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Will Mahathir call a snap election?

If Mahathir were to call a snap election, it is because he desires to kill two (or three, or four) birds with one stone, blogger A Voice yesterday speculated.

The Harapan chairman is a three-dimensional chess player and time is fast running out for him to make the checkmate move.

Umno acting president Mat Hasan and party stalwart Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah had earlier talked about the possibility of a snap election, taking their cue from Mahathir. “Both these leaders did not pluck the idea from thin air,” wrote Voicey in his blog ‘Another Brick in the Wall’.


‘Snap elections, collapse of the centre’ —  here

And why not a snap election? They’re happening around the world.

Below are the dates on which the countries listed are holding their snap polls.

 Kazakhstan:  June 9

•  Greece:  July 7

 Ukraine:  July 21

 Moldova:  … September …

 Israel:  Sept 17

 Austria:  Sept 29

People pissed off with their screwed-up gomens

The power brokers in Sudan and voting publics in Germany, Italy and the UK all mostly favour fresh elections too in their respective countries.

According to a YouGov poll published on Thursday (June 6), some 52 percent of Germans surveyed prefer calling a snap election in the wake of the crisis in SPD, i.e. the junior partner in Angela Merkel’s shaky government.

SPD chief Andrea Nahles resigned at the end of last month following her socialist party’s disastrous outing in the recent EU elections and sending the Merkel administration into a tailspin.

In the Italian general election on 4 March 2018, far-right party Lega won 17.4 percent of the vote against anti-establishment party Five Star Movement (M5S) which won 32.2 percent. The two parties together however formed the government in Italy with Lega as junior partner and M5S as senior partner.

Lega leader Matteo Salvini and M5S leader Luigi Di Maio both became deputy prime ministers.

The tables were turned in the EU election on 26 May 2019 when Lega won 34.3 percent of the vote against 17.7 percent now for M5S. Meaning, support for Salvini’s party doubled from 17% in the 2018 Italy general election to 34% in the 2019 EU election.

In only one year, the relative strength of the two parties – Lega vs M5S – have been almost exactly reversed due to the explosion of popularity for Salvini. This reversal has led pundits to forecast that the Italian right wing will be wanting a snap election soon.

Tengok Mahathir telan DAP hidup-hidup

View the most interesting video above that’s well worth watching.

Lega and M5S’s political fortunes are reminiscent of the Pribumi vs DAP electoral balance.

Pribumi, with technically 12 parliament seats won on the GE14 election night (vs the DAP’s 42 seats), became the junior component in the Malaysia Baru government. One year down the road, Pribumi’s strength in parliament has more than doubled to 26 seats – after swallowing a pond of Umno frogs – while the DAP remained stagnant.

Like Salvini in Italy, Mahathir is the charismatic strongman and it is his party that calls the shots. Despite its 42 MPs, the DAP is today no better than a castrated chihuahua … or a strangled chicken.

Running dogs are a slobbering animal just asking to be kicked. In the case of the DAP lapdog, many members of the Malay parties – both in and outside of the present government – despise and wish to see the evangelistas kicked out. The Malays may be split in other things but they’re united in their hatred for the DAP.

Although Anwar should not be written off quite so easily, nonetheless Maverick Mahathir will be able to somehow cobble a broad and realigned  Malay-Muslim coalition.

OTOH, the chickens of DAP are playing safe in their newly found nests of ministerial perks, privileges and quango positions.

Compared to DAP which is only just savouring the heady taste of power, Mahathir has long been there and done that. But more importantly, as an old hand in the game, he knows how to play strategic 3D chess and is more willing to take risks.

The DAP MenHens are but novices and no match for him as evidenced in the upending of Pribumi and DAP positions since GE14. Mahathir will eat them alive.


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