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The diversity of DAP’s Malaysia Baru

PIX 1:  Special task force set up to investigate the disappearance of Pastor Raymond Koh — so multiracial !

PIX 2:  George Soros on the left, Mahathir on the right

PIX 3:  Faces of New Malaysia … the lovely mirage that demented Dapsters fought tooth and nail / fang and claw for

“Young people, don’t lose hope. Don’t change your country, change your government!” — Hannah Yeoh

Accusations from DAP are self revealing

One trope in particular exemplifies the DAP derangement perfectly.

Dapsters, from their Grandpa downwards, love to allege the recent pact between PAS and Umno as being one of political expediency only. Well, at least these two Muslim-Malay and Malay-Muslim parties have got twin pillars of ideology in common, i.e. their race and their religion.

And if the Umno-PAS hookup is to be accused as a mere marriage of convenience, what does that make the pact between DAP and Pribumi? A meeting of minds and a melding of souls?

Really, DAP and its apparatchiks are sorely in need of a mirror before they throw accusations at their opponents.

DAP suffering severe cognitive dissonance

Lim Guan Eng yesterday said the critics of his Chinese couplets – pair of red calligraphy seen in pix above – are racist and out of their mind.

It is actually the DAP junior dictator who is unhinged.

After all, he had declared himself to be “bukan orang Cina, saya orang Malaysia”(see news report in tweet below). Thus on what basis is Guan Eng to deem those who criticized the display of Chinese culture in his office as “racist”?


If Guan Eng had ever publicly acknowledged “Hell yeah, I’m Chinese and proud of it”, then his little act of MCA 2.0 posturing would not be amiss. However, Joseph Lim (his Christian convert name) had previously screamed to the world, “I’m not Chinese! I’m not Chinese!”

And now he wants to take to task critics of the Chinese red couplets pasted in the very public area of his office located in (drumroll) Putrajaya – the city Mahathir built as the totem of Islamic architecture.

Don’t forget the cosplay contortions that DAP evangelista leaders have engaged in to reach Putrajaya – all the songkok and tudung wearing, Occupy Masjid, faux puasa, makan dalam talam …

BELOW: Mat Sabu really doesn’t use fork and spoon; Guan Eng OTOH only attempts to eat using his hand for the camera 

Credit at least to PAS-Parti Islam SeMalaysia for their unabashed embrace of Muslim identity as well as to Umno-United Malay National Organization for not pretending to be anything but Melayu.

The two-faced, fork-tongued DAP is a different piece of work altogether. In their desperation to attain Putrajaya, not only have they become snake oil and smear merchants extraordinaire but just like chameleons, the DAP evangelistas have been more than prepared to don a second skin.

Remember that Hannah Yeoh pronounced DAP has “zero Chinese” members. “All are Malaysians”. Yet now we’re not allowed to point out the hypocrisy of Guan Eng insisting on displaying his Chinese culture at the Putrajaya office.

BELOW: Deputy Minister Hannah Yeoh and my favourite montage illustrating her lizard-like nature


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8 thoughts on “The diversity of DAP’s Malaysia Baru

  1. “Credit at least to PAS-Parti Islam SeMalaysia for their unabashed embrace of Muslim identity as well as to Umno-United Malay National Organization for not pretending to be anything but Melayu.” – this is why Malaysians must oppose umnopas, cos their agendas are only to benefit one race only, wherelese Malaysia’s race composition is very much diversed

    1. re: “this is why Malaysians must oppose umnopas, cos their agendas are only to benefit one race only”

      Harapan’s Parti Pribumi (like Umno) has a Malay agenda, and Harapan’s PAN (like its mothership PAS) has a Muslim agenda.

      Therefore, if you’re opposing the one-race only politics of Umno-PAS, you’re also similarly compelled to oppose Pribumi with its all Malay membership as well as oppose PAN – seemingly mono racial too albeit that Muslims can be any race (but unfortunately we’ve not seen any Chinese/Indian-Muslim PAN leader on the public stage).

      Conclusion: Your approach necessitates opposing Umno-PAS-Pribumi-PAN, and leaving only the multiracial PKR as your ally in the peninsula. You’ll be going against all the Malays save the ones in PKR.

      1. Albeit Pribumi and Pan’s race & religion based politics, PH has PKR and DAP, the multi racial parties. And everyone know Pribumi and Pan is there to counter Umno and Pas. PH gives a much easier look for Malaysians. I can’t say the same for umnopas, even if they have the redundant race based mca/mic. This clearly shows the oppo can only strive on race based politics. And you got me wrong on going against all the Malays, which i am not. I am against the ideologies and extremism of certain race/religion based parties.

  2. re: you’re also similarly compelled to oppose Pribumi with its all Malay membership as well as oppose PAN

    You have look from the broader point of view:
    1) In current political reality, racial politics are still relevant.

    2) Racial partisanship can be mitigated in the form of coalition like PH and BN.

    3) Let us examine PH. PKR is more multiracial than DAP. PPBM and PAN are mono-racial. However, PKR and DAP are more dominant than PPBM and PAN in terms of seats representation. I don;t have specific numbers. My guess would be 60% MPs in PH represented by Malay vs 40% non-Malay?

    4) Now look at BN. You have Umno (soon PAS), MCA and MIC. What is the balance of seats representation between all the component parties? You can see it very skewed towards the Malay-Muslim.Again, I don’t have numbers. Including PAS, I would say 95% MPs in BN are Malays vs 5% non-Malays?

    5) Between PH vs BN, both have elements of racial politics. Question is to what extend?

    Conclusion: Don’t look at the party in isolation. Look at the coalition the party belongs to in order to judge the quantum of racial politics.

    In simple terms, Umno (and PAS) will never have non-Malay ministers (and deputies) for the past 61 years. Similarly, MCA and MIC will never have Malay ministers.

    Whereas PKR and DAP each have Malay, Chinese, Indian and Singh ministers and deputies in their 1st term.

    1. “However, PKR and DAP are more dominant than PPBM and PAN in terms of seats representation.”

      DAP (the 42-MP party) still nonetheless bows and scrapes to the chairman of the 12-MP (as at Pribumi’s original mandate) party.

      The power dynamics will change if Mahathir is no longer around but I fear the old man will live to 112.

      1. Do you agree with me that between BN vs PH in the context of a collective coalition but not a single individual party, PH is more multiracial than BN?

        1. Sure, I agree Harapan is more multiracial but this still does not detract from the fact that DAP is bowing & scraping to Pribumi.

          In the last BN gomen, Umno had 88 MPs against MCA’s seven.

          In the present Harapan gomen, DAP – despite winning 3-and-1/2 times as many seats agsinst Pribumi – has only made the Matriculation situation much worse for non-Malays hoping for uni placement.

          1. The question is does “multiracial” mean anything other then how low the Nons bow to Malay power structures .

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