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Chinese evangelistas challenging the central power

‘Sing Hallelujah’ anthem of Hong Kong mass protests

Beijing must be most disconcerted by the youthful Chinese evangelista horde now flooding the streets of Hong Kong.

This latest state confrontation with a covert political ideology cloaked in the mantle of religion is being framed by some international observers as “a clash between Christianity and Communism”.

Foreign sympathizers have sent wishes of support to the Hong Kong protestors, reassuring them that “Jesus is Lord of Hong Kong”. Naturally this approach doesn’t wash with China’s atheistic politburo, regardless that Christianity is the biggest faith in Hong Kong outnumbering Buddhists.

ABOVE: Occupy activist cum Christian martyr wannabe Joshua Wong is the face of defiance against China

Tensions continue to simmer as police heavy-handedness left scores of people injured.

Yet the demonstrators defying the Chinese mainland authority are mostly young and look a lot like the many earnest evangelical Christians we see also around Jerusubang. Such Christian activism by the Chinese diaspora is a worrying trend.

In fact, Sing Hallelujah to the Lord, a Christian hymn, has even become their protest anthem and the song can be heard ringing out everywhere at the Hong Kong mass demonstrations.

Young generation radicalized by political Christianity

Joshua Wong, the evangelical Christian youth who led 2014’s Umbrella Revolution, was released from prison only two days ago (June 17) and true to form, immediately plunged into the heart of the current protests.

Joshua was only 17 when he sparked the anti-Beijing student movement five years ago.

In his recent interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), Joshua claimed “Beijing and Carrie Lam transformed a whole generation of youngster from normal citizen to dissidents. That’s the price that Biejing must pay” – see video clip below.

(Carrie Lam is the island’s chief executive.)

The religious fervour displayed by these present-day Chinese Christian students is, frankly, quite concerning.

One is reminded of the Taiping Rebellion led by Hong Xiuquan – a Born Again Chinese individual who believed himself to be the younger brother of Jesus Christ. The uprising cost millions of lives.

Any potential for a modern-day insurrection inspired by Christian zealots is treated with caution by China.

After all, the motherland has learned several bloody lessons from its history of contact and bitter conflict with Christian missionaries, among them the Boxer Rebellion which saw churches burned and converts to Christianity killed by the Qing dynasty nationalists.

BELOW: Christian leaders believe Christ will stand together with the Hong Kong protestors against the might of Beijing


Hong Kong is a Christian ‘majority’ (plurality) territory. Christianity is the faith with the most adherents there – see Pew Research population table below.



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16 thoughts on “Chinese evangelistas challenging the central power

  1. i support hongkonger, n i support taiwanese that fight against a authoritarian ccp regime.

  2. “Hong Xiuquan – a Born Again Chinese individual who believed himself to be the younger brother of Jesus Christ. ”

    This is funny…….

  3. I oppose these “Umbrella” protestors because they are being used by U.S., other western imperialists through NGOs they finance as part of their geo-political conflict against China.

    This video by Nathan Rich reveals that the extradition bill is to enable extradition of Xian Gang (a.k.a. Hong Kong) citizens who commit crimes all other countries.

    This move by the Hong Kong Legislative Council following a Xian Gang (“Hong Kong”) man who took his girlfriend to Taiwan, murdered her, stuffed he body in her own suitcase, the took a plane back to Xian Gang and even after confessing to his crime in Xian Gang, he could not be extradited back to Taiwan to stand trial because it has no extradition law. It was Taiwan which had requested his extradition.

    “Hong Kong Protests: Irrational Chaos”

    It looks to me that these “Umbrella” protestors are defending a cold-blooded murderer and other fugitive criminal elements in Xian Gang.

    Moreover, where are all those feminist groups who should be condemning this Xian Gang man for what he did and supporting the Xian Gang Legislative Council in passing this extradition law?

    In response to the comments he received over the first video above, Nathan Rich just posted this video in response, providing further unreported details about the nature of the extradition bill which debunks the allegations by the protestors and rioters against the bill. Nathan also suggests that big taikor criminal elements in Hong Kong are supporting these protests and riots:-

    “Hong Kong Riots”

    This video speaks about how the U.S. is using this opposition to the extradition law to attack China and how it related to the current ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China.

    “China demands US stop interfering in Hong Kong’s internal affairs”

    Going back to 2014, Jason Unruhe condemns early “Umbrella” or “Occupy Central” protests in Xian Gang.

    In it he describes how the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy was behind those protests to subvert XianGang’s internal affairs, and he shows how the protests are not popular with the majority of Xian Gang people.

    Also notice the “Occupy Central” protestors waving the old Xian Gang flag with the British Union Jack in the corner. Looks like they want to go back to being a colony of Britain.

    “US Imperialism in Hong Kong Occupy Protests”

    1. but taiwan govt under dpp already said clearly they would not join any extradition treaty that implies it is part of china, meaning to say unless the treaty is signed between taiwan republic, an independent country and not republic of china, if thats the case, then whats the point to proceed with such extradition law?

      if u do watched nathan rich from time to time, most of his argument lack coherent n logic, u can draw yr owm conclusion watching his recent video on y china shd ban fb, its full of twisted n laughable logic.

      i think we need to read more of china n hk history on y most parties, include ccp, not willing to touch on any extradition law of hk. hk is both a loophole for both mainland china n world outside mainland china. hk special position allow both ccp n those against ccp to make use of hk as sort of lawless (international law context) place to continue talking n trading, especially if there is war btw china n usa. its something well known but cant talk openly.

      i think hk carrie lam make a blunder in this case, nothing much to do with ccp or the west.

      1. If the Taiwan province of the People’s Republic of China does not want an extradition law which would allow it to extradite criminal from the Xian Gang Special Administrative Region of the People’s republic of China or mainland China itself who commit crimes in Taiwan, then that’s Taiwan’s problem. This way, many more Xian Gang people can go to Taiwan to commit crimes, including against Taiwan people, then cabut back to Xian Gang.

        If as you say, the CCP and those against the CCP want to use Xian Gang as a lawless place, then all the more that Carrie Lam should go ahead with the extradition law.

        Also, the Legislative Council should also make it law that any Xian Gang who commits a crime against another Xian Gang person in any other country or territory can be prosecuted in Xian Gang. This will let them prosecute that Xian Gang giu who killed his Xian Gang girlfriend. Right now, he’s untouchable in Xian Gang.

        Apparently, Xian Gang has an extradition treaty with Malaysia.

        Click to access 39784998.pdf

        1. if that murder case is the main concern like how the pro beijing lawmaker put it, taiwan is fine with one off extradition but not treaty, so why the rush? and why its a taiwan problem when we all know mainland, taiwan n hk issues impact each other. hk movies is a good source to understand the uniqueness of hk/taiwan, many criminal and corrupted officer from both shore hide at each other place to escape the law.

          i tend to believe carrie lam is perhaps with good intention, however like any other nation state that have no independence of judiciary, the people is more concern of the government behind that have the final said, i think its quite similar when we are under bn, though ph may not be any diff, ccp clearly declare party override rule of law, thus the hker have very low level of trust towards a rule by law ccp, not necessary because its a evil law. that said, if this extradition bill is passed, theoretically ccp can retain anyone from any nationality that reside or transit in hk, though the law clearly said it shouldn’t apply to political offence, but who have the final said and who could define whats political? see what ccp did to hk on their promise wrt basic law.

          i think hk have extradition law with many countries except mainland and taiwan, ccp have the impression that extradition law with mainland is the wish of hker, that’s why i said carrie lam made a blunder and misread the hker emotion, the 2 millions protest cannot be limited to some gullible youth, even some pro beijing lawmaker move away from their earlier stance.

          if mao ccp have no problem to invade/liberate xinjiang and tibet, they can easily do the same to hk. they refrain from doing so not because they love hker, they know hk important role when imperialist/usa (i am not sure if there is any imperialist today) start the containment/embargo strategy towards china. the extradition law will make hk no difference with any other city in china. thus i believe ccp also in a dilemma what to do with hk

          i am not a hker or a mainlander, so i don’t really share their emotion and fear. similarly many mainlander don’t understand why i can read and write chinese and attend chinese school, they claim this shouldn’t happen in a nation state. who kena brainwashed? me or them?

          i believe hker have the right to protest, just like how we attend bersih. i don’t know who is behind bersih, but i am sure i don’t take order from anyone. i think hker have the wisdom to decide what they want to do.

  4. Here is a video by You Tuber Gweilo60 who focuses on the extradition over the murder of a Xian Gang (Hong Kong) woman by her Xian Gang boyfriend whilst on a visit to Taiwan and Xian Gang cannot prosecute the boyfriend because the crime was committed in Taiwan.


    These protestors did not make issue with having a U.K. appointed governor general appointed by the U.K. queen ruled over them when Xian Gang was a U.K. colony but now they make issue with Carrie Lam who was appointed by China to govern Xian Gang, which is an autonomous special administrative region of China.

    Perhaps the U.K. should let all those in Xian Gang who want to be under U.K. rule to migrate to the U.K.

    Once the U.K. Brexits from the E.U,, many E.U. migrants from poorer E.U. countries who currently work as cheap labour in the U.K. will most probably have to leave, thus creating many low-wage vacancies for these migrants from Xian Gang.

  5. This also is an excellent video by Russia Today, where Sara Flounders, an American socialist and member of the Workers World Party in the U.S. says that the protests and riots are funded and promoted by western-backed NGOs in Xian Gang as part of U.S. and western imperialist soft power war against China.

    ‘Soft power’ influences Hong Kong protesters

  6. I like this statement by a commenter by the name of Kender on Caleb Maupin’s You Tube video.

    “Why could US extradite a Swedish guy from UK to US and extradite a Chinese gal from Canada to US while China could not extradite a Chinese from Hong Kong?”

    (He may be wrong about “Swedish guy” if he’s referring to Julian Assange who is Australian.)

    “Live #43 – The world keeps moving! Caleb Maupin talks politics, economy & global events”

    Caleb discusses the “Occupy Central” protests as part of his over two hours long live video chat.

    Especially the mainstream western media, as well as many alternative media are supporting this “Umbrella” or “Occupy Central” protests against Carrie Lam and China but they have not covered the extradition of Julian Assange and the Huawei senior executive with the same intensity.

    This clearly is a case of double standards.

  7. Another great comment to Caleb Maupin’s video by commentor Srangelove101:-

    “Very informative 2 hrs, have a great weekend Caleb. I’m based in Hong Kong currently, about the protests, 99% of those kids (and some gullible adults) have no clue about the proposed law, they are pissed at the HK and Chinese governments because of their own personal failures, like being stuck in shit jobs or not able to afford their own home and so will be living with their parents until their parents die off. Also, HK is being marginalized, look at it, the kids here in HK are protesting, throwing bricks at police while the kids across the border in Shenzhen are learning AI and designing robots. It’s obvious that most HK kids have no future, stuck in minimum wage jobs for the rest of their sad lives. It should be noted that the GDP of Shenzhen just overtook that of HK, and there’s MORE freedom in Shenzhen, the freedom of upward mobility which is the greatest of all freedom. Most folks in HK are still living the false fantasy that HK is special and should/will remain so, a very rude stock is coming to them.”

    1. its deng xiaoping that said one country, two systems remaining unchanged for 50 years. a basis to work toward cross strait reunification of taiwan (roc) n china (proc), taiwanese call it a bull shit. if hk are really living the false fantasy, then taiwanese is correct, ccp is a liar.

  8. The Xian Gang Legislative Council should do like Russia and kick out the western-backed NGOs.

    Here the X22 Report talks about U.S. backing of the “Occupy Central” protests in 2014 and the motives fr western, especially U.S. manipulation of protest movements in Xian Gang.

    “Is The U.S. Government Meddling In The Hong Kong Protests? – Episode 480”

  9. “Many Hong Kong youths immigrating to Malaysia, other countries amid extradition Bill fury”

    Hmmm! I wonder what kind of jobs these Xian Gang youth can expect to get in Malaysia when according to our Ministry of Higher Education, about 50% of graduates in Malaysia are employed and 40% of IT graduates are employed.

    The corrolary of that is that about 50% of graduates are unemployed and about 60% of IT graduates are unemployed.

    So what jobs can they expect to get in Malaysia, apart from serving coffee in chain cafes, driving Grab, selling mobile phones, working in call centres, etc. Who knows, Malaysian families may soon be able to hire Xian Gang-ese maids.

    1. Job in M’sia: As pastor in the evangelical churches of Jerusubang. Christianity is the biggest religion in Hong Kong, after all.

      1. But if 100,000 come, will there be enough jobs for 100,000 pastors in churches in Jerusubang?

        Besides that, they can find work with the nest of NGOs based in 8 Avenue, PJ – you know the kind financed by Uncle George Soros and the NED.

        Let me share this with you:-

        ome time back, I came across an article or statement by pro-PKR, pro-Pakatan, anti-UMNO/BN, left wing political activist Hishammudin Rais who argued that it’s OK to accept funding from George Soros in order to fight UMNO/BN. However, I cannot find that article anymore.

        However, I found another one by Hishamuddin Rais on Malaysiakini in September 2012. It’s in Malay and this part is telling:-

        “Berapa banyak harta kekayaan Pak Cik Soros bukan agenda kita. Apa yang ingin saya terangkan, wujudnya garis pertemuan antara falsafah Soros yang mahukan dunia ini bebas dan gerakan NGO yang juga memperjuangkan demokrasi dan hak asasi.”

        “NGO di Malaysia mahukan sebuah negara yang adil, bebas dan demokratik. NGO di Malaysia mahu pilihan raya yang bebas dan adil. NGO Malaysia mahu media yang bebas tanpa sekatan. NGO Malaysia menolak tahanan tanpa bicara. Semua nilai-nilai yang dihayati oleh Pak Cik Soros.”

        “Justeru George Soros, seorang Yahudi peniaga mata wang mengarahkan Open Society Institute (OSI) untuk menghulurkan dana kepada NGO di Malaysia. Maka dari jalur inilah Suaram mendapat sebahagian dari dana sokongan.”

        “Sokongan dana dari Pak Cik Soros ini bukan hanya ke Malaysia, malah di Afrika, di negara Arab, di Amerika Latin, di Eropah Timur – Yayasan Soros telah mencurahkan dana untuk mengembangkan demokrasi.”

        There’s money for jobs in the NGO sector.

        1. re: “But if 100,000 come, will there be enough jobs for 100,000 pastors in churches in Jerusubang?”

          Yes there will. Jerusubang is always expanding.

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