Harapan have lost their way to the Promised Land

July 2, 2019 at 3:14 pm 5 comments

Where to, Malaysia?  is the title of a political bestseller that asked whether our country had “a future with Anwar’s Reformasi” or if we were headed “back to Mahathirism”.

It was written in 2005 by analyst Kim Quek – see book cover below.

Quo vadis?  Back to the future  c.1980s

So where is Malaysia headed? Today Kim Quek himself provides the answer.

He writes: “My observation is that the Harapan coalition has flopped as a reformist government; it has lost its way to the promised land“.

And why is it that the regime change has not paved the way to a Reformation but instead inflicted upon us Mahathirism 2.0?

Anwar does not hold any government post. Mahathir is the all powerful PM before whom DAP bows and scrapes.

That so many drooling Dapsters embraced the “See, no Birkin here” cynical ploy – in contrast to Rosmah’s handbag extravagance – just goes to show what suckers the 95-percent Chinese voters are. So easily hoodwinked by cheap slippers (photo propaganda) of form over substance.

BELOW: Biggest ‘Ubah’ — DAP kaki bodeks now avidly kissing the feet of their Beloved Tun

Time moves differently for 94 year olds

Next question: Will Anwar ever succeed Mahathir?

Simple answer: No.

The countdown to the promised power handover is 10 months plus one week – that is if we date exactly two years from the Harapan GE14 night of victory.

Dapsters parroting the ‘lame duck’ excuse are being disingenuous and damn irritating. Kim Quek explains why:

“Mahathir’s reluctance to hand over power to Anwar could also be easily discerned from his steadfast refusal to fix the handover timeline, ostensibly to avoid being made a lame duck PM once the date is announced. But such rationale can’t stand scrutiny.

“Mahathir’s two-year term means that he would have to step down two years from assuming office in May 2018. What difference does it make whether he announces his handover date as April or May or June 2020, since the two-year period was already agreed to? Unless, of course, he would like people to know that his refusal to name the date means that he might not want to honour the pledge.”

Mahathir will die in the job … which is nowhere near anytime soon.

Main takeaway from the ‘snap election’ trope

There is at least some redeeming grace among DAP Indian leaders such as Ramkarpal Singh and Charles Santiago. Sadly there is none among the evangelista claque.

Ong Kian Ming “seems mighty pleased with what the Pakatan Harapan coalition has achieved”, wrote Kim Quek about the DAP Deputy Minister’s ALL GOOD, WE’RE HUNKY DORY review of the Mahathir cabinet’s performance the past year.

Evangelista Ong was retorting to a self-critique by his party colleague Penang Deputy Chief Minister P. Ramasamy who – yesterday in the latter’s Facebook – reminded Harapan of its manifesto promises, saying that the people had been “hungry for change” and “the answer for this came in the form of PH [Harapan] as the agency for change”.

The poor voters were so mistaken in their belief that Harapan provided that great hope for Ubah.

Dapsters had been turbo charged for change and made their first ‘Ubah’ strike in GE12 (2008), followed by a second strike in GE13 (2013). The third strike in GE14 (2018) successfully brought down the BN house.

Energy is measured by a unit called ‘joule’ and DAP harnessed gazillions of joules to effect their regime change. Dapsters burned pure energy – equivalent to a nuclear blast – in the heat of their hatred of Najib, of Umno and of The Unmeritocratic System.

In short, DAP scorched the earth.

Now if DAP can manage to change the government through elections, then likewise Umno and PAS through GE15. In fact, Malay opposition leaders are so eager for a rematch election, they’re even touting a snap poll.

DAP exploded all that pent-up energy of Najib-Umno/PAS-Ketuanan Melayu hatred in their Chinese voter base. Just think what the opposition can achieve when they, in turn, decide to harness their own voter base’s energetic hatred of Kit Siang/Guan Eng, DAPigs and pendatang.

Harapan lost their way when they weaponized Hate and undertook their dangerous journey to New Malaysia by riding on the back of the Mahathir old tiger.

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  • 1. Stamp  |  July 4, 2019 at 12:24 pm

    It’s ok. The MO1 thief had already been kicked out.

    That is all the matter now.

    With Zahid back to UMNO, BN has reduced its chances of wrestling back the govt from PH.

    Bodoh punya UMNO. They still couldn’t see that UMNO should be bigger than its politicians.

    • 2. Politischeiss  |  July 6, 2019 at 9:18 pm

      Don’t be too sure about that.

      Zahid resuming his presidency of UMNO may upset the educated, urban, English-literate, many western-educated urban. latte sipping, middle class voters who vote Pakatan anyway but as the by-elections in Cameron Highlands and Semenyih have shown, the pendulum could well swing the other way amongst rural and semi-rural voters who gave Pakatan a slim win in enough of these seats to tip the scales in parliament in favour of Pakatan but given the many U-turns and broken election promises, coupled with continued high prices, continued high cost of living, a stagnant economy and so forth, the pendulum could quite easily swing back the other way.

      Yesterday an Indian friend of mine, a Pakatan supporter, told me that he had heard people in town saying things such as “things were better when under Najib”, and another urbanite, an ethnic Chinese engineer told me the same thing with regards employment opportunities for engineers in his field under BN and now under Pakatan.

      Such growing sentiment amongst those who voted Pakatan in GE14 and are now disillusioned could well tip the scales towards BN in GE15 or a by-election, even if they do not vote BN but spoil their ballot of decide to stay at home.

      And if UMNO is de-registered, however they can still stand under a BN ticket, just as the candidate which won the Cameron Highlands by-election was not an UMNO member but ran under the BN ticket and won.

      If Mahathir kills off BN as well, the enraged former members and supporters, who feel themselves deliberately dis-enfranchised, could well gather around various NGOs and paralyse the cities and towns with protests and occupations, just like the protest march against the ratification of ICERD, which forced the Pakatan government to back down.

      Imagine what would happen if a million of such people march into the centre of Kuala Lumpur and sit down on the streets, whilst others get onto the LRT, MRT and Monorail and ride back and forth during peak periods without getting off, or if they decide to do a hartal and stay at home for several days.

      The Pakatan government may do another U-turn and send the FRU against such peaceful protestors with water canon, tear gas and batons but I wonder will the FRU act as such or stay on the sidelines.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pro-BN or pro-UMNO, but acknowledge the power of respective public sentiments on the ground, and the above is just my two-sen worth on what I feel could happen under the various circumstances mentioned.

  • 3. Politischeiss  |  July 8, 2019 at 12:27 pm

    Pakatan had better learn a lesson from the latest Greek election results.

    After the leftist Syriza won power on promises that it would relieve the Greek people from the austerity imposed on them by EU and other foreign agencies, instead it did a U-turn, bowed to these foreign dictates and imposed austerity on the Greek people who voted for them, based on their promises.

    In this election, the centre-right New Democracy party won 158 out of the 300 seats in the Greek parliament, thus gaining an outright majority, whilst Syriza came a distant second with 86 seats.

    There are illustrative tables and diagrammes in these two articles below.



    Basically, Greece has swung from left to centre-right due to Syriza’s own fault.

    Pakatan had better take note and address the economic concerns of the people, rather than get caught up in the current power struggles between factions in the corridors of power.

  • 4. CM  |  July 9, 2019 at 7:11 pm

    H. Here is a long list of the airy-fairy proposals by a very junior deputy minister in a junior Ministry (Social Welfare) who has obviously been overawed by the tiny position she holds :without any regard to her Boss, the Minister :-

    1. The Anti-Bottom Pinching Bill
    2. Nursery in the Dewan Rakyat
    3. 100,000 pregnant teenagers a year- Without any facts.
    4. Set up a fake fight with the Minister on developing TTDI
    5. Stop condo development to stop traffic congestion
    6. Maybe sex education not adequate.
    7. Set up a Unit to protect women and children by the Ministry of
    Social Welfare. Double take. Is’nt the Ministry doing its job ?
    8. Government mulls compatibility test to prevent divorce. THIS IS

    What a crazy list of good for nothing proposals ! She is seeking PUBLICITY ALL THE TIME.

  • 5. Conrad  |  July 15, 2019 at 7:20 am

    The title of KQ’s piece is misleading.

    Harapan never had a way to the promised land.

    They had a way back to the good old days of Mahathir Land, which is the spiritual and intellectual foundation of Neo Malaysia.


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