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Young Chinese who are new Christians shake their fists

Christianity is the biggest religion in Hong Kong.

Singing Hallelujah and chanting prayers, throwing bricks and bottles, Christians help drive the Hong Kong protests, according to news reports by the New York Times. 

A few days ago (July 1), young Chinese protestors stormed the Hong Kong state legislative council building, proceeding to smash its glass wall and destroy the furniture inside.

These masked Chinese youths rioting in the streets are as violent as the masked American thugs, Antifa.

Cardinal Joseph Zen, the former Bishop of Hong Kong, said “more radical thinking” was required to engage Hong Kong’s extradition bill that would allow suspects to be extradited to China.

He observed that “many influential people in Hong Kong are Christians” – see his interview in the China Uncensored video below.

Cardinal Zen also noted “and this time it’s more clear the participation of the church” in the recent protests.

Beijing will not surely not take kindly to efforts by the evangelistas to “Take Hong Kong for Jesus”, and there has been pushback too by local police.

In Malaysia, there are Christian groups advocating “Subang for Jesus”, “Johor for Jesus” and “Take the City (KL) for Jesus” – see belowThe Malaysian church similarly helped to drive the Bersih demonstrations.

It is reasonable for a Muslim MP to want to probe the extent of Christian influence in the DAP given how widespread is the conversion to Christianity among urban Chinese youth.

Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman believes DAP is dominated by Christians. The Umno parliamentarian’s belief is shared by many PAS leaders.

BELOW: An apartment in Hong Kong sports “Jesus is Lord” from top storey to bottom;  Grace Residence – an apartment in Jelutong – sports the cross and sparking anxiety among some of Penang‘s Muslim population


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2 thoughts on “Young Chinese who are new Christians shake their fists

  1. Is any else concerned that Penang is becoming some sort corporate fascist state ?

    Well it could be worse I suppose it could be a fascist theocratic state ……

    1. ‘Fascist” is the right word, Conrad.

      Imposing token “environmental protection” measures on the public, such as no free single-use plastic bags, no plastic straws and so forth without instituting a comprehensive recycling programme with many recycling collection bins around cities, and towns is just that – token, instituting regulations that food and other items sold be packed or wrapped in more biodegradable materials such as paper,when all these fill up my plastics bin faster than plastic bags and plastic straws.

      The continuation of approvals rampant property construction in Pakatan-controlled states such as Penang and Selangor despite the degradation of the local environment and the creation of heat islands is evidence that these Pakatan state governments serve the interests of the property developers, not of the residents.

      The banning of smoking in eateries and pubs is a fascist measure, since it denies ordinary citizens from enjoying one of the only simple pleasures they have to enjoy, when they could instead require eateries and pubs to have smoking and no smoking areas.

      DAP claims to be “democratic socialist” and is a member of the Socialist International, along with other social democratic parties around the world but it’s policies are nowhere near those of other social democratic parties and governments in the west and elsewhere, in terms of social welfare, quality socialised medicine, quality socialised education, quality social housing, quality public transport, stronger labour protection laws, freedom for workers to organise in trade unions and freedom to strike to win higher wages, terms and conditions from management.

      All these we can already see in the over 11 years of DAP-led Pakatan rule in Penang. Just check out environmental activist Anil Netto’s blog for articles about what I mentioned above.

      For DAP, “democratic socialism” just means equality of all races, which of course means more opportunities for their supporters to tender for and win government contracts, more places in government universities for their children and so forth, that’s as far as their “democratic socialism” goes, and I don’t think that business people who which support the DAP would like to pay additional taxes to provide for better social services.

      PKR is all about getting Anwar Ibrahim as prime minister, whilst Pribumi is not about any social programmes for the people.

      Not quite sure what Amanah is really all about.

      Many people say that California is “democratic socialist” when instead, their various tight regulations and ridiculous political correctness are more liberal-fascist.

      Instead of trying to curb drug addiction and deal harshly with drug dealers and drug running syndicates, in states such as California, they instead give out clean needles for addicts to inject their drugs and call it being “progressive”, whilst they condemn leaders likes of Rodrigo Duterte who cracks down harshly on drug dealers, or China which executes them.

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