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Why I believe DAP will side with Mahathir over Anwar

Thanks to DAP, Malaysia has now evolved into a two-party system.

The ruling party/coalition comprises:

  • one Malay party
  • one Chinese-dominated party
  • one multiracial party
  • one Islamic party

The opposition coalition comprises:

  • one Malay party
  • one Islamic party
  • two mosquito parties

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DAP’s support for full-blown Islamization

“I support the idea of Malaysia contributing to the effort to make Islamic civilization great again,” Lim Kit Siang had proclaimed a mere two days ago.

“In fact, I would go further,” swore Kit Siang … and throwing his support behind the severest police action to be taken against any anti-Islam Facebooker — see below his media statement. Continue reading “DAP’s support for full-blown Islamization”

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Mahathir going full term, Harapan one-term gomen only

“Will Zahid work with PAS to keep Dr M for a full term?” Kit Siang urgently wants to know (see tweet today, below).

The answer to his question is an empathic ‘Yes’.

Was there ever any real doubt that when push comes to shove, the alifbata people will unite around Allah, Bangsa and Tanahair? Continue reading “Mahathir going full term, Harapan one-term gomen only”

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Mahathir cukup terdesak, cuba lagi pancing MP Umno

Melayu bersatu: Ulasan ke atas pelawaan Tun M


(Bekas Ketua Hakim Negara)

Sumber: Harakah Daily, 9 Julai 2019 

Hanya lebih kurang dua tahun dahulu, Tun Dr. Mahathir membuat pusingan-U dan pergi “melutut” kepada Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DS Anwar) dan bekerjasama dengan Lim Kit Siang (DAP) dan Mat Sabu (Amanah) untuk bersama-sama menjatuhkan DS Najib dan kerajaan BN. Sekarang beliau membuat pusingan-U lagi. Kali ini beliau mengajak parti-parti Melayu (dan orang Melayu) bersatu dengan menyertai partinya, Bersatu, untuk memperkuatkan kedudukan politik orang Melayu. Continue reading “Mahathir cukup terdesak, cuba lagi pancing MP Umno”

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Workers of M’sia Baru, throw away your buckets and mops!

With so much rolling on the floor laughing (ROTFL), who needs to use the mop and detergent any more? Our floor will become clean just from our rolling and rolling over it.

The Harapan gomen is beyond a sick joke. This week they’re making a new promise to look into their one-year-old broken election pledges – see report below. DAP’s Beloved Tun is quoted by Malaysiakini as saying, “… the time has come for us to study how we can fulfil our promises“. Continue reading “Workers of M’sia Baru, throw away your buckets and mops!”