One thought on “Taking in garbage

  1. Well, Malaysia wants to be a services economy, now that manufacturing and assembly plants are leaving for our lower wage neighbours, and processing other countries’ garbage is services and brings in badly needed foreign exchange.

    Yeo Bee Yin has been very prominent in the media for going after importers of plastic waste through false declaration but wait until the taikor steps in and says that garbage should continue to be allowed to be imported as it benefits the national economy and Yeo Bee Ying will have to yield, just as she had to do with regards Lynas being allowed to continue operating here.

    The importation and processing of other countries’ garbage will enable Malaysia to become a knowledge-based, information-rich, high-income economy by 2020 (oops! postponed to 2024).

    Innovative Malaysian companies, researchers in universities and so forth should work on developing techniques to convert the garbage into building materials to replace bricks and cement, and patent the technology.

    Malaysians will surely be proud to own a bungalow, terraced house or a condo made of processed garbage.

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