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Young Dapsters should have emigrated 10 years ago

Dapsters are still getting it wrong despite having wasted a decade of their life.

Actually, “the majority in the Malay community want their entitlement when it comes to social, educational and economic programmes” –  say those gleefully bursting the Harapan balloon of false Hope.

“That may be true” writes Commander (Rtd) S. Thayaparan referring to the sense of entitlement he quoted above, “but what does this mean?”

“It means that nobody is really interested in equality,” says Thaya answering his own question, “and that non-Malays should stop thinking of themselves as citizens of this country, and whose existence is merely to prop up a system which disadvantages them”.

“Which is fine, but this means that the only cathartic thing to do is to leave this country, or vent on online forums,” concluded Thaya in his Malaysiakini column yesterday (June 17) headlined ‘Is hoping for meritocracy futile?’

BELOW: The “failed accountant” sulking over many slights

DAP running dogs prop up old Mahathir system  

Thaya’s fellow Malaysiakini columnist Martin Vengadesan wrote a fortnight ago (June 4) that his siblings and three-quarters of his cousins have emigrated.

The Vengadesan clan voted with their feet.

When I was in Standard Three, the Chinese girl who sat beside me in Standard Two class emigrated with her family to Australia. Her father was a doctor who ran a popular clinic in Georgetown.

When I was in Standard Four, the girl who sat beside me in Standard Three class also left for overseas. She was Eurasian – father Chinese, mother white. Throughout my time in primary and secondary school, there would be missing former classmates each fresh academic year. Some of the parents had emigrated for the sake of their children’s future education.

Thaya in his article dwells on how non Malays are evaluating whether they are “equal” (or perhaps not) citizens of this country. I’d like to expand his discussion to the DAP’s once favourite trope that Chinese were “second-class citizens” and also ask Dapsters if they feel like first-class citizens now that Harapan is ruling in Putrajaya.

DAP griped that Chinese were “2nd class citizens”

On the stump at SMK Chung Hwa in Gurun, Guan Eng told his listeners numbering some one thousand that they were being treated like “second-class citizens” by Umno. This was expressed during the Sungai Limau by-election campaign in November 2013 – see Malaysiakini report above.

In a campaign rally the previous general election (GE12) at Han Chiang high school, Guan Eng told a Penang crowd – listen to video below minute 7:18 onwards (translated from Hokkien and Mandarin): “For 50 years we have been second, third, fourth-class citizens. Enough already lah, right or not?”

The aforementioned DAP gathering on 6 March 2008 numbered more than 10,000. From the same video at minute 6:30, you can hear Guan Eng screech in English, “I want to be a first-class Malaysian citizen!” His words are the red meat continually thrown to the DAP voter base to pump them up.

Be it Guan Eng, his father Kit Siang or the many other aggrieved party leaders, their loud complaint of second-class citizenship is a long-running grievance constantly repeated … that is until the historic regime change of 9 May 2018.

Dapsters thrilled their idols became cabinet ministers 

Guan Eng is a third-generation immigrant and represents the pinnacle of Chinese achievement in Malaysia with his Finance Minister job.

By comparison, Malaysia-born Penny Wong is a first-generation ethnic Chinese immigrant to Australia. She was Australia’s Finance Minister in 2010-2013 under both the governments of prime ministers Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd.

To achieve her distinguished portfolio (which she did not even have to share with an Economic Affairs minister ala Azmin), Penny did not require the electoral muscle from 95 percent of the Chinese living in Australia to vote her Labor Party. Nor was the Australian electorate comprised of a whopping one-third Chinese voters like in Malaysia.

(Note: Although Chinese are less than one-quarter of the Malaysian population, they make up a disproportionately large percentage of the voters due to their over-registration, high turnout and urban location. Malays are a young population and many under voting age or not motivated to participate whereas some Bumiputera still live in remote Sabah & Sarawak areas inaccessible by road.)

Chinese feel like 1st-class citizens in New M’sia

Social media influencer Azmi Arshad (above) wants to know why Guan Eng incited Chinese through the perennial claim that we minorities are treated as second-class citizens.

Responding to Azmi, a DAP supporter called ‘JC’ tweeted a thumbs-up accompanied by “so glad we change the govt or else Chinese will forever be 2nd class citizen under Umno rule“.

JC further averred that “now with the new PH govt the Chinese feels a lot much better. Thank god” – see above the pair’s Twitter thread last week.

It’s true the 95 percent Chinese voters fought fang and claw to change the government and bring back Mahathirism. Kudos.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh, failed applicant for permanent residency in Australia and her Beloved Tun

Mahathirism is the system whereby everyone bends the knee to Mahathir and assiduously licks his, err, boots.

Without cabinet consensus, Mahathir unilaterally decided that Zakir Naik would not be extradited back to India as well as made a unilateral decision that Lynas would not be ceasing its operation in Pahang.

— Without waiting for an inquest, Mahathir prematurely pronounced that fireman Adib Kassim’s case was “attempted murder”;

— without waiting for police investigations, Mahathir aired his belief that the Azmin Ali lookalike sex tape was fake and confidently saying this mere hours after the scandal first surfaced;

— without waiting for the parliamentary select committee, Mahathir appointed Latheefa Koya as MACC chief against Harapan manifesto guidelines … the list of Mahathir’s solo pronouncements in just this one year alone is endless.

And what Dapsters have gifted their children and grandchildren through their ‘Ubah’ is a legacy of Mahathir one-man rule. Some people view this kind of government a dictatorship.

“Don’t change your country, change your government” – Hannah Yeoh

In 2010, Hannah Yeoh did her best to dissuade young Malaysians from emigrating. She discouraged others even though she herself had applied for PR in Australia, and embarrassingly failed in her bid!

She persuaded them to instead remain in the country and work the next 10 years to put DAP in Putrajaya.

A change of government brought many personal benefits for Hannah. With her party taking control of Selangor, she got the state assembly Speaker’s chair and with it a lucrative five-figure salary (then almost matching Najib’s). With her party in power at federal level more recently, Hannah got herself a Deputy Minister position.

DAP evangelistas and a small handful of party apparatchiks have reaped bountiful profits from changing the government. DAP Perak warlord Ngeh Koo Ham is worth RM80-plus million in declared assets. His cousin Nga Kor Ming – presently Dewan Rakyat Deputy Speaker – is very rich too and lives in a humongous ‘White House’ (pix above).

Politics pays and has paid well for selected DAP leaders. For the ordinary Chinese, maybe not so much ya.

How have the young Malaysians – previously persuaded to shelve their emigration plans – benefited from Malaysia’s regime change? No more Umno rule means the 95 percent Chinese DAP voters have been elevated to first-class citizens, for sure.

Indeed my heartiest congratulations to Dapsters. You lot deserve every bit and more that you’ve got coming.


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24 thoughts on “Young Dapsters should have emigrated 10 years ago

  1. To start off, the achievement of bringing down a corrupt gov is already good. And I don’t think non bumis wants to be upgraded to 1st class citizen for name sake, but only to be treated fairly.

    AS for Tun’s calls on certain cases, i believe we can allow the man to have his calls as long it not something like millions/billions transfered into his account. He is in his final days, let the man rectify his mistakes.

      1. TMM, Sounds like you have the audit trail to support your claim….please post it for other to take note, or to lodge a report…are you up for this?

  2. Helen, I want to draw your attention to two comments on the piece. These two cretins are one of the Commander’s more virulent stalkers. Liars and racists they comment in nearly every article he writes.

    However what I want to draw your (and your readers) attention to is the kind of narrative that some DAP supporters are pushing beneath all the kool aid the mandarins of the DAP keep dispensing.

    Now, you may disagree with the Commander’s political or ideological stance but he has remained steadfast in promoting certain ideas which he believes would actually benefit Malaysia.

    Before the election the DAP was going on about “needs based” alternatives which as we all now is merely code for meritocracy. Now the fact that they had no intention of actually carrying out this agenda but were using it to shove it to the MCA is not the point

    Post May 9, what we are witness to are efforts by DAP supporters to shift the narrative when it comes to meritocracy. What they are attempting to do is subvert the agenda to paint supporters of meritocracy as “naive” or “gullible” and ignorant of real politik when before the election meritocracy was bandied about to garner votes from the Nons.

    These days the shift in narrative is because the DAP finds itself in a position where they have to support the very ideology they claim they were against.

    So, what is the solution ? I do not know but what I do know is that you do not dangle the prospect of “equality” in front of your base and then attempt to shame your base through propaganda when you cannot fulfill those campaign promises.

    This is what makes the DAP and some of their supporters dangerous.

    ABC1231 day ago
    How can a country which is fundamentally racist in almost every major aspect suddenly become merit-based? The blocker has and will always be the malays.

    Its impossible. Non malay children will always be sidelined as 3rd class citizens. This is reality. Non malays can only hope for small improvements, maybe shifts in quotas. Not outright meritocracy.

    Hope is not delusion. But you must choose what to hope for. Hope must be realistic. Just as you cant hope for pigs to fly. Hoping for meritocracy in malaysia is not realistic. It can never happen not unless the malays advance intellectually and we all know that thats an impossibility. If they could they would have by now.

    Retnam1 day ago
    ABC123, thanks for saying the absolute truth without polemics: “It can never happen not unless the malays advance intellectually and we all know that thats an impossibility. If they could they would have by now.”

    1. Conrad,
      No. You are wrong.

      Malays are not racist. And by wxtension, UMNO too is not racist.

      Trust me , if UMNO is racist, it has more than 60 years to be brutal against non Malays. And Kit Siang would have neen dead long time ago if UMNO plays the racial card .

      What DAP wants behind the facade of meritocracy is everyrhing for Chinese. Typical Yahudi mwntality. DAP thinks only about Chinese.

      All the provisions for Malays in the Constitution is due to MalaynSulrans back in 1957 agreed to mind boggling massive citizenship cpnferment to non malays on terms so liberal.

      Such massive conferment change the demography. In return to welcoming then ” pendatangs( like Kit sianh) as cirizens of tge land, some recognition was accorded to the very race that allowed pendatangs to be citizens.

      It is natural. Only morons would want to grant citizenships and rwceive nothing in return.

      The problem with Chinese is that they are willibg to be sacrificial lamb of DAP.

      And they refruse to accept reality that DAP is racist

    2. i read this abc123 comments once a while, i recall he claim thaya writes is bias. i would say thaya writes is paradoxical or inconsistent since all msian r either bias or racial. my feeling is that if power is granted to thaya, he is no diff with mahathir. just saying.

      1. “……my feeling is that if power is granted to thaya, he is no diff with mahathir. just saying.”

        Why do you always project HY ?

        1. not always, i did end my sentence with just saying. most dictator share similar trait, full of paradox in inconsistency, i dun need all to agree with me, n i am always right.

          1. “…….i did end my sentence with just saying. most dictator share similar trait, full of paradox in inconsistency….”

            First off, you are making a false equivalence to attribute traits, so I do not know what the basis of comparison is and second, I don’t think you know what “paradox” means.

            Just sayin’

            1. if u reread yr own comment on abc123 aka dap supporters? with words like stalker, liar, racist, dangerous, n compare against mine, u might able to grasp what paradox mean. n shd know y i made a guess n projection, to make u understand yrself better.

              1. Go ahead , ask me to back up my statements about ABC123 , Retnam and their allegiance to the DAP. I dare you…oh wait…I double dare you.

                You still have not demonstrated that you understand what paradox means.

                Just sayin’

                1. my comment on thaya is no diff with how u project abc123 a racist, a stalker n liar. i at least tell u the common trait of a dictator, perhaps its yr turn as u suggested.

                  i use the english word paradox to mean 似是而非, 矛盾,i dont know how to elaborate this further. if u insist i dun know the meaning, thats also fine with me. i admit my thought process is chinese base then translate.

                  1. I don’t “project” about how ABC123 and Retnam are racists, liars and stalkers, I flat out say it. Now ask me to substantiate my comments but please don’t “suggest” anything..

                    I have no idea what that Chinese text you offered means. If you do not know what English words means do not use them especially if you are translating Chinese words from your “Chinese thought process” whatever that means.

                    Furthermore you keep complaining that you “dun know” what Thaya means most of the time. You have said this here and on other blogs.

                    This of course has never stopped you from commenting on his pieces using words translated from your “Chinese thought process”, which may be part of the problem.

                  2. so can u start substantiate yr flat say instead of going around in circle? let me help u a little, i dun see abc123 comments in thaya recent 2 articles, perhaps u can drop stalker from my list, its good enough if u can show me how abc123 is a racist n liar. (i rarely read retnam, to save both our time, give him a pass), but of course its up to u.

                    from wiki, a paradox is a statement that, despite apparently valid reasoning from true premises, leads to an apparently-self-contradictory or logically unacceptable conclusion. my translation is therefore correct. for eg, thaya claim diff btw jew n zionost is a dumb distinction. normally I would just label this kind of statement as stupid, but I think maybe paradox is a more appropriate description since thaya have to start his reasoning that in reality, muslim in this country is bigots n racist, while abc123 statement also tell us to face reality. thus in some articles thaya talk hope while some others he talks reality depend on who n what he want to attack n defend, so is this a paradox or stupid?

                    i think the problem is not my chinese thought process, the problem is u cant be stating facts without having evidence to back it up. dun divert to my usage of eng word, my chinese thot process etc, however like i said its all up to u.

                    1. “…..perhaps u can drop stalker from my list, ….”

                      ABC123 may not have posted on the last two articles but he posted in nearly every single one of Thaya’s articles before the recent two. So yeah, the stalker label applies.

                      “….its good enough if u can show me how abc123 is a racist n liar”

                      The racist part is easy. He continuously refers to Guna as “Thambi” which Guna has pointed out before is racist or at least used by racist.

                      As for liar, not only has he accused Guna of sockpuppetting without any evidence
                      He has accused Thaya of writing things he has not. The examples are in the free speech articles and Zakir Naik article, which ABC123 claimed that Thaya was for complete freedom of speech when in the article Thaya stated he was not for complete freedom of speech .

                      This of course is but just two example of how ABC123 lies.

                      He has also claimed that Thaya only cares for “indians” and says nothing when Chinese are killed, which is again a lie, since Thaya has written numerous articles about the Chinese community and the issues the community faces but unfortunately puts the DAP in a bad light.

                      “…. thaya claim diff btw jew n zionost is a dumb distinction. ”

                      This is not what Thaya said, The full quote – “Honestly, this is a rather dumb distinction to make. It is dumb because for bigots and racists and let us face facts, the mainstream Muslim political elite in this country, this distinction is meaningless”.

                      In other words he makes it clear that for racists and bigots there is no distinction. You are doing what ABC123 and his ilk do and also starting from a false premise.

                      “…so is this a paradox or stupid?”

                      It is neither . What you are doing is willfully ignoring context , which is why you write things like this – “thaya claim diff btw jew n zionost is a dumb distinction. normally I would just label this kind of statement as stupid, but I think maybe paradox is a more appropriate description since thaya have to start his reasoning that in reality, muslim in this country is bigots n racist, ”

                      Thaya didn’t start his reasoning that Muslims in this country were bigots or racists but rather the distinction between Jew and Zionism would not make a difference to racists and bigots. The fact that mainstream Malay politics is inherently anti Semitic reinforces the futility of making such a distinction.

                      “….the problem is u cant be stating facts without having evidence to back it up. dun divert to ..”

                      I just did. The problem is that whenever you ask for facts, you make up excuses not to comprehend them.

                      “….dun divert to my usage of eng word, my chinese thot process etc”

                      The only one who is diverting is you. I asked you what you meant by paradox and you brought up your “Chinese thought process” and before finally attempting to explain what you meant.

                      The fact that you still have not demonstrated what you mean by paradox is telling.

                    2. Edit to add. I will give a more detailed example of ABC123, stalking, lying and race baiting post . Consider this a case study if you will.

                      Here’s is Thaya piece on the problem with extreme rhetoric, which was a piece which was critical of Howard Lee’s piece on the same subject.


                      This was ABC123 comment in full.

                      “There there Thayaparan, i think you are not being fair to Howard Lee.
                      As usual your hatred of DAP/Chinese is clouding your judgment and you are looking for reasons – any reason – to shoot DAP.
                      I see nothing wrong in what Howard wrote.
                      You are putting words in his mouth …and then blaming him for saying those words.
                      I have always been curious why you have such a deep hatred for the DAP.”

                      This is a typical ABC123 comment and more importantly the main theme of DAP apparatchiks.

                      Start of first by claiming unfairness towards a DAP operative. (Readers are encouraged to read Thaya’s piece and decide if Thaya’s comments are “fair” with regards to Howard Lee’s, piece)

                      Move on to the usual accusations of hatred towards the Chinese community which ABC123 takes as criticism of the DAP . Again this would mean that anyone who criticizes the DAP in any fashion hates the Chinese community, which would mean that criticism against UMNO means that people hate the Malay community.

                      He accuses Thaya of putting words in Howard’s mouth but he does not offer any evidence of this. Surely if Thaya was putting words in Howard’s mouth, ABC123 could demonstrate how?

                      In other words he lies because nobody challenges his lies. If you read any of Thaya’s articles, he quotes verbatim to avoid these types of accusations but as I said, people like ABC123 have no problem lying.

                      ABC123 then ends his post by asking why Thaya hates the DAP imputing that Thaya has a history of DAP hate.

                      In other articles he repeats this accusation and points to Thaya’s “support” of Indian politicians, which is strange because in all his articles about Indian political operatives there has been a fair amount of criticisms,

                      Also strange considering that Thaya has publicly stated that he believes that Indian should not have a political party to “represent” their interests.

                    3. Edit for clarity.

                      Just another data point if you will. As I said ABC123 has a pattern of lying that Thaya is uncritical of “Indian political operatives”. ABC123 made the claim here and lied again about what Thaya wrote.


                      This is ABC123 full quote

                      “If Rafizi was chosen i doubt Thayaparan would be as supportive.
                      I notice he is generally supportive mainly of indian politicians. He consistently praises ramasamy, latheefa, waythamoorthy, arutchevalan, etc.
                      The ones he usually seems to hate the most are DAP and chinese politicians, especially LKS and LGE, he really doesnt like them both. Even in this article he says Latheefa’s 1st target should be LGE. He and Guna have a shared hatred of LKS and LGE. He is entitled to his views of course.”

                      ABC123 says that even in this article, Thaya writes that LGE should be Latheefa’s first target.

                      This is what Thaya wrote in the piece –

                      “And let us take Gerakan’s call for Latheefa to demonstrate her impartiality by reopening the investigation on Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng. While the charges have been dropped and the base is convinced that these were trumped-up charges, I wonder what the response would be if the new MACC chief did reopen the investigation into Guan Eng and the political fallout from such a move.”

                      Now is this in any way, shape or form, Thaya saying that Latheefa’s first target should be LGE ?

                      This is the kind of lies ABC123, makes in the comment section of Thaya’s articles.

                      Furthermore he claims that Thaya is supportive of “Indian” political operatives. Read this piece –


                      Where, Thaya takes a part P.Ramasamy’s piece about our education minister.

                      “When Ramasamy asks what is the difference between Maszlee and Umno politicians, what he really should be asking is what is the difference between the racial and religious policies of Umno and Harapan? Is there a difference when it comes to tackling discrimination in the public and private sectors? Ramasamy’s question is only credible if there are differences between the two and if there is no difference, then singling out Maszlee for towing familiar Malay narratives is unfair.”

                      Readers would note that ABC123 does not make an appearance in this article.

                    4. Just to share the Dapster operative’s Sneaky Bastard M.O. way back when when I was a Malaysiakini columnist and became one of the first victims of their shock-troop targeting to delegitimize the anti-DAP writer.

                      One prolific commenter used to stalk my pro-Hindraf articles. As you know, the commenting system is FIFO or “First In, First ‘Out’ “ — essentially the earliest comments would slide down to the bottom/back of the visibility queue and out of (general reader) sight.

                      Thus what the deranged Dapster did was delete his original smear comment timestamped at, say, 9am and recopypaste it at 11am, and then delete the 11am comment only to recopypaste so that the same appears again at 1pm, and on and on so that his ‘refreshed’ (time-swapped) comment would constantly appear at the top and be continually visible to new readers throughout the day.

                      Talk about these Pakatan people’s kiasu and the petty tactics only their fevered mind can think up.

                      Heaven forbid if you dare criticize the Dapster mafia ‘Family’. They will descend on you like a pack of ravening hyenas.

  3. Quote, “Mahathirism is the system whereby everyone bends the knee to Mahathir and assiduously licks his, err, boots.” unquote.

    Similarly, Najibism is the system where deluded, dedak-fed bloggers like Helen bend the knee to Najib and assiduously lick his, err, boots.

    1. Tsk, tsk, tsk … deploying the Mahathir-created smear.

      Najib is not mentioned even once anywhere in this article.

  4. Shamsul,

    “No. You are wrong.

    Malays are not racist. And by wxtension, UMNO too is not racist.”

    That’s not the point of my post.

    Although UMNO politicians have said that they are racists and proud of it.

    But again, not the point of my post.

    1. i think what shamsul imply is that if he give u a nickle, he can therefore call u a nigger.

  5. if i raed helen correctly, she n me might share the same stance that dap all this while is just bs, a liar n tok kok most of the time. the only thing they could distinct themselve from mca is perhaps they are yet to enrich themselves like what mca did, but lets wait n see.

    gobind came to my taman yesterday after some resident made some request. its a surprise to me because i rarely see dap mp care about livelihood issues, but i am glad he came. that said, this reminiscing me the mca era, whereby all they could do is coordinating when all knows majlis perbandaran is the one accountable to help solving our issues. anyhow i thanks gobind, but what i look forward is how they could improve majlis perbandaran and make clear all the rules n regulations. again, lets wait n see.

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