR with ancient SST is a big mistake

      2) new Minister of Defense

      Let us get real. Mohd Sabu is a joker. The responsibility as the supremo of Minstry of Defense is simply beyond his take.

      He is a court jester but everyone can see putting him as a Minster, let alone the sensitive key ministry is a blunder

      3) Get rid of Wathamoorthy

      This guy is racist

      4) Syed sadiq

      The guy is too ” lembik”.

      5) Minister of Hal ugama

      MUJAHID interprets Islam as he wishes.

      6) Minister of Tourism

      Who the hell is our Minister of Tourism. What has he done since being appointed as a Minister

      7) finallt the AG

      Obviously, we need a new AG. Someone wjo speaks Malay fluently, noy too close to Communist Chin Peng, and drop cases just like that.

      1. Looks like you are calling for an overhaul of the Cabinet. Removing the incumbents is one thing. Finding their replacements is another. Who would you suggest to take over?

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