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Kit Siang kaypoh about Mohd Morsi but what about Beng Hock, Pastor Raymond?

Lim Kit Siang wrote a bestseller in 1978 titled Time Bombs in Malaysia.

The apocalyptic book is today more than 40 years old. For over four decades, his party DAP has been non-stop telling the Chinese that Malaysia will “explode” – and among things waiting to go kaboom! is the Lynas “nuclear plant” (in the words of boboi Lim Guan Eng).

Tick tock, tick tock …

The countdown is real.

Next week is the 10th anniversary of Teoh Beng Hock’s death. The young DAP aide died on 1 July 2009.

Grandpa Dapster swore soulfully to deliver ‘Justice 4 TBH’. Apparently 95 percent of the Chinese community believed this as well as all the other empty promises contained in the Harapan manifesto.

Hopeful Dapsters are still awaiting their wish fulfillment while Kit Siang – see news report tweeted above – appears more preoccupied with the mystery of the Morsi ‘murder’ (he was killed, according to conspiracy theorists).

The late Mohamed Morsi was leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist movement located 7,000 miles away.

DAP menyibuk matters in Egypt (and Palestine) but are indifferent to unresolved issues right under their own nose.

Papa & Mama Dapster love to FB their photos

DAP had previously exploited plenty of photo ops (see the row above arrayed in their black Beng Hock T-shirts) from the tragedy but now that the chauvinist party is in Putrajaya, its representatives have better things to do.

In the past when it was necessary to obtain Chinese votes and camera clicks, Guan Eng was prepared to bow deeply before Beng Hock’s grave stone – see below.

Nowadays DAP leaders are busy bowing and scraping before their Beloved Tun.

The family of missing Pastor Raymond Goh is similarly waiting for the evangelical party to delve into his disappearance and bring them closure after the long uncertainty.

Just like Guan Eng who prolifically exploited these events, Hannah Yeoh too was at the forefront of candlelight vigils for Pastor Raymond – see her public self-promotion below.

While there are still some decent MPs left in the DAP, they are Indians like Ramkarpal Singh and Charles Santiago.

The Bangsa Malaysia manipulators who shamelessly capitalized on Chinese sentiments have become as silent as church mice.



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