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The ‘One Ring’ swiftly slipping away from Anwar

The new Lord of the Rings 2.0:

Three Rings for the Elven-kings (Umno, MCA, MIC) under the sky
Seven for the Dwarf-lords (Gerakan, PPP, etc) in their halls of stone
Nine for Mortal Men, doomed to die (DAP & Gang)
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne (You-Know-Who)

In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

Long night of knives, hammer and tongs

A piece of trivia, make of it what you will: The online petition backing Latheefa Koya as MACC chief is drafted in English while the one asking her to resign is drafted in bahasa Melayu.

As the Protuns and crypto-Mahathir fan boys relish in pointing out, the pro-Latheefa petition is presently leading the anti-Latheefa petition with double the number of signatures.

At this moment of writing, the statement of support for Latheefa (read: pro-Tun faction) has been signed by 15,200 petitioners while the statement opposing her (read: largely Anwaristas) has been signed by 6,700.

But so what if Latheefa’s cyber cheerleaders number some 15,000? Does anyone still remember how many Malaysians put their signatures on the DAP-led petition to “Bury Lynas”?

Apparently more than 1,000,000.

But the will of a million people counts for nothing in New Malaysia where the word of one Übermensch determines everything. The Harapan chairman made a unilateral decision Lynas will continue operating, and that’s that. Nowadays the muzzled chihuahua can’t even manage a tiny yelp.

In the good old days, Kit Siang would have been the pitbull barking loudest for resignation by the BN minister over an environmental fiasco such as Lynas.

In the bygone era of Malaysia Lama, DAP had actually demanded for not one but FOUR minister heads to roll – see above, ‘If Lynas’ waste stays, four ministers must go, says DAP’ as reported by Malaysiakini a lifetime ago in end-2012 and tweeted by LKS himself.

And there was such a doomsday pall at those anti-Lynas mass demonstrations, what with their mock coffins and “mutant” costumes, if you still recall.

BELOW: ‘Guan Eng: Vote out BN to shut Lynas plant

Post GE14 however, Lynas is suddenly no longer radioactive and no more a “nuclear plant” waiting to explode. 

Mahathir deems it fit that the waste from Lynas can continue to accumulate and if need be, spread out to other containment areas in the rest of our country. Decisions are now solely a prime ministerial prerogative and his word is final.

Which just goes to show that all those anti-Lynas protesters who swallowed the toxic DAP propaganda are …? Already dumb enough back then and even dumber today.

The Dumb-and-Dumber Dapsters had fought so ferociously, and so viciously, to install the DAP in Putrajaya – attempting to destroy whatever standing in their path. But it’s been worth it, right?

Currently one anniversary’s journey from 9 May 2018, little running lapdog DAP accepts that its Beloved Tun knows best about Lynas, about the MACC top job and about everything else under the Malaysia sun.

Like in the first 22 years of Mahathir’s rule when he alone knew the date when Malaysia’s next general election was going to be called, presently in the second year of the Mahathir 2.0 prosperity reign, only he alone knows when the handover of power to Anwar will take place. Who wants to bet the answer is ‘Never’?


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15 thoughts on “The ‘One Ring’ swiftly slipping away from Anwar

  1. I had expected that media reports and blog posts online would be fairly tame as usual on the first two days of Hari Raya but this year, it was an exception, as comments, speculations and protestations with regards Mahathir’s unilateral appointment as MACC chief on Hari Raya eve, exploded on the first day of Raya instelf and continued until today.

    It’s interesting to see that the various pro-Pakatan or anti-BN NGOs generally support or even applaud Lateefah’s unilateral appointment, though some with minor reservations over its unilateral nature against the spirit of Pakatan’s electoral pledge to the effect that such appointments would either be made through decision of the Cabinet, a Parliamentary Select Committee or through parliament.

    And, whilst all this noise and thunder over Lateefah’s appointment continues, the economy remains floundering in the doldrums.

    And as for those online petitions on the likes of site going round, they have no legal standing under Malaysian law, so are pretty much meaningless, even if 5,000, 15,000 or 15 million sign them.

    As for me, well, it’s que sera, sera (whatever will be, will be). Enough of speculation, just sit back and see what subsequently transpires.

    At the same time, I have a lost any remaining hope or illusion of any expected reform, change or difference between the Pakatan Harapan government and the BN government which they replaced.

      1. Thanks Conrad.

        Is there anywhere else where I can read Thayaparan’s artucle in full, since I don’t subscribe to Malaysiakini?


          This blog carried all of S.Thayaparan’s articles as they come out.

          It is run by a former ranger.

          Fair warning, this guy is a right wing nutjob – to put it mildly – so there is a lot of stuff that you may find offensive.


          1. Thanks Conrad,

            Those of us who want to better understand political developments should be willing the read and independently analyse the opinions of both sides, even those which may be obnoxious to us, since even then, they are informative.

            Ranger publishes Thayaparan’s articles in full, which is informative for those of us who do not subscribe to Malaysiakini.

            I may not agree with all of Thayaparan’s viewpoints but I like his independent position vis-a-vis BN and Pakatan, and especially now when Pakatan has shown itself to be far from what it claimed to be when it was in opposition.

            Moreover, I’ve had over 10 years experience of Pakatan rule of the Selangor state government before it won the Federal government and I’m not impressed with them at state level.

            So I’m open to criticism of Pakatan.

            As for Ranger, well he’s a soldier, so has militaristic views, though apart from posting articles by Thayaparan, he does not appear to say much on his own.

  2. Politischeiss , very well said.

    As for S.Thayaparan, in the forward of his book of his compilation of articles, he wrote that if someone agreed with everything he wrote, he was not doing a good job of expressing his opinions.

    I just find it weird. What is happening now seems like a replay of everything that happened when Mahathir was in the driver’s seat , the first time around.

    I grew up under the Mahathir regime, came of age – if that means anything these days – under the Mahathir regime and saw the opposition slowly break the mythical two thirds majority and win a few states.

    Actually I think it is more dangerous now. The DAP is like some sort of cult. What’s really pathetic is that their cult leader is not some sort of charismatic megalomaniac but rather a coterie of spineless blowhards desperately clinging to the coat tails of power brokers real or imagined.

    It’s followers are toxic cretins, malicious without purpose , existing for the sole purpose of shaping the narrative to one of victim hood when they are the bullies who cowardly refuse to commit to principles or ideas which would save Malaysia but who claim that they represent those ideas.

    1. @Politischeiss, @Conrad

      Agree with Thaya’s views.

      (1) I’ve noticed that the Commander is a victim of his critics’ deliberate ‘cordon sanitaire’ so that any casual reader who actually supports some of his views feels obligated to issue the preemptive disclaimer “I may not agree with everything he says BUT…”.

      Thaya’s fellow mKini columnist Gunasegaram is similarly placed beyond the pale, so that even when Guna’s criticisms are perfectly legit, he will nonetheless still be portrayed by the DAP horde as harbouring a personal animus or vendetta against their newly Beloved Tun.

      (2) It is utterly mind-boggling that Dapsters are fighting tooth and claw to preserve a One-Man Rule.

      (3) When I was growing up, it used to annoy the hell outta me when our TV news readers would dutifully intone every evening, “Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today …’. Well, whaddya know, the unfortunate next generation is reliving this media landscape in a loop just like Groundhog’s Day — courtesy of their DAP parents.

      (4) It is indeed more dangerous today. The mosque-invading Bangsa Malaysians are out of touch with what the Malay hard right is feeling wrt to the second of the 3Rs. To take their Occupy Masjid movement as one example, the evangelistas are either genuinely clueless (insulated from reality) or they simply don’t care how much their actions are pissing off the religious folks, of which there are too many.

      (5) The Dapster mob: They have no compunction in destroying Thaya or Joceline or Maryam Lee or Francis Siah or Nat Tan or me or any non-Malay/non-Muslim writer of a one-off unpopular article or FB post for the crime of having an opposing opinion that may jeopardize the DAP narrative.

      As to the extent of their malice, allow me to present this scenario: Let’s say a Dapster is taken behind the two-way glass of a hidden room and presented with a lever, and told that if he pulls it anonymously, 50 volts of electric current will be jolted through Thaya. He will pull that level — twice!

      1. Dear Helen and Conrad,

        I’ve read part of Cmdr (Rtd) Thayaparan’s book “No Country for Righteous Men ….” which my visiting Thai friend friend had bought and need to ge myself a copy.

        As for my pre-emptive “I may not agree with everything he says..”, whilst I cannot remember what it was exactly, I vaguely recall that it has to do with some of his criticisms of the previous Barisan or UMNO government.

        Yes it’s true what Conrad says that the political scenario unfolding today is similar to when Mahathir was PM for the first time. I was 27 years old when Mahathir became Prime Minister in 1981 and was in my mid- 40s when he fell out with Anwar in 1998 and the Reformasi movement began.

        As for the DAP, they have this “If you’re not with us, you’re against us” attitude and tend to sideline or isolate anyone who is not 100% in agreement with them, and this is what is happening to independent minded people like Cmdr (Rtd) Thayaparan.

        With regards the “Occupy Masjid” movement and so forth, I agree with you that these people should be more cognisant of the religious sensitivities of the Malay-Muslim majority, instead of pushing their liberal agenda, idealistic or otherwise upon them.

        Likewise, I believe that the various liberal, pro-Pakatan NGOs and individuals should be careful about pushing their agendas such as pro-LGBTQ against the conservative Malay-Muslim majority, for whom such activities are forbidden in Islam.

        Whilst they have not gone as far as Pussy Riot did in a Russian Orthodox church some years back, which pissed off many conservative Russians, for whom Orthodox Christianity is to their Russian national and ethnic identity, as Islam is to Malay ethnic identity, however I have observed in their tactics, the methods of Gene Sharp, Otpor/Canvas to mildly provoke and then yell when there is even a mild reaction by the authorities.

        As I’m sure Helen knows, I am neither Malay nor Muslim but I recognise that offending the majority’s ethnic and religious sensitivities can trigger a backlash, just as what is happening in the “liberal” west today, where the tide is turning against excessive political correctness and “progressive” social and cultural policies which have dominated since the 1960s.

        Back to Thayaparan, throughout his articles posted by Ranger, he points out correctly that Pakatan should have focused on “….process in place, which acts as a check and balance to executive power…” instead of other distractions, which make a lot of sense.

        However, given the goings on and power struggles like just now, with sex scandals, accusations of corruption and so forth, the political environment is unstable and not conducive for such fundamental reforms to processes being made and will not be so as long as such political shenanigans continues and I don’t know when it will end.

        Until then, such good ideas will remain just so on paper, in articles, in books and in minority public discourse.

        Will things be different with either Anwar or Azmin as prime minister? Quite frankly, I don’t know.

        1. re: “As for my pre-emptive “I may not agree with everything he says”

          It was not ‘you’ that I had in mind.

          Such a caveat is wholly unnecessary. I doubt that we will agree with everything that even our own identical twin says.

          The thing is THEY (sneaky bastard political operative) are deliberately using this manufactured fear (fear by the speaker of being ostracized) to make him take care to distance himself from non-conforming ideas. Thus these relentless critics cynically set out to render contrary ideas coming from Thaya, Guna, Waytha, 7th Ranger, etc appear toxic in the public eye so that the ordinary Joe is wary of being associated with Thaya’s, Guna’s or Waytha’s line of thought.

          Ultimately the purpose is to cordon off any alternative narrative that runs contrary to the DAP political worldview.

      2. Good call in referencing Guna.

        The DAP apparatchiks have gone after him with a vengeance. In some ways their attacks against Guna are worse because they get extremely racial.

        They also make up lies about him creating accounts and “defending” himself.

        Guna if you recall was the local journalist who was one of the first to strat the whole 1MDB ball rolling but in typical Dapster fashion the “white” people are given prominence while the Indian Guna is dismissed as a has been.

        I have this feeling that it will turn out bad for the DAP.

        1. Edit to add.

          I am beginning to suspect there is a concerted effort to discredit both columnist because they seem to have a cadre of dedicated stalkers.

          Its as if there are subscribers who are there to maintain orthodoxy .

  3. Well, following Lateefah Koya’s unilateral appointment, hostilities have resumed after the Ramadan lull, and in this case, the attack comes from outside Pakatan.

    Perhaps Mahathir knew something was brewing, which we were unaware of, when he unilaterally appointed Lateefah Koya as MACC chief.

    The title of the You Tube video on Raja Petra Kamaruddin You Tube channel reads:-

    “Haziq Aziz confesses it was him having sex with Azmin Ali”

    Note that Haziq Aziz only said in the video that he was the other party in the video with Azmin on 11 May during the Sandakan by-election, and then calls for the MACC to investigate Azmin for alleged corruption. He does not indicate what the video is about nor the nature of the alleged corruption.

    This is the web page on Malaysia Today in which the above video is embedded.

    Here on Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen’s The Third Force website, Gerak Bangsa Nasional Sabak Bernam Chairman gives Azmin Ali 24 hours to answer whether he is the person in the video which went viral.

    And here is the video on The Third Force’s You Tube channel which is embededed in the above website


    How all this unfolds and how Lateefah will handle the corruption allegation against Azmin, we will have to wait and see.

  4. Well, the proverbial shit has hit the fan and splattered all over the place.

    It appears that Lateefah had accepted a poisoned chalice and is now expected by some quarters to have the MACC investigate allegations of corruption levelled by some against Azmin Ali.

    Whose hand is behind these accusation of homosexual acts and allegedly corruption involving Azmin, we do not really know.

    Whatever, it has definitely created tensions within PKR, which could lead to a split.

    Malaysian politics does not operate according to the western or might I say Westminster understanding of parliamentary politics, despite the formal Westminster-style institutions.

    Nay! Behind the facade of Westminster-style political institutions, it’s still battles between feudal-style warlords vying for power, minus physical daggers.

    Come May 2020, will Malaysia’s national debt be RM1.2 trillion? I won’t be surprised.

    Two nights ago, I was chatting with a Chinese friend, and M&E Engineer who had lost his job.

    I don’t know his politics but he seems like one who would strongly support Pakatan, especially the DAP.

    However, to my surprise he sprang a question on me – “Do you think things were better under Najib than today?”

    He said that he found the situation in the M&E engieering industry to have been better and smoother during Najib’s time, compared to today.

    He quoted a statement by a woman reported in a newspaper article where she reportedly said something like – “During Najib’s time, he ate and we ate, but now we cannot eat”.

    I replied – “Whilst I am semi-retired, however my gut feeling is that the economy was more vibrant during Najib’s time, whilst now the mood appears pessimistic”.

    I went to a bank branch on Jalan P. Ramlee on Monday 10th June and was surprised at how light the traffic was at 3pm that day, having expected that traffic would have bounced back to normal after the Raya break.

    Even here in PJ, business in the shophouses in my area appeared subdued.

    Like this afternoon, I wanted to buy replacement wiper blades for my car and was surprised that the auto spare parts shop I had bought them from last year had closed, supposedly because the owner wanted to retire.

    It was around 4pm and looking around, I found fewer auto spare part shops along the street than I had seen last year.

    I understand that whilst there are many window shoppers in popular malls in town, however few people are buying.

    Business is bad, whilst all these political shenanigans go on big time.

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